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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Parachute Cloak
45BackCrafted Back
Patched Cape
10264BackLooted Back
Pathfinder Cloak
2722BackLooted Back
Pearl-Clasped Cloak
1914BackCrafted Back
Peerless Cloak
5449BackLooted Back
Phalanx Cloak
3025BackLooted Back
Pillager's Cloak
3126BackLooted Back
Potent Cape
4641BackLooted Back
Praetorian Cloak
5045BackLooted Back
Prelacy Cape
27Back Back
Pridelord Cape
5247BackLooted Back
Privateer's Cape
1914Back Back
Prospector's Cloak
1712BackLooted Back
Protector Cape
4843BackLooted Back
Proudmoore Cloak
36Back The End of the Deserters Back
Pulled Wool
46Back Dance for Ruumbo! Back
Punisher's Cloak
158Back Back
Pygmy Cloak
12Back Back
Pygmy Cloak
9Back Send a Message Back
Rageclaw Cloak
4540BackLooted Back
Raider's Cloak
1611BackLooted, Fished Back
Raincaller Cloak
2722BackLooted Back
Rain-Spotted Cape
10Back The Enchanted Glade Back
Ranger Cloak
4035BackLooted Back
Raptor Scrap Cloak
30Back Raptor Scraps Back
Rat Cloth Cloak
1510Back Tunnel Rat Vermin Back
Rat Ear Cloak
11Back Back
Rathorian's Cape
1510Back Rathorian Back
Ravager's Cloak
3934BackLooted Back
Redpine Cloak
37Back A Gnoll's Resolve Back
Regal Cloak
18280BackLooted Back
Regal Cloak
4035BackLooted Back
Regent's Cloak
2318BackUnobtainable Back
Reinforced Linen Cape
127BackCrafted Back
Renegade Cloak
3328BackLooted Back
Renzithen's Dusty Cloak
13Back The Plagued Coast Back
Repairman's Cape
30Back Back
Rescuer's Cloak
158Back Leave No One Behind Back
Resilient Cape
2924BackLooted Back
Resilient Poncho
26Back Back
Resplendent Cloak
5550BackLooted Back
Reversible Wool Cape
15072BackLooted Back
Riding Cloak
13067BackLooted Back
Righteous Cloak
4944BackLooted Back
Rigid Cape
1914BackLooted Back
Rimblat's Cloak
42Back Gathering Some Grub(s) Back
Ritual Cape
1712BackLooted, Skinned Back
Robust Cloak
2520BackLooted Back
Royal Cape
4338BackLooted Back
Runecloth Cloak
5348BackCrafted Back
Sabersnout's Cloak
32Back Speaking Their Language Back
Sabersnout's Cloak
32Back Diplomacy By Another Means Back
Saboteur's Wrap
146BackQuest Back
Sage's Cloak
2823BackLooted Back
Sanguine Cape
2217BackLooted Back
Sapmaster's Cloak
437Back Bound With Shade Back
Savage Cloak
28979BackCrafted Back
Scaled Cloak
2924BackLooted Back
Scaled Flame Cloak
138Back Springing the Trap Back
Scavenger's Cape
372Back Back
Scavenger's Cloak
372Back Back
Scavenger's Cloak
9060BackLooted Back
Scavenger's Drape
372Back Back
Scavenger's Manteau
372Back Back
Scavenger's Shawl
372Back Back
Scene Investigator's Wrap
11Back Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Back
Scorched Cape
43Back Back
Scorpashi Cape
4439BackLooted Back
Scorpion Drape
429Back Enraged By Hatred Back
Scouting Cloak
2015BackLooted, Fished Back
Seared Scale Cape
138Back Keep the Secret Safe Back
Seer's Cape
1712BackLooted, Fished Back
Seized Rageroar Cloak
30Back Re-Take the Courtyard Back
Sensiria's Shroud
37Back Verinias the Twisted Back
Sentinel Cloak
3631BackLooted Back
Sentry's Cape
2419BackLooted Back
Seraphic Cloak of Destruction
23280BackVendor Back
Seraphic Cloak of Wisdom
23280BackVendor Back
Serpent Spirit's Drape
96Back A Spirit Ally? Back
Serpentskin Cloak
5045BackLooted Back
Shadebough Cloak
39Back Sasquatch Sighting Back
Shadebound Cape
437Back Bound With Shade Back
Shadow Vault Shawl
174Back Free Your Mind Back
Shadowstalking Cloak of Rage
23280BackVendor Back
Shamanic Cloak
39085BackLooted Back
Shattershore Cloak
56Back The Amulet of Grol Back
Shattershore Cloak
55Back The Amulet of Grol Back
Shimmering Cloak
2116BackLooted Back
Shivering Healer's Cloak
138BackQuest Back
Shroud of Contempt
42Back The Ancient Brazier Back
Shroud of Cooperation
3535BackAchievement, Vendor Back
Shroud of Cooperation
3535BackAchievement, Vendor Back
Silkmaster's Cape
399Back Where Silk Comes From Back
Silkmaster's Cloak
399Back Where Silk Comes From Back
Silkmaster's Drape
399Back Where Silk Comes From Back
Silkmaster's Manteau
399Back Where Silk Comes From Back
Silkmaster's Shawl
399Back Where Silk Comes From Back
Silksand Cape
3833BackLooted Back
Silky Velvet Cloak
8157BackLooted Back
Silver-Lined Cloak
9662BackLooted Back