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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
High Warlord's Refuge 11570          Leather Druid
High Warlord's Regalia 11570          Cloth Mage
High Warlord's Sanctuary 11570          Leather Druid
High Warlord's Thunderfist 11570          Mail Shaman
High Warlord's Vestments 11570          Leather Rogue
High Warlord's Vindication 11570          Plate Paladin
High Warlord's Wartide 11570          Mail Shaman
High Warlord's Wildhide 11570          Leather Druid
Imbued Netherweave 106-11467-70        Cloth
Incanter's Regalia 11568-70          Cloth
Ironfeather Armor 54-5849-53    Leather
Ironweave Battlesuit 60-6355-58                Cloth Priest - Mage - Warlock
Khorium Ward 114-11570      Plate
Kodohide Battlegear 11570          Leather Druid
Latro's Flurry 11568-70    One-handed Sword
Lieutenant Commander's Aegis 6358            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Arcanum 66-7160            Cloth Mage
Lieutenant Commander's Battlearmor 66-7160            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Battlegear 6358            Plate Warrior
Lieutenant Commander's Dreadgear 66-7160            Cloth Warlock
Lieutenant Commander's Earthshaker 66-7160            Mail Shaman
Lieutenant Commander's Guard 66-7160            Leather Rogue
Lieutenant Commander's Investiture 66-7160            Cloth Priest
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuance 66-7160            Mail Hunter
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuit 6358            Mail Hunter
Lieutenant Commander's Raiment 6358            Cloth Priest
Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt 66-7160            Plate Paladin
Lieutenant Commander's Refuge 66-7160            Leather Druid
Lieutenant Commander's Regalia 6358            Cloth Mage
Lieutenant Commander's Sanctuary 6358            Leather Druid
Lieutenant Commander's Threads 6358            Cloth Warlock
Lieutenant Commander's Vestments 6358            Leather Rogue
Lightforge Armor 57-6352-58                Plate
Magister's Regalia 57-6352-58                Cloth
Major Mojo Infusion 6860    Ring
Mana-Etched Regalia 11570          Cloth
Might of the Warsong 60598    Ring
Mooncloth Battlegear 11570          Cloth Priest
Moonglade Raiment 11570          Leather
Necropile Raiment 4540          Cloth
Oblivion Raiment 11568-70          Cloth
Opportunist's Battlegear 11570          Leather Rogue
Ornate Saronite Battlegear 18778                Plate
Overcaster Battlegear 18778                Leather
Overlord's Resolution 68-7160    Ring
Prayer of the Primal 68-7160    Ring
Primal Batskin 6560      Leather
Raine's Revenge 150-15874-76    Necklace, Ring
Regalia of Undead Cleansing 6358      Cloth
Righteous Armor 11568-70          Plate
Satin Battlegear 11570          Cloth Priest
Savage Plate Battlegear 11570          Plate Warrior
Savage Saronite Battlegear 18778                Plate
Seer's Linked Battlegear 11570          Mail Shaman
Seer's Mail Battlegear 11570          Mail Shaman
Seer's Ringmail Battlegear 11570          Mail Shaman
Shadowcraft Armor 57-6352-58                Leather
Spider's Kiss 6055    One-handed Mace, Dagger
Spiritmender 295-33381-83                Cloth
Stalker's Chain Battlegear 11570          Mail Hunter
Stormhide Battlegear 18778                Mail
Stormshroud Armor 55-5950-54        Leather
Strength of the Clefthoof 113-11469-70      Leather
Swiftarrow Battlegear 18778                Mail
The Big Wave 289-33380-83                Mail
The Dark Brand 289-33380-83                Leather
The Darksoul 6560      Plate
The Elements 57-6352-58                Mail
The Postmaster 5045          Cloth, Ring
Tidefury Raiment 11570          Mail
Tradition of Cooking       Off Hand, Tabard, Misc
Undead Slayer's Armor 6358      Leather
Vestments of the Devout 57-6352-58                Cloth
Wastewalker Armor 11568-70          Leather
Wildheart Raiment 57-6352-58                Leather
Wyrmhide Battlegear 11570          Leather Druid
Zanzil's Concentration 68-7160    Ring
Borean Embrace 142-15070-74                Leather
Duskweaver 154-16275-77                Cloth
Fel Iron Chain 90-9960-63        Mail
Fel Iron Plate 90-10261-64          Plate
Felscale Armor 84-10857-66        Mail
Frostscale Binding 138-15068-74                Mail
Frostwoven Power 134-14268-72                Cloth
Iceborne Embrace 138-15070-74                Leather
Imperial Plate 53-6147-56              Plate
Nerubian Hive 134-15068-74                Mail
Netherweave Vestments 93-11461-68              Cloth
Scaled Draenic Armor 84-10857-66        Mail
Thick Draenic Armor 84-10557-65        Leather
Twilight Trappings 6060      Cloth
Volcanic Armor 54-6149-56      Leather
Wild Draenish Armor 84-10557-65        Leather
Winter Garb          
Awesome Party Ensemble      
Brewfest Garb                
Midsummer Reveler      
Spring Tuxedo 23    Shirt
Merciless Gladiator's Aegis
Merciless Gladiator's Battlegear