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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Gronnstalker's Armor 146-15470                Mail Hunter
Gul'dan's Regalia 23280          Cloth Warlock
Haruspex's Garb 61-6560          Leather, Necklace, Trinket Druid
Hellscream's Battlegear 23280          Plate Warrior
Hellscream's Plate 23280          Plate Warrior
Illusionist's Attire 61-6560          Cloth, Necklace, Trinket Mage
Implements of Unspoken Names 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, Dagger Warlock
Incarnate Raiment 12070          Cloth Priest
Incarnate Regalia 12070          Cloth Priest
Jaws of Retribution 39785    Dagger
Judgement Armor 7660                Plate Paladin
Justicar Armor 12070          Plate Paladin
Justicar Battlegear 12070          Plate Paladin
Justicar Raiment 12070          Plate Paladin
Kel'Thuzad's Regalia 23280          Cloth Warlock
Khadgar's Regalia 23280          Cloth Mage
Kirin Tor Garb 21980          Cloth Mage
Koltira's Battlegear 23280          Plate Death Knight
Koltira's Plate 23280          Plate Death Knight
Lasherweave Battlegear 25180          Leather Druid
Lasherweave Garb 25180          Leather Druid
Lasherweave Regalia 25180          Leather Druid
Lawbringer Armor 6660                Plate Paladin
Liadrin's Battlegear 23280          Plate Paladin
Liadrin's Garb 23280          Plate Paladin
Liadrin's Plate 23280          Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Armor 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Battlegear 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightbringer Raiment 146-15470                Plate Paladin
Lightning-Charged Battlegear 35985          Mail Hunter
Lightsworn Battlegear 25180          Plate Paladin
Lightsworn Garb 25180          Plate Paladin
Lightsworn Plate 25180          Plate Paladin
Living Wood Battlegear 670100          Leather Druid
Madcap's Outfit 61-6560          Leather, Necklace, Trinket Rogue
Magma Plated Battlearmor 35985          Plate Death Knight
Magma Plated Battlegear 35985          Plate Death Knight
Malefic Raiment 146-15470                Cloth Warlock
Malfurion's Battlegear 23280          Leather Druid
Malfurion's Garb 23280          Leather Druid
Malfurion's Regalia 23280          Leather Druid
Malorne Harness 12070          Leather Druid
Malorne Raiment 12070          Leather Druid
Malorne Regalia 12070          Leather Druid
Maw of Oblivion 40685    Dagger
Mercurial Regalia 35985          Cloth Priest
Mercurial Vestments 35985          Cloth Priest
Molten Giant Battleplate 37885          Plate Warrior
Molten Giant Warplate 37885          Plate Warrior
Necrotic Boneplate Armor 39785          Plate Death Knight
Necrotic Boneplate Battlegear 39785          Plate Death Knight
Nemesis Raiment 7660                Cloth Warlock
Netherblade 12070          Leather Rogue
Netherscale Armor 105-12070      Mail
Netherstrike Armor 115-12070      Mail
Netherwind Regalia
Tier 2 Raid Set
7660                Cloth Mage
Nightslayer Armor 6660                Leather Rogue
Nightsong Battlegear 21980          Leather Druid
Nightsong Garb 21980          Leather Druid
Nightsong Regalia 21980          Leather Druid
Nine-Tail Battlegear
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Leather Rogue
Nobundo's Battlegear 23280          Mail Shaman
Nobundo's Garb 23280          Mail Shaman
Nobundo's Regalia 23280          Mail Shaman
Nordrassil Harness 13370          Leather Druid
Nordrassil Raiment 13370          Leather Druid
Nordrassil Regalia 13370          Leather Druid
Obsidian Arborweave Battlegarb 37885          Leather Druid
Obsidian Arborweave Regalia 37885          Leather Druid
Obsidian Arborweave Vestments 37885          Leather Druid
Ogreskull Boneplate Battlegear 670100          Plate Death Knight
Onslaught Armor 146-15470                Plate Warrior
Onslaught Battlegear 146-15470                Plate Warrior
Plagueheart Garb 20080          Cloth Warlock
Plagueheart Raiment 86-9260                  Cloth, Ring Warlock
Plate of Cyclopean Dread 55390          Plate Death Knight
Plate of Resounding Rings
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Warrior
Plate of the All-Consuming Maw
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Plate Death Knight
Plate of the Last Mogu
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Plate Warrior
Plate of the Lightning Emperor
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Plate Paladin
Plate of the Lost Catacomb
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Death Knight
Plate of the Prehistoric Marauder 55390          Plate Warrior
Plate of Winged Triumph 55390          Plate Paladin
Poisoner's Battlegear 670100          Leather Rogue
Predator's Armor 61-6860          Mail, Necklace, Trinket Hunter
Primal Blessing 6560    Fist Weapon
Primal Intent 115-12070      Leather
Primal Mooncloth 105-12070      Cloth
Purified Shard of the Gods 23280    Trinket
Redemption Armor 86-9260                  Plate, Ring Paladin
Redemption Battlegear 20080          Plate Paladin
Redemption Plate 20080          Plate Paladin
Redemption Regalia 20080          Plate Paladin
Regalia of Dying Light 39785          Cloth Priest
Regalia of Faith 20080          Cloth Priest
Regalia of Immolation 37885          Plate Paladin
Regalia of Radiant Glory 39785          Plate Paladin
Regalia of Ternion Glory 55390          Cloth Priest
Regalia of the Burning Scroll
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Cloth Mage
Regalia of the Chromatic Hydra
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Cloth Mage