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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Satin Gloves
11570Hands Cloth
Savage Gladiator's Felweave Handguards
20080Hands Cloth
Savage Gladiator's Mooncloth Gloves
20080Hands Cloth
Savage Gladiator's Satin Gloves
20080Hands Cloth
Savage Gladiator's Silk Handguards
20080Hands Cloth
Scarlet Visionary Gloves
440Hands Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return Cloth
Serpent Gloves
2116Hands Cloth
Shadowy Laced Handwraps
5348Hands Cloth
Shivery Handwraps
4540Hands Cloth
Silken Bridge Handwraps
20080Hands Cloth
Silkweb Gloves
5247Hands Cloth
Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves
20080Hands Cloth
Tempest's Touch
103Hands Escape from Durnholde Cloth
The Shadow's Grasp
6257Hands Cloth
Thundercloud Grasps
18778Hands Cloth
Time-Twisted Wraps
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Cloth
Toad-Slime Gloves
40980Hands Cloth
Traditionally Dyed Handguards
20080Hands Cloth
Tranquil Gloves
45090Hands Cloth
Uncorking Gloves
410Hands Trouble Brewing Cloth
Vicious Embersilk Gloves
37785HandsCrafted Cloth
Vicious Fireweave Gloves
37785HandsCrafted Cloth
Vonica's Gauntlets
29280Hands Cloth
Waterfall Gloves
434Hands The Leader Hozen Cloth
Windchanneller's Gloves
11570Hands Cloth
Wind-Kissed Handwraps
45085Hands Cloth
Windwool Gloves
41585Hands Cloth
Wine Tasting Gloves
410Hands Trouble Brewing Cloth
Zaetar's Gloves
39Hands Princess Theradras Cloth
Abercrombie's Gloves
22Hands Juice Delivery Cloth
Abjurer's Gloves
4944Hands Cloth
Aboriginal Gloves
1611Hands Cloth
Abyssal Cloth Handwraps
6055Hands Cloth
Adept's Gloves
1510Hands Cloth
Aerie Gloves
16275Hands Cloth
Ambermist Gloves
384Hands And a Heavy Fist Cloth
Ameth'Aran Handwraps
27277Hands Cloth
Angkhal Handguards
399Hands Profit Mastery Cloth
Angkhal Handwraps
399Hands Why So Serious? Cloth
Apothecary Gloves
18Hands Cloth
Arachnidian Gloves
5146Hands Cloth
Arcane Gloves
5752Hands Cloth
Archmage Gloves
11769Hands Cloth
Astralaan Gloves
10565Hands Cloth
Ataeric's Gloves
19Hands Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III Cloth
Aurora Gloves
3934Hands Cloth
Azure Silk Gloves
2924HandsCrafted Cloth
Bamboo Fiber Gloves
384Hands Spitfire Cloth
Bamboo Strip Handguards
384Hands Spitfire Cloth
Baradin Handwraps
28379Hands Cloth
Barbaric Cloth Gloves
1510Hands Cloth
Bargain Gloves
16Hands Miner's Fortune Cloth
Beerstained Gloves
20Hands Cloth
Belly Rubbers
51Hands SEVEN! YUP! Cloth
Black Mageweave Gloves
4338HandsCrafted Cloth
Blauvelt's Special Occasion Gloves
138HandsQuest Cloth
Bloodbinder's Gloves
158Hands Rampage Cloth
Bloodspore Gloves
13468Hands Cloth
Bloodwoven Mitts
4540Hands Cloth
Blubber-Stained Grips
35Hands Blubbergut Cloth
Bluefen Handwraps
31284Hands Cloth
Bonecaster's Gloves
5651Hands Cloth
Breadwinner's Gloves
16Hands Like a Fart in the Wind Cloth
Brewer's Gloves
15Hands Cloth
Brewer's Handwraps
40386Hands Cloth
Bright Gloves
2419Hands Cloth
Brightcloth Gloves
5449HandsCrafted Cloth
Brightwood Handwraps
29581Hands Cloth
Bristlepine Handwraps
14671Hands Cloth
BT57 Cloth Healer Glove2
138Hands Cloth
BT59 Cloth Spell Gloves4
138Hands Cloth
Buccaneer's Gloves
2015Hands Cloth
Cavernous Gauntlets
138Hands Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern Cloth
Celestial Handwraps
5853Hands Cloth
Cindercloth Gloves
5449HandsCrafted Cloth
Clutches of the Worgen Spirit
272Hands Lycanthoth the Corruptor Cloth
Cobalt-Threaded Gloves
40Hands Corrosion Prevention Cloth
Coldwraith Handwraps
18280Hands Cloth
Communal Gloves
48390Hands Cloth
Communal Handwraps
48390Hands Cloth
Condor Gloves
17077Hands Cloth
Conjurer's Gloves
3631Hands Cloth
Consortium Gloves
10866Hands Cloth
Coppercloth Gloves
1510Hands Cloth
Corruption Resistant Gloves
318Hands Magmalord Falthazar Cloth
Councillor's Gloves
5550Hands Cloth
Crimson Keeper Mitts
138Hands Cloth
Crimson Silk Gloves
4237HandsCrafted Cloth
Crystalsong Gloves
17478Hands Cloth
Darkmist Handguards
4136Hands Cloth
Darrowmere Handwraps
28980Hands Cloth
Delaris' Gloves
46Hands Break the Unbreakable Cloth
Diamond Clutching Gloves
318Hands Paint it Black Cloth
Dreadsoul Handwraps
23280Hands Cloth
Dreadspinner Handguards
437Hands Nope Cloth
Dreadspinner Handwraps
437Hands Rending Daggers Cloth
Durable Gloves
3126Hands Cloth
Duskweave Gloves
15876HandsCrafted Cloth
Duskwoven Gloves
5146Hands Cloth
Earth Warder's Gloves
58Hands Winterfall Activity Cloth