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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Andorhal Tunic
40Chest The Reckoning Cloth
Chillwind Tunic
40Chest Alas, Andorhal Cloth
Robe of Crystal Waters
40Chest Cloth
Baroque Apron
40Chest Cloth
Doomsayer's Robe
40Chest Cloth
Razzeric's Vest
40Chest Down in the Deeps Cloth
Twizzlefixxit's Vest
40Chest Down in the Deeps Cloth
Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe
38Chest Cloth
Acumen Robes
37Chest Cloth
Dustfall Robes
37Chest Cloth
Crimson Tunic
36Chest Cloth
Mordant's Travel Tunic
36Chest Cleansing Witch Hill Cloth
Carapace Robes
35Chest Chipping In Cloth
Dream Bough Robes
35Chest Sealing the Dream Cloth
Dream Bough Robes
35Chest Sealing the Dream Cloth
Gown of the Last Priestess
35Chest The Shell of Shadra Cloth
Gown of the Last Priestess
35Chest The Shell of Shadra Cloth
Princess Poobah's Dress
33Chest Mukla's Demise Cloth
Robes of the Bloody Field
32Chest A Line in the Dirt Cloth
Robes of the Bloody Field
32Chest A Line in the Dirt Cloth
Astral Knot Blouse
31Chest Cloth
Astral Knot Robe
31Chest Cloth
Nether-Lace Robe
31Chest Cloth
Karnitol's Leftover Robe
30Chest The Karnitol Shipwreck Cloth
Je'neu's Robes
28ChestQuest Cloth
Robe of Kelris
28Chest The Rise of Aku'mai Cloth
Cat Lover's Vest
28Chest Tiger Mastery Cloth
Efflorescent Robe
28Chest Cloth
O'Breen's Dress Robes
28Chest Death From Below Cloth
Xakxak's Lab Frock
26Chest Burn, Baby, Burn! Cloth
Fen Keeper Robe
25Chest Cloth
Robe of Solomon
25Chest Cloth
Robes of Antiquity
25Chest Ruuzel Cloth
Floodlily Robes
24Chest For Peat's Sake Cloth
High Robe of the Adjudicator
24Chest Cloth
John's Stylish Robe
24Chest Bear In Mind Cloth
Harlequin Robes
22Chest Cloth
Hinott's Outer Robe
22Chest Trail of Filth Cloth
Steelbrow's Old Robe
22Chest The Eye of Paleth Cloth
Anacondra's Robe
21Chest Cleansing the Caverns Cloth
Doublet of Deception
21Chest Deliver the Thread Cloth
Falathim-Washed Robes
21Chest The Lost Gem Cloth
Labor Camp Frock
21Chest Management Material Cloth
Lesser Spellfire Robes
20Chest Cloth
Manaweave Robe
20Chest A Simple Robe Cloth
Vest of Forsaken Necromancy
19Chest From the Belly of the Beast Cloth
Robes of the Doomed Ritual
18Chest Taragaman the Hungerer Cloth
Robes of the Doomed Ritual
18Chest The Dark Shaman Cloth
Charged Robes
18Chest Watch Your Step Cloth
Nicolette's Robes
18Chest Cloth
Robe of the Dragon Slayer
18Chest Razormaw Cloth
Emerald Vest
17Chest The Eye of All Storms Cloth
Jessera's Fungus Lined Tunic
16Chest Ysera's Tears Cloth
Robe of Shame
16Chest Verog the Dervish Cloth
Robes of the Shard
15Chest Cloth
Banshee Armor
14Chest Cloth
Ale-Soaked Robes
13Chest Hair of the Dog Cloth
Sea Sister Vest
13Chest Sisters of the Sea Cloth
Sentinel Hill Surcoat
13Chest In Defense of Westfall Cloth
Victor's Robes
12Chest Victory! Cloth
Mankrik's Old Wedding Garments
12Chest Consumed by Hatred Cloth
Farmhand's Vest
11Chest A Favorite Treat Cloth
Fur Covered Robe
11Chest Gurf's Dignity Cloth
Rat Hair Vest
11Chest A Cure In The Dark Cloth
Seryl's Robes
11Chest Losing Your Tail Cloth
Airfield Defender's Garb
10Chest Grimaxe's Demise Cloth
Fallen Apprentice's Robe
10Chest Word from the Spire Cloth
Sleeping Robes
10Chest Druid of the Claw Cloth
Waterbearer's Robes
10Chest Wildmane Cleansing Cloth
Well-Stitched Robe
10Chest Cloth and Leather Armor Cloth
Warm Winter Robe
10Chest Cloth
Devlin's Shirt
9Chest The Grasp Weakens Cloth
Robes of Endless Raiding
9Chest It's Raid Night Every Night Cloth
Hand Woven Vest
8Chest Lost But Not Forgotten Cloth
Candlewax Streaked Robe
7Chest Kobold Candles Cloth
Dampwick's "Best" Robes
7Chest Miner Troubles Cloth
"Flying" Worgen Robes
6Chest Two By Sea Cloth
Azure Watch Robes
5Chest Cloth
Friar's Robes of the Light
5Chest Cloth
Juju Hex Robes
5Chest Cloth
Moon Robes of Elune
5Chest Cloth
Flax Vest
5Chest Night Web's Hollow Cloth
Light Silk Robe
5Chest Major Malfunction Cloth
Soft Wool Vest
5Chest Cloth
Sweat-Soaked Cloth Shirt
5Chest Cloth
Weathered Cloth Armor
5Chest The Blood Elves Cloth
Woodland Robes
5Chest Precious Waters Cloth
Athlete's Robe
3ChestQuest Cloth
Northshire Abbot's Robe
3ChestQuest Cloth
Robes of the Sun
3Chest Rite of Courage Cloth
Venom-Imbued Robes
3Chest Sting of the Scorpid Cloth
Darkspear Magic Weaver Tunic
2ChestQuest Cloth
Darkspear Soothsayer Robes
2Chest Proving Pit Cloth
Explorer's Robe
2Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Cloth
Art Template Cloth Chest - Robe_PVPWarlock_C_02 - Blue
1ChestUnobtainable Cloth
Art Template Cloth Chest - Robe_RaidPriest_J - Orange
1ChestUnobtainable Cloth
Black Tuxedo
1Chest Cloth
Brawler's Vest
1Chest Cloth
Festival Dress
1ChestCrafted Cloth
Footpad's Vest
1Chest Cloth