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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Battleforge Cloak
2621BackLooted Back
Battlehard Cape
45Back Back
Beastsoul Cloak of Rage
23280BackVendor Back
Bejeweled Cloak
40087BackLooted Back
Big Voodoo Cloak
4843BackCrafted Back
Black Whelp Cloak
2015BackCrafted Back
Blackforge Cape
4237BackLooted Back
Blackwolf Cloak
31284BackLooted Back
Bloodlust Cape
5247BackLooted Back
Bloodpetal Cloak
52Back Aberrant Flora Back
Bloodstone-Studded Cloak
27Back The Traitor Orc Back
Bloodwoven Cloak
4338BackLooted Back
Boar Hunter's Cape
20Back Back
Bone Witch's Drape
174Back The Sum is Greater than the Parts Back
Bonecaster's Cape
5247BackLooted Back
Bonelink Cape
4338BackLooted Back
Boulderfist Cloak
9963BackLooted Back
Brash Cloak
35Back Turning the Brashtide Back
Brawler's Cape
16275BackLooted Back
Brewgarden Cape
437Back Bound With Shade Back
Brigade Cloak
4136BackLooted Back
Bright Cloak
2318BackLooted, Fished Back
Brightcloth Cloak
5550BackCrafted Back
Brilliant Red Cloak
4136BackVendor Back
Bristlebark Cape
2116BackLooted Back
BTBlue Healer Cloak1
138Back Back
BTBlue Physical Cloak1
138Back Back
BTBlue Spell Cloak1
138Back Back
Buccaneer's Cape
1914BackLooted, Fished Back
Buckskin Cape
1510BackLooted Back
Burnished Cloak
1813BackLooted, Fished Back
Cabalist Cloak
4439BackLooted Back
Candy's Cloak
12Back She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT! Back
Canopy Drape
399BackQuest Back
Captain's Cloak
3934BackLooted Back
Careful Coverings
55Back A Tale of Two Shovels Back
Caribou Skin Cloak
15874BackLooted Back
Celestial Cape
5449BackLooted Back
Ceremonial Centaur Blanket
42Back Back
Cerise Drape
56Back Back
Chainlink Towel
48Back Rescue OOX-22/FE! Back
Champion's Cape
4439BackLooted Back
Chaos Mender Cloak
146Back Wanted: Gigantaur Back
Chemist's Smock
55Back Back
Chief Brigadier Cloak
3631BackLooted Back
Chieftain's Cloak
4742BackLooted Back
Chip's Cloak
12Back The Fastest Way to His Heart Back
Cindercloth Cloak
5550BackCrafted Back
Clerk Whitesteed's Cloak
21Back Discretion is Key Back
Cloak of Bent Dreams
52590Back Back
Cloak of Blight
42Back Back
Cloak of Cheerful Flowers
272Back Oh, Deer! Back
Cloak of Courage
11Back Waiting to Exsanguinate Back
Cloak of Fungal Growth
305Back Gone Soft Back
Cloak of Grand Leadership
318Back Pressing Forward Back
Cloak of Grasping Talons
96Back Veil Shalas: Signal Fires Back
Cloak of Harvested Fear
34Back The Butcher of Taurajo Back
Cloak of Hoarding
44Back Add 'em to the Pile Back
Cloak of Insomnia
16Back Like a Fart in the Wind Back
Cloak of Night
2621BackLooted Back
Cloak of Passion
47Back Half-Ton Holdouts Back
Cloak of Readiness
23Back Breathing Room Back
Cloak of Renewed Hope
162Back It Could Be Anywhere! Back
Cloak of Rot
3126BackLooted Back
Cloak of Sanity
24Back A Deadly Vine Back
Cloak of Secret Purpose
16Back The Great Escape Back
Cloak of Seething Hatred
429Back Enraged By Hatred Back
Cloak of Sleep Deprivation
49Back Slap and Cap Back
Cloak of the Buzzing Swarm
162Back Making Peace Back
Cloak of the Demon Stalker
90Back Back
Cloak of the Grassy Cline
399Back The Great Water Hunt Back
Cloak of the Hardened Tortoise
162Back Making Peace Back
Cloak of the Hollow
429Back Enraged By Hatred Back
Cloak of the People's Militia
15Back Back
Cloak of the Salted Earth
36Back Who Needs Cauldrons? Back
Cloak of the Stag
11Back The Ritual Bond Back
Cloak of the Unrestful
36Back Ambushed! Back
Cloak of the Valiant Defender
108Back Ar'kelos the Guardian Back
Cloak of Valorous Direction
318Back Pressing Forward Back
Cloudfall Cloak
384Back What's Mined Is Yours Back
Coldsinger Cloak
48390BackLooted Back
Coldsinger Cloak
48390Back Back
Combat Cloak
3227BackLooted Back
Communal Cloak of Destruction
48390Back Back
Communal Cloak of Destruction
48390Back Back
Communal Cloak of Wisdom
48390Back Back
Communal Cloak of Wisdom
48390Back Back
Conjurer's Cloak
3328BackLooted Back
Consortium Cloak of the Quick
99Back A Personal Favor Back
Corrahn's Cloak
24Back Breaking the Hand Back
Corrupted Eggshell Drape
312Back The Root of the Corruption Back
Councillor's Cloak
5348BackLooted, Skinned Back
Cover of Leaves
13Back Denying Manpower Back
Crackling Cloak
138BackQuest Back
Crazy Cenarion Cloak
96Back It's Watching You! Back
Crimson Silk Cloak
3631BackCrafted Back
Cromush's Cloak
15Back Korok the Colossus Back
Crusader's Cloak
5045BackLooted Back
Crushed Velvet Cloak
15473BackLooted Back
Cutthroat's Cape
3025BackLooted Back