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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Robes of the Duskwatch High Magi
835Chest Cloth
Robes of Elune
825Chest Ravencrest's Legacy Cloth
Shaladrassil Vestments
800Chest The Tears of Elune Cloth
Leywalker Robe
680Chest Feasting on the Dragon Cloth
Nightvale Robe
680Chest Entangled Dreams Cloth
Royal Apothecary Robe
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Cloth
Snowblind Vestments
680Chest Can't Hold a Candle To You Cloth
Stormwind Clergy Vestments
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Cloth
Charged Stormwing Robes
680ChestQuest Cloth
Lead-Studded Robes
680Chest Scout It Out Cloth
Leywalker Vestment
680Chest Cloth
Runespeaker's Robes
680ChestQuest Cloth
Runespeaker's Vestments
680Chest What the Bonespeakers Buried Cloth
Snowblind Raiment
680Chest Spray and Prey Cloth
Traitorous Robe
680Chest Our Very Bones Cloth
Windshaper Robe
603ChestQuest Cloth
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Robes
578Chest Defungination Cloth
Shadowveil Robe
578Chest Sethe, the Dead God Cloth
Auchenai Keeper Robe
560ChestQuest Cloth
Steamburst Robe
543ChestQuest Cloth
Frostwolf Wind-Talker Robe
513ChestUnobtainable Cloth
Karabor Sage Robe
513Chest Swamplighter Queen Cloth
Grimfrost Arcanist Robe
512Chest The Eldest Cloth
Podling Vineweave Robe
512Chest Game of Thorns Cloth
Slavebreaker Robes
507ChestQuest Cloth
Overly Intelligent Robes
333Chest Skullcrusher the Mountain Cloth
Overly Intelligent Robes
333Chest Skullcrusher the Mountain Cloth
Fleshburned Robes
318Chest Mercy for the Bound Cloth
Rough Approximation AGI DPS Robe
318Chest Cloth
Rough Approximation Healer Robe
318Chest Cloth
Robes of Khintaset
312Chest The Curse of the Tombs Cloth
Tailgunner's Flight Suit
312Chest Tailgunner! Cloth
Deepmist Robes
308ChestQuest Cloth
Stonescale Robes
305Chest Resonating Blow Cloth
Robes of Restored Hope
300Chest Cloth
Sparklight Robes
289Chest Elemental Energy Cloth
Abalone-Linked Robes
272Chest Raw Materials Cloth
Chum-Coated Robes
272Chest Orako's Report Cloth
Drag-Resistant Robes
272Chest One Last Favor Cloth
Robes of the Watery Savior
272Chest Welcome News Cloth
Robes of the Watery Savior
272Chest Welcome News Cloth
Rockbreaker Robes
272Chest The Earth Rises Cloth
Arcane Flame Altar-Garb
200ChestLooted Cloth
Ornate Woolen Stola
200ChestLooted Cloth
Bauble-Woven Gown
187Chest Junk in My Trunk Cloth
Robes of Lightning
187Chest Whatever it Takes! Cloth
Robes of Refrained Celebration
183Chest Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge Cloth
Embroidered Gown of Zul'Drak
179ChestLooted Cloth
Demolisher Driver's Dustcoat
174ChestQuest Cloth
Flowing Valkyrion Robes
174Chest Off With Their Black Wings Cloth
Hyldnir Runeweaver's Garb
174Chest Taking on All Challengers Cloth
QR IC36 Cloth Spell Chest3 - PH
174Chest Cloth
Vestments of Dun Niffelem
174Chest Forging an Alliance Cloth
Incursion Vestments
167Chest Aces High! Cloth
Lifewarden's Raiment
162Chest Exterminate the Intruders Cloth
Stained Coop Warmer
162Chest Flown the Coop! Cloth
Robe of the Conquered Prophet
158Chest Convocation at Zol'Heb Cloth
Bloodbinder's Raiment
158Chest Precious Elemental Fluids Cloth
Emancipator's Robes
158Chest Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Cloth
Soothsayer's Garb
158Chest Too Much of a Good Thing Cloth
Raiment of the Caged Beast
154ChestQuest Cloth
Robe of Expurgation
154ChestQuest Cloth
Specially Treated Robes
154ChestQuest Cloth
DB57 Cloth Spell Chest3
146Chest Cloth
High Priest Forith's Robes
146Chest Neltharion's Flame Cloth
Robe of Calcified Tears
146Chest The Denouncement Cloth
Robe of the Justicebringer
146Chest Wanted: Onslaught Commander Iustus Cloth
Visionary's Robes
146Chest Imprints on the Past Cloth
Wastewind Garments
146ChestQuest Cloth
BT52 Cloth Healer Chest2
138Chest Cloth
D.E.H.T.A. Overshirt
138Chest Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Cloth
Fire-Purifying Tunic
138ChestQuest Cloth
Indigo Robe of Replenishment
138ChestQuest Cloth
Layered Frost Robes
138ChestQuest Cloth
Regenerative Cloth
138Chest Nedar, Lord of Rhinos... Cloth
Sweltering Robes
138Chest Drake Hunt Cloth
Robe of the Great Dark Beyond
115ChestLooted Cloth
Windchanneller's Tunic
115ChestLooted Cloth
Consortium Combatant's Robes
114Chest Sabotage the Warp-Gate! Cloth
QR 10574 Cloth Mage Chest
114Chest Cloth
Warpthread Vest
114Chest Delivering the Message Cloth
Sketh'lon Survivor's Tunic
111Chest Thwart the Dark Conclave Cloth
Kirin Tor Apprentice's Robes
109Chest Destroy Naberius! Cloth
Sylvanaar Elite Caster's Armor
105Chest Planting the Banner Cloth
Windroc Shroud
105Chest Windroc Mastery Cloth
Watcher's Tunic
103Chest Forge Camp: Annihilated Cloth
Witch Doctor's Beads
102Chest A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans! Cloth
Auchenai Anchorite's Robe
100Chest The End of the Exarch Cloth
Death-Speaker's Tunic
99Chest The Fallen Exarch Cloth
Robes of the Aldor
99Chest Cloth
Ceremonial Robes
93Chest The Mag'har Cloth
Chemise of Rebirth
90Chest Saving the Sporeloks Cloth
Shadowcast Tunic
88ChestQuest Cloth
Goldweave Tunic
85ChestQuest Cloth
Whispering Tunic
81ChestQuest Cloth
Jade Inlaid Vestments
71Chest Ysondre Cloth
Earthpower Vest
66Chest Cloth
Zandalar Demoniac's Robe
65Chest Paragons of Power: The Demoniac's Robes Cloth
Zandalar Illusionist's Robe
65ChestUnobtainable, Quest Cloth
Deathmist Robe
60Chest Cloth