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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Lieutenant Commander's Aegis 6358            Plate Paladin
Champion's Vestments 6358            Leather Rogue
Champion's Threads 6358            Cloth Warlock
Champion's Sanctuary 6358            Leather Druid
Champion's Regalia 6358            Cloth Mage
Champion's Raiment 6358            Cloth Priest
Champion's Pursuit 6358            Mail Hunter
Champion's Earthshaker 6358            Mail Shaman
Champion's Battlegear 6358            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Lieutenant Commander's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Lieutenant Commander's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Earthshaker 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Lieutenant Commander's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Champion's Stormcaller 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Champion's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Champion's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Champion's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Champion's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Champion's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Champion's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Champion's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Champion's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Warlord's Vestments 71-7460            Leather Rogue
Warlord's Threads 71-7460            Cloth Warlock
Warlord's Sanctuary 71-7460            Leather Druid
Warlord's Regalia 71-7460            Cloth Mage
Warlord's Raiment 71-7460            Cloth Priest
Warlord's Pursuit 71-7460            Mail Hunter
Warlord's Earthshaker 71-7460            Mail Shaman
Warlord's Battlegear 71-7460            Plate Warrior
Warlord's Aegis 71-7460            Plate Paladin
Field Marshal's Vestments 71-7460            Leather Rogue
Field Marshal's Threads 71-7460            Cloth Warlock
Field Marshal's Sanctuary 71-7460            Leather Druid
Field Marshal's Regalia 71-7460            Cloth Mage
Field Marshal's Raiment 71-7460            Cloth Priest
Field Marshal's Pursuit 71-7460            Mail Hunter
Field Marshal's Earthshaker 71-7460            Mail Shaman
Field Marshal's Battlegear 71-7460            Plate Warrior
Field Marshal's Aegis 71-7460            Plate Paladin
Sootfur Garb 660100            Leather
Ebonflame Raiment 660100            Cloth
Blacksteel Battleplate 660100            Plate
Ashlink Armor 660100            Mail
Rancorbite Battlegear 685100            Mail
Ironpelt Armor 685100            Leather
Felfume Raiment 685100            Cloth
Demonbreaker Wargear 685100            Plate
Winter Garb          
Defias Leather 2015          Leather
Embrace of the Viper 2116          Leather
Necropile Raiment 4540          Cloth
Deathbone Guardian 4540          Plate
Cadaverous Garb 4540          Leather
Bloodmail Regalia 4540          Mail
The Postmaster 5045          Cloth, Ring
The Gladiator 5247          Mail
Vindicator's Battlegear 61-6560          Plate, Necklace, Trinket Warrior
Predator's Armor 61-6860          Mail, Necklace, Trinket Hunter
Madcap's Outfit 61-6560          Leather, Necklace, Trinket Rogue
Illusionist's Attire 61-6560          Cloth, Necklace, Trinket Mage
Haruspex's Garb 61-6560          Leather, Necklace, Trinket Druid
Freethinker's Armor 61-6560          Plate, Necklace, Trinket Paladin
Demoniac's Threads 61-6560          Cloth, Necklace, Trinket Warlock
Confessor's Raiment 61-6860          Cloth, Necklace, Trinket Priest
Augur's Regalia 61-6560          Mail, Necklace, Trinket Shaman
Striker's Garb 78-8860          Mail Hunter
Stormcaller's Garb 78-8860          Mail Shaman
Genesis Raiment 78-8860          Leather Druid
Garments of the Oracle 78-8860          Cloth Priest
Enigma Vestments 78-8860          Cloth Mage
Doomcaller's Attire 78-8860          Cloth Warlock
Deathdealer's Embrace 78-8860          Leather Rogue
Conqueror's Battlegear 78-8860          Plate Warrior
Avenger's Battlegear 78-8860          Plate Paladin
Fel Iron Plate 90-10261-64          Plate
Wyrmhide Battlegear 11570          Leather Druid
Wastewalker Armor 11568-70          Leather
Tidefury Raiment 11570          Mail
Stalker's Chain Battlegear 11570          Mail Hunter
Seer's Ringmail Battlegear 11570          Mail Shaman
Seer's Mail Battlegear 11570          Mail Shaman
Seer's Linked Battlegear 11570          Mail Shaman
Savage Plate Battlegear 11570          Plate Warrior
Satin Battlegear 11570          Cloth Priest
Righteous Armor 11568-70          Plate
Opportunist's Battlegear 11570          Leather Rogue
Oblivion Raiment 11568-70          Cloth
Moonglade Raiment 11570          Leather
Mooncloth Battlegear 11570          Cloth Priest
Mana-Etched Regalia 11570          Cloth
Kodohide Battlegear 11570          Leather Druid
Incanter's Regalia 11568-70          Cloth
High Warlord's Wildhide 11570          Leather Druid
High Warlord's Wartide 11570          Mail Shaman