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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sandals of Ritual
31Feet To the Hilt! Cloth
Sandals of Ritual
31Feet To the Hilt! Cloth
Sandals of Quick Escape
154Feet Dun-da-Dun-tah! Cloth
Sage's Boots
2823FeetLooted Cloth
S.B.R.B. Prototype 1
9Feet Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots Cloth
Runecloth Boots
5651FeetCrafted Cloth
Royal Boots
4439FeetLooted Cloth
Ritual Stopper's Slippers
20Feet The Offering to Azshara Cloth
Ritual Sandals
2015FeetLooted Cloth
Revitalizing Sandals
10Feet Cloth
Resplendent Boots
5954FeetLooted Cloth
Resilient Boots
3126FeetLooted Cloth
Regal Boots
4136FeetLooted Cloth
Reed Sandals
37784FeetLooted Cloth
Red Woolen Boots
2015FeetCrafted Cloth
Ravendown Sandals
54996FeetLooted Cloth
Rat Stompers
23Feet Cloth
Raincaller Boots
2924FeetLooted Cloth
Quiet Slippers
26Feet Windshear Mine Cleanup Cloth
Pagan Shoes
2217FeetLooted Cloth
Outlander's Boots
8157FeetLooted Cloth
Ostracod Sandals
272Feet Backed Into a Corner Cloth
Orunai Sandals
52794FeetLooted Cloth
Oracle Slippers
16676FeetLooted Cloth
Opulent Boots
5045FeetLooted Cloth
Oilfoot Slippers
49Feet Borrowed Bombs Cloth
Oilfoot Slippers
49Feet Slap and Cap Cloth
Ogre Basher's Slippers
102Feet Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates Cloth
Nimbus Boots
25Feet Cloth
Nimblefoot Moccasins
162Feet Rhino Mastery: The Kill Cloth
Nightsky Boots
3429FeetLooted Cloth
Netherweave Boots
10862FeetCrafted Cloth
Nether-Empowered Footgear
105Feet Spirit Calling Cloth
Nayeli Shoes
399Feet Wisdom Has A Price Cloth
Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
4035Feet Rare Fish - Brownell's Blue Striped Racer Cloth
Naralex's Slippers
32Feet The Nightmare Scar Cloth
Mystral Sandals
30683FeetLooted Cloth
Mystic's Slippers
1813FeetLooted Cloth
Mystical Boots
5449FeetLooted Cloth
Mur'ghoul Boots
13869FeetLooted Cloth
Mountainscaler Silk Treads
39387FeetVendor Cloth
Mountainscaler Satin Treads
39387FeetVendor Cloth
Mountainsage Sandals
640100Feet Cloth
Mountainsage Sandals
48390Feet Cloth
Mountainsage Sandals
48390Feet Cloth
Motherseed Shoes
437Feet Amber Arms Cloth
Moonsole Slippers
512Feet Circle the Wagon Cloth
Mistyreed Boots
10264FeetLooted Cloth
Mistscape Boots
4338FeetLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Sandals
27878FeetLooted Cloth
Mistborne Treads
429Feet The Field Armorer Cloth
Mindbender Treads
414Feet The Burlap Grind Cloth
Merchant Marine Sandals
22Feet Claws from the Deep Cloth
Master's Boots
6358FeetLooted Cloth
Marshfang Boots
90FeetQuest Cloth
Mantis Boots
40Feet Cloth
Mandragoran Sandals
51693FeetLooted Cloth
Magma-Proof Sandals
318Feet A Fiery Reunion Cloth
Magesoul Sandals
23280FeetVendor Cloth
Lunarglow Sandals
48390FeetLooted Cloth
Lunar Slippers
4237FeetLooted Cloth
Linen Boots
138FeetCrafted Cloth
Lightheel Boots
25Feet Cloth
Lightheart Sandals
272Feet Egg Hunt Cloth
Leiah's Footpads
174Feet The Air Stands Still Cloth
Layered Frost Sandals
138FeetQuest Cloth
Laughing Skull Boots
9060FeetLooted Cloth
Landfall Silk Treads
372Feet Cloth
Landfall Silk Treads
372Feet Seeking Zin'jun Cloth
Landfall Silk Treads
372Feet Kung Din Cloth
Landfall Satin Treads
372Feet Kung Din Cloth
Landfall Satin Treads
372Feet Seeking Zin'jun Cloth
Landfall Satin Treads
372Feet Cloth
10Feet The Kurken's Hide Cloth
Krom'gar Sergeant's Linen Footwraps
26FeetVendor Cloth
Kirin Tor Initiate's Sandals
146FeetQuest Cloth
Kimbra Boots
23Feet Cloth
Karabor Sage Treads
513Feet Escape From Shaz'gul Cloth
Kafa Silk Treads
414Feet The Fearmaster Cloth
Kafa Satin Treads
414Feet The Fearmaster Cloth
Junglewalker Sandals
37Feet Cloth
Junglestrider Sandals
26Feet Headhunting Cloth
Jormungar Galoshes
174Feet The Slithering Darkness Cloth
Iyun Sandals
50592FeetLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Boots
2520FeetLooted Cloth
Incorporeal Sandals
289Feet All Our Friends Are Dead Cloth
Imperial Red Boots
5247FeetLooted Cloth
Imbued Disciple's Boots
116FeetLooted Cloth
Ikeyen's Boots
87Feet A Damp, Dark Place Cloth
Icemist Slippers
15473FeetLooted Cloth
Iceflow Footwraps
138Feet Not Without a Fight! Cloth
Highborne Footpads
5348FeetLooted Cloth
High Councillor's Boots
6156FeetLooted Cloth
Hibernal Boots
4742FeetLooted Cloth
Hellion Boots
40Feet Cloth
Hazecover Boots
54Feet A Little Slime Goes a Long Way Cloth
Harvester Boots
13Feet It's Alive! Cloth
Growing Sandals
39085FeetLooted Cloth
Grom'gar Wolfskin Slippers
517Feet The Master Siegesmith Cloth
Greenweave Sandals
2318FeetLooted Cloth