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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Cromush's Cloak
15Back Korok the Colossus Back
Crusader's Cloak
5045BackLooted Back
Crushed Velvet Cloak
15473BackLooted Back
Cutthroat's Cape
3025BackLooted Back
Dark Leather Cloak
2217BackCrafted Back
Darkmist Cape
3934BackLooted Back
Darktide Cape
42Back Keep An Eye Out Back
Dar'toon's Cloak
56Back Watching Our Back Back
Dask's Cloak
32Back Recipe for Disaster Back
Dawnstrike's Cloak
111Back Down With Daellis Back
Deep Mire Cloak
90Back Jyoba's Report Back
Deep River Cloak
56Back Back
Defender Cloak
2015BackLooted, Fished, Skinned Back
Dervish Cape
2621BackLooted Back
Desperado Cape
2015BackLooted Back
Destroyer's Cloak
38Back Direhorn Raiders Back
Deviate Scale Cloak
1813BackCrafted, Looted Back
Disposable Cloak
16Back Halo Drops Back
Diviner's Cloak
114Back The Horrors of Pollution Back
Dokebi Cape
2823BackLooted Back
Double Cape
13869BackLooted Back
Drape of Distilled Hatred
138Back Seeds of the Blacksouled Keepers Back
Drape of Duplicity
158Back Infiltrating Voltarus Back
Drape of Horticultural Sanitization
154Back Wolfsbane Root Back
Drape of Lost Valuables
318Back Small Comforts Back
Drape of Munificence
138BackQuest Back
Drape of Smoldering Dreams
272Back Crushing the Cores Back
Drape of the Bloodletter
158Back An End to the Suffering Back
Drape of the Lagoon
399BackQuest Back
Drape of the Mortal Guardians
312Back Back
Drape of the Offered Branch
162Back Making Peace Back
Drape of the Possessive Soul
154BackQuest Back
Dreadsoul Cloak of Destruction
23280BackVendor Back
Durable Cape
2924BackLooted Back
Durable Drape
10Back The Vengeance of Elune Back
Durable Worghide Cape
138BackQuest Back
Dusklight Drape
429Back Enraged By Hatred Back
Duskwoven Cape
4944BackLooted Back
Dustback Cloak
399Back The Great Water Hunt Back
Dwarven Guard Cloak
31Back Back
Dyed Taffeta Cape
17077BackLooted Back
Ebonhold Cloak
5146BackLooted Back
Ebonsoul Cloak of Battle
23280BackVendor Back
Ebonsoul Cloak of Stoicism
23280BackVendor Back
Elder's Cloak
3025BackLooted Back
Elegant Cloak
5752BackLooted Back
Elementalist Cloak
9361BackLooted Back
Elunarian Cloak
5752BackLooted Back
Embersilk Cloak
3631BackLooted Back
Emblazoned Cloak
2722BackLooted Back
Embossed Leather Cloak
138BackCrafted Back
Embrace of Trees
399Back The Great Water Hunt Back
Enchanted Moonstalker Cloak
20Back Back
Enduring Cape
3227BackLooted Back
Engraved Cape
5550BackLooted Back
Equicide Cloak
11Back Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Back
Ermine Ruff Cloak
138Back Foolish Endeavors Back
Eternal Cloak
5853BackLooted Back
Ethereal Mist Cape
56Back Back
Evergrove Ranger's Cloak
108Back You're Fired! Back
Evermorn Cloak
51693BackLooted Back
Evermorn Cloak
51693Back Back
Faded Forest Cape
37285BackVendor Back
Faded Forest Cloak
37285BackVendor Back
Faded Forest Drape
37285BackVendor Back
Faded Forest Manteau
37285BackVendor Back
Faded Forest Shawl
37285BackVendor Back
Farseer Cloak
10866BackLooted Back
Feather-Cord Cloak
52590Back Back
Feathered Cape
1511BackLooted Back
Feathered Cape
107BackLooted Back
Feegly's Shroud
34Back Feegly the Exiled Back
Felsoul Cloak of Destruction
48390Back Back
Felsoul Cloak of Destruction
48390Back Back
Feral Cloak
1510BackLooted Back
Fiery Cloak
2520BackVendor Back
Fine Leather Cloak
1510BackCrafted Back
Finely Woven Cloak
15Back Back
Flame Retardant Sheet
11Back Through Fire and Flames Back
Flameward Cloak
272Back Prepping the Soil Back
Flarecrazed Cloak
21Back Assault on Menethil Keep Back
Fleece Cloak
16676BackLooted Back
Fleshripper Cape
429Back Enraged By Hatred Back
Floodsurge Coat
20Back The Floodsurge Core Back
Forest Cloak
2217BackLooted, Fished Back
Forest Green Cloak
37Back A New Era for the Plaguelands Back
Forest Shroud
10565BackLooted Back
Formidable Cape
4641BackLooted Back
Formulaic Cloak
32Back Recipe for Disaster Back
Fortified Cloak
2217BackLooted Back
Frost Leather Cloak
3631BackCrafted Back
Fungal Vale Cloak
41Back Amidst Death, Life Back
Gaea's Cloak
4540BackLooted Back
Gambler's Wrap
57Back Neptool's Revenge Back
Garrison Cloak
33Back Back
Gar'rok's Patchwork Cloak
598Back The Debt We Share Back
Gar'rok's Roadworn Cloak
598BackQuest, Vendor Back
Gar'rok's Sun-Faded Cloak
598Back The Debt We Share Back
Gar'rok's Sunshade Cloak
598BackQuest, Vendor Back
Gar'rok's Weathered Cloak
598Back The Debt We Share Back