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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Spellstrike Infusion 10570    Cloth
The Unyielding 105-11269-70    Cloth
Whitemend Wisdom 10570    Cloth
Wrath of Spellfire 10570      Cloth
Soulcloth Embrace 10070      Cloth
The Twin Stars 10070    Necklace, Ring
Fel Skin 106-11267-69      Leather
Fury of the Nether 100-10667-69      Mail
Netherweave Vestments 93-11461-68              Cloth
Adamantite Battlegear 103-10666-67      Plate
Felscale Armor 84-10857-66        Mail
Scaled Draenic Armor 84-10857-66        Mail
Thick Draenic Armor 84-10557-65        Leather
Wild Draenish Armor 84-10557-65        Leather
Fel Iron Plate 90-10261-64          Plate
Fel Iron Chain 90-9960-63        Mail
Bonescythe Armor 86-9260                  Leather, Ring Rogue
Cryptstalker Armor 86-9260                  Mail, Ring Hunter
Dreadnaught's Battlegear 86-9260                  Plate, Ring Warrior
Dreamwalker Raiment 86-9260                  Leather, Ring Druid
Frostfire Regalia 86-9260                  Cloth, Ring Mage
Plagueheart Raiment 86-9260                  Cloth, Ring Warlock
Redemption Armor 86-9260                  Plate, Ring Paladin
The Earthshatterer 86-9260                  Mail, Ring Shaman
Vestments of Faith 86-9260                  Cloth, Ring Priest
Avenger's Battlegear 78-8860          Plate Paladin
Conqueror's Battlegear 78-8860          Plate Warrior
Deathdealer's Embrace 78-8860          Leather Rogue
Doomcaller's Attire 78-8860          Cloth Warlock
Enigma Vestments 78-8860          Cloth Mage
Garments of the Oracle 78-8860          Cloth Priest
Genesis Raiment 78-8860          Leather Druid
Stormcaller's Garb 78-8860          Mail Shaman
Striker's Garb 78-8860          Mail Hunter
Battlegear of Wrath 7660                Plate Warrior
Bloodfang Armor 7660                Leather Rogue
Dragonstalker Armor 7660                Mail Hunter
Judgement Armor 7660                Plate Paladin
Nemesis Raiment 7660                Cloth Warlock
Netherwind Regalia
Tier 2 Raid Set
7660                Cloth Mage
Stormrage Raiment 7660                Leather Druid
The Ten Storms 7660                Mail Shaman
Vestments of Transcendence 7660                Cloth Priest
Field Marshal's Aegis 71-7460            Plate Paladin
Field Marshal's Battlegear 71-7460            Plate Warrior
Field Marshal's Earthshaker 71-7460            Mail Shaman
Field Marshal's Pursuit 71-7460            Mail Hunter
Field Marshal's Raiment 71-7460            Cloth Priest
Field Marshal's Regalia 71-7460            Cloth Mage
Field Marshal's Sanctuary 71-7460            Leather Druid
Field Marshal's Threads 71-7460            Cloth Warlock
Field Marshal's Vestments 71-7460            Leather Rogue
Shard of the Gods 71-7460    Trinket
Warlord's Aegis 71-7460            Plate Paladin
Warlord's Battlegear 71-7460            Plate Warrior
Warlord's Earthshaker 71-7460            Mail Shaman
Warlord's Pursuit 71-7460            Mail Hunter
Warlord's Raiment 71-7460            Cloth Priest
Warlord's Regalia 71-7460            Cloth Mage
Warlord's Sanctuary 71-7460            Leather Druid
Warlord's Threads 71-7460            Cloth Warlock
Warlord's Vestments 71-7460            Leather Rogue
Major Mojo Infusion 6860    Ring
Overlord's Resolution 68-7160    Ring
Prayer of the Primal 68-7160    Ring
Zanzil's Concentration 68-7160    Ring
Arcanist Regalia 6660                Cloth Mage
Battlegear of Might 6660                Plate Warrior
Cenarion Raiment 6660                Leather Druid
Felheart Raiment 6660                Cloth Warlock
Giantstalker Armor 6660                Mail Hunter
Lawbringer Armor 6660                Plate Paladin
Nightslayer Armor 6660                Leather Rogue
Spirit of Eskhandar 6660    Fist Weapon
The Earthfury 6660                Mail Shaman
The Twin Blades of Hakkari 66-6860    One-handed Sword
Vestments of Prophecy 6660                Cloth Priest
Champion's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Champion's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Champion's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Champion's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Champion's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Champion's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Champion's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Champion's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Champion's Stormcaller 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Lieutenant Commander's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Lieutenant Commander's Earthshaker 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Lieutenant Commander's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Battlegear of Eternal Justice 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Sword Paladin
Battlegear of Unyielding Strength 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Axe Warrior
Emblems of Veiled Shadows 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, Dagger Rogue
Finery of Infinite Wisdom 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Mace Priest
Gift of the Gathering Storm 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Mace Shaman