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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Green Tinted Goggles
30HeadCrafted Cloth
Krom'gar General's Linen Cowl
30Head Cloth
Hooded Cowl
30Head Cloth
Shadow Goggles
24HeadCrafted Cloth
Flying Tiger Goggles
20HeadCrafted Cloth
Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
10HeadLooted Cloth
Tattered Dreadmist Mask
1HeadAchievement, Vendor Cloth
Hallowed Helm
1HeadLooted, Vendor Cloth
Art Template Cloth Head - Helm_Robe_B_03earthenring
1Head Cloth
Goblin Nurse Hat
1Head Cloth
Crown of the Fire Festival
1HeadQuest Cloth
Gamemaster Hood
1Head Cloth
Gnomish X-Ray Specs Visual
1Head Cloth
Ruby Shades
1Head Cloth
Safety Goggles
1Head A Strange Request Cloth
Sapphire Spectacles
1Head Cloth