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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Tasting Room Tablecloth
410Back Family Secrets Back
Tattered Castle Drape
20080BackLooted Back
Tattered Guo-Lai Dynasty Cloak
44085BackLooted Back
Tattered Hakkari Cape
59Back Back
The Emperor's New Cape
5651BackLooted Back
Thick Goblin Back Protector
15074BackPvP (Honor) Back
Thoriumweave Cloak
11568BackLooted Back
Thousand Bandage Drape
32584BackLooted Back
Three-Clefthoof Cape
630100BackLooted Back
Three-Kodohide Cloak
630100Back Back
Tigerstrike Mantle
3429BackLooted Back
Towerkin Cloak
55592Back Back
Tranquillien Champion's Cloak
2116BackVendor Back
Tumultuous Cloak
25BackLooted Back
Tura'aka's Clipped Wing
60998BackLooted Back
Turbulent Cloak
60BackLooted Back
Twilight Dragonscale Cloak
34685BackCrafted Back
Twilight's Hammer Cloak
23Back Back
Twitching Shadows
34685BackLooted Back
Twitching Shadows
30878BackLooted Back
Unbountied Cloak
23Back Dread Head Redemption Back
Used Bar Rag
410Back Family Secrets Back
Valen's Cloak
30Back Dances with Grimtotem Back
Venture Bay Buccaneer's Cape
15074BackPvP (Honor) Back
Vertigo Cloak
30081BackLooted Back
Vicar's Cloak
109Back The Will of the Warchief Back
Vicious Embersilk Cape
37785BackCrafted Back
Vicious Fur Cloak
37785BackCrafted Back
Vicious Hide Cloak
37785BackCrafted Back
White Remedy Cape
11269BackCrafted Back
Wildfire Windcloak
51590BackQuest, Vendor Back
Wind-Soaked Drape
46390BackLooted Back
Wing of the Whelpling
3833BackLooted Back
Wingveil Cloak
5550Back Back
Wisdom of Dionar
534BackQuest Back
Wise Sprite Cloak
43486Back Sprite's Cloth Chest Back
Wolfmaster Cape
2116BackLooted Back
Wrap of Open Menace
28BackQuest Back
Wrap of Unity
3535BackAchievement, Vendor Back
Wrap of Unity
3535BackAchievement, Vendor Back
Yal's Leafwrap Cloak
620100BackLooted Back
Zoe's Comforting Cape
15074BackLooted Back
Zulian Tigerhide Cloak
6860Back Back
6.0 PH Cloak Agi
500Back Back
6.0 PH Cloak Int
500Back Back
6.0 PH Cloak Str
500Back Back
Abjurer's Cloak
4843BackLooted Back
Abyssal Shroud
93Back From the Abyss Back
Acherus Knight's Shroud
6055BackVendor Back
Acidproof Cloak
18Back Back
Adansonian Cloak
25Back The Last Stand Back
Adventurer's Cape
6055BackLooted Back
Amber Cape
12070BackLooted Back
Ambusher's Cloak
11468BackLooted Back
Ancestral Cloak
58299BackLooted Back
Ancient Cloak
4136BackLooted Back
Antiquated Cloak
2318BackVendor Back
Arachnidian Cape
4944BackLooted Back
Arakkoa Sage's Shawl
96Back Veil Shalas: Signal Fires Back
Arcane Cloak
5550BackLooted Back
Archer's Cloak
3429BackLooted Back
Ash Feather Cloak
47Back Out of Place Back
Assailant Shroud
138Back The Culler Cometh Back
Aurora Cloak
3732BackLooted Back
Axebreak Darkcloak
52590Back Back
Azure Silk Cloak
3530BackCrafted Back
Bait-Stained Drape
289Back Testing the Trap Back
Balmy Drape
399BackQuest Back
Banded Cloak
2924BackLooted Back
Bandit Cloak
1813BackLooted, Fished Back
Banner Cloak
8Back Bilgewater Cartel Represent Back
Barkeeper's Cloak
18Back Back
Battleforge Cloak
2621BackLooted Back
Battlehard Cape
45Back Back
Beastsoul Cloak of Rage
23280BackVendor Back
Bejeweled Cloak
40087BackLooted Back
Big Voodoo Cloak
4843BackCrafted Back
Black Whelp Cloak
2015BackCrafted Back
Blackforge Cape
4237BackLooted Back
Blackwolf Cloak
31284BackLooted Back
Bloodlust Cape
5247BackLooted Back
Bloodpetal Cloak
52Back Aberrant Flora Back
Bloodstone-Studded Cloak
27Back The Traitor Orc Back
Bloodwoven Cloak
4338BackLooted Back
Boar Hunter's Cape
20Back Back
Bone Witch's Drape
174Back The Sum is Greater than the Parts Back
Bonecaster's Cape
5247BackLooted Back
Bonelink Cape
4338BackLooted Back
Boulderfist Cloak
9963BackLooted Back
Brash Cloak
35Back Turning the Brashtide Back
Brawler's Cape
16275BackLooted Back
Brewgarden Cape
437Back Bound With Shade Back
Brigade Cloak
4136BackLooted Back
Bright Cloak
2318BackLooted, Fished Back
Brightcloth Cloak
5550BackCrafted Back
Brilliant Red Cloak
4136BackVendor Back
Bristlebark Cape
2116BackLooted Back
BTBlue Healer Cloak1
138Back Back
BTBlue Physical Cloak1
138Back Back
BTBlue Spell Cloak1
138Back Back