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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Faded Forest Silk Cowl
37285HeadVendor Cloth
Faded Spirit-Wrencher Cage
42990HeadLooted Cloth
Farshire Hood
13067HeadLooted Cloth
Farwatch Satin Hood
429Head Devastation Below Cloth
Farwatch Silk Cowl
429Head Devastation Below Cloth
Feathers of the Dragon Wastes
146Head Wanted: Dreadtalon Cloth
Felcloth Hood
5853HeadCrafted Cloth
Felsoul Cowl
48390Head Cloth
Felsoul Cowl
48390Head Cloth
Feralfen Hood
9963HeadLooted Cloth
Fire Goggles
41HeadCrafted, Vendor Cloth
Firefly Hood
56590Head Cloth
Fireheart Skullcap
8458HeadLooted Cloth
First Mate Hat
4035HeadLooted Cloth
Fisherman's Earwarmer
146Head Meat on the Hook Cloth
Flamebringer's Crown
174Head Valkyrion Must Burn Cloth
Flying Tiger Goggles
20HeadCrafted, Vendor Cloth
Foothold Hood
14270HeadLooted, Skinned Cloth
Forlorn Loa-Binder Cage
42990HeadLooted, Mined Cloth
Frostwoven Cowl
14272HeadCrafted Cloth
Gaea's Circlet
4944HeadLooted Cloth
Galardell Cowl
31885HeadLooted Cloth
Geomancer's Cap
4035HeadLooted Cloth
Ghostly Headwrap
114Head The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Cloth
Gilded Fan Silk Cap
399Head The Meat They'll Eat Cloth
Gnomish Goggles
42HeadCrafted Cloth
Gnomish Mind Control Cap
47HeadCrafted Cloth
Goblin Construction Helmet
41HeadCrafted Cloth
Goblin Nurse Hat
1Head Cloth
Goblin Nurse Hat 2
46Head Cloth
Goblin Rocket Helmet
47HeadCrafted Cloth
Goldrinn Acolyte's Cowl
30Head Brood of Seldarria Cloth
Gordunni Cowl
53895HeadLooted Cloth
Gossamer Headpiece
4742HeadLooted Cloth
Green Tinted Goggles
30HeadCrafted, Vendor Cloth
Growing Cowl
39085HeadLooted Cloth
Gryphon-Down Scarf
31Head Razorbeak Friends Cloth
Hakkari Shroud
55HeadLooted Cloth
Headbinder's Crown
154HeadQuest Cloth
Helm of Lupine Cunning
96HeadQuest Cloth
HF28 Cloth Spell Head4
138Head Cloth
Hibernal Cowl
4843HeadLooted Cloth
High Councillor's Circlet
6257HeadLooted Cloth
Highborne Crown
5752HeadLooted Cloth
Holy Diadem
4136HeadLooted Cloth
Hood of Disgrace
43Head Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs Cloth
Hood of Disgrace
43Head Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs Cloth
Hood of Misplaced Dreams
272Head Get Me Outta Here! Cloth
Hood of Teeming Horror
272Head Free Wil'hai Cloth
Hood of the Shuffled Coil
272Head Blood and Thunder! Cloth
Hood of the Titan Defender
162Head Cloth
Hood of Vigorous Defense
300Head Cloth
Icemist Circlet
15473HeadLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Circlet
5348HeadLooted Cloth
Iyun Cowl
50592HeadLooted Cloth
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles
108Head You're Hired! Cloth
Katoom's Mask
31Head Gammerita, Mon! Cloth
Kirin Tor Initiate's Cowl
146HeadQuest Cloth
Kodo-Wrangler Cover
32Head Calming the Kodo Cloth
Krom'gar General's Linen Cowl
30HeadVendor Cloth
Laughing Skull Cap
9060HeadLooted Cloth
Layered Frost Hood
138HeadQuest Cloth
Living Cowl
4035HeadLooted Cloth
Lost Sea Oculus
138Head Surrender... Not! Cloth
Lucky Fishing Hat
40Head Rare Fish - Keefer's Angelfish Cloth
Lunar Coronet
4540HeadLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Cowl
48390HeadLooted Cloth
Magesoul Hood
23280HeadVendor Cloth
Mandragoran Cowl
51693HeadLooted Cloth
Master Engineer's Goggles
58HeadCrafted Cloth
Master's Hat
6358HeadLooted Cloth
Medic's Hood
158Head That's What Friends Are For... Cloth
Mender's Cover
138HeadQuest Cloth
Midrealm Hat
111Head Rightful Repossession Cloth
Mildred's Cowl
174Head Discipline Cloth
Mindbender Cap
414Head Unmasking the Yaungol Cloth
Mindbender Cowl
414HeadQuest Cloth
Mirren's Drinking Hat
90Head The Finest Down Cloth
Mistmantle Cowl
27878HeadLooted Cloth
Mistscape Wizard Hat
4439HeadLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Hood
10264HeadLooted Cloth
Motherseed Hood
437Head Reunited Cloth
Mountainsage Hood
48390Head Cloth
Mountainsage Hood
48390Head Cloth
Mountainscaler Satin Hood
39387HeadVendor Cloth
Mountainscaler Silk Cowl
39387HeadVendor Cloth
Mur'ghoul Cap
13869HeadLooted Cloth
Mystical Headwrap
5550HeadLooted Cloth
Mystral Cowl
30683HeadLooted Cloth
Nayeli Hood
399Head Cheer Up, Yi-Mo Cloth
Nightsky Cowl
3530HeadLooted Cloth
Nimar's Tribal Headdress
3732HeadLooted Cloth
Obsidian-Flecked Cowl
50Head Mud Hunter Cloth
Obsidian-Flecked Cowl
50Head Mud Hunter Cloth
Opulent Crown
5348HeadLooted Cloth
Oracle Circlet
16676HeadLooted Cloth
Orunai Cowl
52794HeadLooted Cloth
Outlander's Facewrap
8157HeadLooted Cloth
Oversized Stonemaul Hood
40Head Challenge to the Black Flight Cloth
Peacebreaker's Satin Cowl
372Head Nazgrim's Command Cloth