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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Thrall's Regalia 23280          Mail Shaman
Thunderheart Harness 146-15470                Leather Druid
Thunderheart Raiment 146-15470                Leather Druid
Thunderheart Regalia 146-15470                Leather Druid
Time Lord's Regalia 39785          Cloth Mage
Tirisfal Regalia 13370          Cloth Mage
Trappings of the Unseen Path 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Axe Hunter
Trappings of Vaulted Secrets 65-7060      Ring, Cloak, One-handed Sword Mage
Turalyon's Battlegear 23280          Plate Paladin
Turalyon's Garb 23280          Plate Paladin
Turalyon's Plate 23280          Plate Paladin
Undead Slayer's Blessed Armor 11570        Leather
VanCleef's Battlegear 23280          Leather Rogue
Velen's Raiment 23280          Cloth Priest
Velen's Regalia 23280          Cloth Priest
Vestments of Absolution 146-15470                Cloth Priest
Vestments of Dying Light 39785          Cloth Priest
Vestments of Faith 86-9260                  Cloth, Ring Priest
Vestments of Prophecy 6660                Cloth Priest
Vestments of Seven Sacred Seals 55390          Leather Monk
Vestments of Ternion Glory 55390          Cloth Priest
Vestments of the Cleansing Flame 37885          Cloth Priest
Vestments of the Dark Phoenix 37885          Leather Rogue
Vestments of the Eternal Blossom
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Leather Druid
Vestments of the Exorcist
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Cloth Priest
Vestments of the Faceless Shroud 39785          Cloth Warlock
Vestments of the Firebird
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Mail Shaman
Vestments of the Guardian Serpent
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Cloth Priest
Vestments of the Haunted Forest
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Leather Druid
Vestments of the Lightning Emperor
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Plate Paladin
Vestments of the Raging Elements 35985          Mail Shaman
Vestments of the Red Crane
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Leather Monk
Vestments of the Shattered Vale 55390          Leather Druid
Vestments of the Virtuous 60-66                Cloth
Vestments of the Witch Doctor
Tier 15 Raid Set
52290          Mail Shaman
Vestments of Transcendence 7660                Cloth Priest
Vestments of Winged Triumph 55390          Plate Paladin
Vindicator's Battlegear 61-6560          Plate, Necklace, Trinket Warrior
Voidheart Raiment 12070          Cloth Warlock
Volcanic Battlegear 37885          Mail Shaman
Volcanic Regalia 37885          Mail Shaman
Volcanic Vestments 37885          Mail Shaman
Warbringer Armor 12070          Plate Warrior
Warbringer Battlegear 12070          Plate Warrior
Warlord's Aegis 71-7460            Plate Paladin
Warlord's Battlegear 71-7460            Plate Warrior
Warlord's Earthshaker 71-7460            Mail Shaman
Warlord's Pursuit 71-7460            Mail Hunter
Warlord's Raiment 71-7460            Cloth Priest
Warlord's Regalia 71-7460            Cloth Mage
Warlord's Sanctuary 71-7460            Leather Druid
Warlord's Threads 71-7460            Cloth Warlock
Warlord's Vestments 71-7460            Leather Rogue
Watch of the Ceaseless Vigil 695100          Plate Paladin
White Tiger Battlegear
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Paladin
White Tiger Plate
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Paladin
White Tiger Vestments
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Plate Paladin
Whitemend Wisdom 10570    Cloth
Wind Dancer's Regalia 35985          Leather Rogue
Windhawk Armor 115-12070      Leather
Windrunner's Battlegear 23280          Mail Hunter
Windrunner's Pursuit 23280          Mail Hunter
Windspeaker's Regalia 670100          Mail Shaman
Worldbreaker Battlegear 21980          Mail Shaman
Worldbreaker Garb 21980          Mail Shaman
Worldbreaker Regalia 21980          Mail Shaman
Wrath of Spellfire 10570      Cloth
Wrynn's Battlegear 23280          Plate Warrior
Wrynn's Plate 23280          Plate Warrior
Wyrmstalker Battlegear 39785          Mail Hunter
Yaungol Slayer Battlegear
Tier 14 Raid Set
49690          Mail Hunter
Ymirjar Lord's Battlegear 25180          Plate Warrior
Ymirjar Lord's Plate 25180          Plate Warrior
Zabra's Raiment 23280          Cloth Priest
Zabra's Regalia 23280          Cloth Priest
Adamantite Battlegear 103-10666-67      Plate
Arcanoweave Vestments 112-11569-70      Cloth
Assassination Armor 11570          Leather
Battlegear of Undead Slaying 6358      Plate
Battlegear of Valor 57-6352-58                Plate
Beast Lord Armor 11568-70          Mail
Beaststalker Armor 57-6352-58                Mail
Blood Tiger Harness 6560    Leather
Bloodmail Regalia 4540          Mail
Bloodsoul Embrace 6560      Mail
Bloodthirsty Charscale 35885                Mail
Bloodthirsty Dragonscale 35885                Mail
Bloodthirsty Embersilk 35885                  Cloth, Cloak
Bloodthirsty Fireweave 35885                Cloth
Bloodthirsty Leather 35885                Leather
Bloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium 35885                Plate
Bloodthirsty Pyrium 35885                Plate
Bloodthirsty Wyrmhide 35885                Leather
Bloodvine Garb 6560      Cloth
Blue Dragon Mail 57-6052-55      Mail
Bold Armor 11568-70          Plate
Burning Rage 11570        Plate
Cadaverous Garb 4540          Leather
Chain of the Scarlet Crusade 35-3930-34            Mail
Champion's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage