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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Frostwoven Power 134-14268-72                Cloth
Borean Embrace 142-15070-74                Leather
Frostscale Binding 138-15068-74                Mail
Iceborne Embrace 138-15070-74                Leather
Nerubian Hive 134-15068-74                Mail
Raine's Revenge 150-15874-76    Necklace, Ring
Duskweaver 154-16275-77                Cloth
Eviscerator's Battlegear 18778                Leather
Frostsavage Battlegear 18778                Cloth
Ornate Saronite Battlegear 18778                Plate
Overcaster Battlegear 18778                Leather
Savage Saronite Battlegear 18778                Plate
Stormhide Battlegear 18778                Mail
Swiftarrow Battlegear 18778                Mail
Ahn'Kahar Blood Hunter's Battlegear 25180          Mail Hunter
Bloodmage's Regalia 25180          Cloth Mage
Crimson Acolyte's Raiment 25180          Cloth Priest
Crimson Acolyte's Regalia 25180          Cloth Priest
Dark Coven's Regalia 25180          Cloth Warlock
Frost Witch's Battlegear 25180          Mail Shaman
Frost Witch's Garb 25180          Mail Shaman
Frost Witch's Regalia 25180          Mail Shaman
Lasherweave Battlegear 25180          Leather Druid
Lasherweave Garb 25180          Leather Druid
Lasherweave Regalia 25180          Leather Druid
Lightsworn Battlegear 25180          Plate Paladin
Lightsworn Garb 25180          Plate Paladin
Lightsworn Plate 25180          Plate Paladin
Scourgelord's Battlegear 25180          Plate Death Knight
Scourgelord's Plate
Tier 10 Raid Set
25180          Plate Death Knight
Shadowblade's Battlegear 25180          Leather Rogue
Ymirjar Lord's Battlegear 25180          Plate Warrior
Ymirjar Lord's Plate 25180          Plate Warrior
Shiny Shard of the Gods 24580    Trinket
Garona's Battlegear 23280          Leather Rogue
Gul'dan's Regalia 23280          Cloth Warlock
Hellscream's Battlegear 23280          Plate Warrior
Hellscream's Plate 23280          Plate Warrior
Kel'Thuzad's Regalia 23280          Cloth Warlock
Khadgar's Regalia 23280          Cloth Mage
Koltira's Battlegear 23280          Plate Death Knight
Koltira's Plate 23280          Plate Death Knight
Liadrin's Battlegear 23280          Plate Paladin
Liadrin's Garb 23280          Plate Paladin
Liadrin's Plate 23280          Plate Paladin
Malfurion's Battlegear 23280          Leather Druid
Malfurion's Garb 23280          Leather Druid
Malfurion's Regalia 23280          Leather Druid
Nobundo's Battlegear 23280          Mail Shaman
Nobundo's Garb 23280          Mail Shaman
Nobundo's Regalia 23280          Mail Shaman
Purified Shard of the Gods 23280    Trinket
Runetotem's Battlegear 23280          Leather Druid
Runetotem's Garb 23280          Leather Druid
Runetotem's Regalia 23280          Leather Druid
Sunstrider's Regalia 23280          Cloth Mage
Thassarian's Battlegear 23280          Plate Death Knight
Thassarian's Plate 23280          Plate Death Knight
Thrall's Battlegear 23280          Mail Shaman
Thrall's Garb 23280          Mail Shaman
Thrall's Regalia 23280          Mail Shaman
Turalyon's Battlegear 23280          Plate Paladin
Turalyon's Garb 23280          Plate Paladin
Turalyon's Plate 23280          Plate Paladin
VanCleef's Battlegear 23280          Leather Rogue
Velen's Raiment 23280          Cloth Priest
Velen's Regalia 23280          Cloth Priest
Windrunner's Battlegear 23280          Mail Hunter
Windrunner's Pursuit 23280          Mail Hunter
Wrynn's Battlegear 23280          Plate Warrior
Wrynn's Plate 23280          Plate Warrior
Zabra's Raiment 23280          Cloth Priest
Zabra's Regalia 23280          Cloth Priest
Aegis Battlegear 21980          Plate Paladin
Aegis Plate 21980          Plate Paladin
Aegis Regalia 21980          Plate Paladin
Darkruned Battlegear 21980          Plate Death Knight
Darkruned Plate 21980          Plate Death Knight
Deathbringer Garb 21980          Cloth Warlock
Kirin Tor Garb 21980          Cloth Mage
Nightsong Battlegear 21980          Leather Druid
Nightsong Garb 21980          Leather Druid
Nightsong Regalia 21980          Leather Druid
Sanctification Garb 21980          Cloth Priest
Sanctification Regalia 21980          Cloth Priest
Scourgestalker Battlegear 21980          Mail Hunter
Siegebreaker Battlegear 21980          Plate Warrior
Siegebreaker Plate 21980          Plate Warrior
Terrorblade Battlegear 21980          Leather Rogue
Worldbreaker Battlegear 21980          Mail Shaman
Worldbreaker Garb 21980          Mail Shaman
Worldbreaker Regalia 21980          Mail Shaman
Bonescythe Battlegear 20080          Leather Rogue
Cryptstalker Battlegear 20080          Mail Hunter
Dreadnaught Battlegear 20080          Plate Warrior
Dreadnaught Plate 20080          Plate Warrior
Dreamwalker Battlegear 20080          Leather Druid
Dreamwalker Garb 20080          Leather Druid
Dreamwalker Regalia 20080          Leather Druid
Earthshatter Battlegear 20080          Mail Shaman