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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Warlord's Raiment 71-7460            Cloth Priest
Warlord's Regalia 71-7460            Cloth Mage
Warlord's Sanctuary 71-7460            Leather Druid
Warlord's Threads 71-7460            Cloth Warlock
Warlord's Vestments 71-7460            Leather Rogue
Champion's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Champion's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Champion's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Champion's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Champion's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Champion's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Champion's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Champion's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Champion's Stormcaller 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Lieutenant Commander's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Lieutenant Commander's Earthshaker 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Lieutenant Commander's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Champion's Battlegear 6358            Plate Warrior
Champion's Earthshaker 6358            Mail Shaman
Champion's Pursuit 6358            Mail Hunter
Champion's Raiment 6358            Cloth Priest
Champion's Regalia 6358            Cloth Mage
Champion's Sanctuary 6358            Leather Druid
Champion's Threads 6358            Cloth Warlock
Champion's Vestments 6358            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Aegis 6358            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Battlegear 6358            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuit 6358            Mail Hunter
Lieutenant Commander's Raiment 6358            Cloth Priest
Lieutenant Commander's Regalia 6358            Cloth Mage
Lieutenant Commander's Sanctuary 6358            Leather Druid
Lieutenant Commander's Threads 6358            Cloth Warlock
Lieutenant Commander's Vestments 6358            Leather Rogue
Chain of the Scarlet Crusade 35-3930-34            Mail
Netherweave Vestments 93-11461-68              Cloth
Imperial Plate 53-6147-56              Plate
Contender's Defense 45090                Leather
Bloodthirsty Charscale 35885                Mail
Bloodthirsty Dragonscale 35885                Mail
Bloodthirsty Fireweave 35885                Cloth
Bloodthirsty Leather 35885                Leather
Bloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium 35885                Plate
Bloodthirsty Pyrium 35885                Plate
Bloodthirsty Wyrmhide 35885                Leather
Spiritmender 295-33381-83                Cloth
Deathspeaker 289-31680-81                Cloth
The Big Wave 289-33380-83                Mail
The Dark Brand 289-33380-83                Leather
Eviscerator's Battlegear 18778                Leather
Frostsavage Battlegear 18778                Cloth
Ornate Saronite Battlegear 18778                Plate
Overcaster Battlegear 18778                Leather
Savage Saronite Battlegear 18778                Plate
Stormhide Battlegear 18778                Mail
Swiftarrow Battlegear 18778                Mail
Duskweaver 154-16275-77                Cloth
Absolution Regalia 146-15470                Cloth Priest
Gronnstalker's Armor 146-15470                Mail Hunter
Lightbringer Armor 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Battlegear 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Raiment 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Malefic Raiment 146-15470                Cloth Warlock
Onslaught Armor 146-15470                Plate Warrior
Onslaught Battlegear 146-15470                Plate Warrior
Skyshatter Harness 146-15470                Mail Shaman
Skyshatter Raiment 146-15470                Mail Shaman
Skyshatter Regalia 146-15470                Mail Shaman
Slayer's Armor 146-15470                Leather Rogue
Tempest Regalia 146-15470                Cloth Mage
Thunderheart Harness 146-15470                Leather Druid
Thunderheart Raiment 146-15470                Leather Druid
Thunderheart Regalia 146-15470                Leather Druid
Vestments of Absolution 146-15470                Cloth Priest
Borean Embrace 142-15070-74                Leather
Frostscale Binding 138-15068-74                Mail
Iceborne Embrace 138-15070-74                Leather
Frostwoven Power 134-14268-72                Cloth
Nerubian Hive 134-15068-74                Mail
Battlegear of Wrath 7660                Plate Warrior
Bloodfang Armor 7660                Leather Rogue
Dragonstalker Armor 7660                Mail Hunter
Judgement Armor 7660                Plate Paladin
Nemesis Raiment 7660                Cloth Warlock
Netherwind Regalia
Tier 2 Raid Set
7660                Cloth Mage
Stormrage Raiment 7660                Leather Druid
The Ten Storms 7660                Mail Shaman
Vestments of Transcendence 7660                Cloth Priest
Arcanist Regalia 6660                Cloth Mage
Battlegear of Might 6660                Plate Warrior
Cenarion Raiment 6660                Leather Druid
Felheart Raiment 6660                Cloth Warlock
Giantstalker Armor 6660                Mail Hunter
Lawbringer Armor 6660                Plate Paladin
Nightslayer Armor 6660                Leather Rogue