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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Legionfall Hood
860Head Cloth
Illidari High Lord's Cowl
840HeadQuest Cloth
Curseheart's Cowl
680Head A New Life for Undeath Cloth
Leywalker Halo
680Head The Nightborne Prince Cloth
Nightvale Cowl
680Head Entangled Dreams Cloth
Runespeaker's Crown
680Head Cloth
Shadowsong Vengeance Corona
680Head Cloth
Snowblind Cowl
680Head The Three Cloth
Snowblind Helm
680Head The Underking Cloth
Stylish Gilnean Collar
680Head Ending the New Beginning Cloth
Violet Guardian's Corona
680Head Assault on Violet Hold: Purple Pain Cloth
Adventurer's Excellent Circlet
680Head They Have A Pitlord Cloth
Black Rose Hood
680Head A Grim Trophy Cloth
Combatant's Halo
680Head Round 1, Fight! Cloth
Demon Warding Halo
680Head Reignite the Wards Cloth
Leywalker Aurora
680Head They Came From the Sea Cloth
Skyfire Hood
680Head Signal Boost Cloth
Thundercaller's Cowl
610HeadQuest Cloth
Lightly-Padded Cage Helm
600Head Death Metal Knight Cloth
Windshaper Hood
590HeadQuest Cloth
Shadowveil Hood
575Head A Feast of Shadows Cloth
Auchenai Keeper Hood
550HeadQuest Cloth
Steamburst Hood
528Head Cloth
Frostwolf Wind-Talker Cowl
525Head The Battle of Thunder Pass Cloth
Karabor Sage Cap
525Head The Defense of Karabor Cloth
Voidgazer Cap
508HeadQuest Cloth
Kata-Mary Crown
325Head Gnomebliteration Cloth
Beak's Torn Feedbag
318Head Finding Beak Cloth
Bubble-Brew Hood
318Head A Steady Supply Cloth
Rose-Scented Hood
318Head Distract Them for Me Cloth
Rose-Scented Hood
318Head Distract Them for Me Cloth
Sharkshield Cover
318Head Parting Packages Cloth
Shardfinder Hood
312Head Just the Tip Cloth
Trustworthy Cowl
305Head Imposing Confrontation Cloth
Hood of Vigorous Defense
300Head Cloth
Blood-Collector Helm
289Head Blood of the Earthwarder Cloth
Blinkered Hood
288Head Return to Aviana Cloth
Liberating Crown
288Head Finish Nemesis Cloth
Cowl of the Lost Cutter
272Head All or Nothing Cloth
Hood of Misplaced Dreams
272Head Get Me Outta Here! Cloth
Hood of Teeming Horror
272Head Free Wil'hai Cloth
Hood of the Shuffled Coil
272Head Blood and Thunder! Cloth
Tilefish Crown
272Head A Pearl of Wisdom Cloth
Elder Headpiece
200HeadLooted Cloth
Cowl of the Vindictive Captain
187Head Vengeance Be Mine! Cloth
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Cloth
The Argent Skullcap
174Head The Crusaders' Pinnacle Cloth
Cultist's Cowl
174HeadQuest Cloth
Flamebringer's Crown
174Head Valkyrion Must Burn Cloth
Mildred's Cowl
174Head Discipline Cloth
Shadow Vault Cowl
174Head Ebon Blade Prisoners Cloth
Shock-Proof Head Protector
174HeadQuest Cloth
Shroud of Temptation
171HeadQuest Cloth
Gaze of the Punishing Construct
162Head Reclamation Cloth
Chitin-Reinforced Hood
162Head The Sapphire Queen Cloth
Cowl of the Purifier
162Head Returned Sevenfold Cloth
Hood of the Titan Defender
162Head Cloth
Bloodbinder's Hood
158Head Hexed Caches Cloth
Medic's Hood
158Head That's What Friends Are For... Cloth
Soothsayer's Hood
158Head Wooly Justice Cloth
Abandoned Hood
154HeadQuest Cloth
Ethereal Hood
154Head Subject to Interpretation Cloth
Headbinder's Crown
154HeadQuest Cloth
Feathers of the Dragon Wastes
146Head Wanted: Dreadtalon Cloth
Fisherman's Earwarmer
146Head Meat on the Hook Cloth
Kirin Tor Initiate's Cowl
146HeadQuest Cloth
Wastewind Headcover
146HeadQuest Cloth
Wyrmward Cover
146HeadQuest Cloth
Benevolent Hood
138HeadQuest Cloth
HF28 Cloth Spell Head4
138Head Cloth
Layered Frost Hood
138HeadQuest Cloth
Lost Sea Oculus
138Head Surrender... Not! Cloth
Mender's Cover
138HeadQuest Cloth
Shock-Resistant Hood
138HeadQuest Cloth
Transborean Cover
138HeadQuest Cloth
Wharfmaster's Hat
138Head Gamel the Cruel Cloth
Hallowed Crown
115HeadLooted Cloth
Hood of Oblivion
115HeadLooted Cloth
Hydromancer's Headwrap
115HeadUnobtainable Cloth
Mana-Etched Crown
115HeadLooted Cloth
Haliscan Brimmed Hat
115HeadQuest Cloth
Ata'mal Crown
114HeadQuest Cloth
Ghostly Headwrap
114Head The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Cloth
Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles
112HeadCrafted Cloth
Midrealm Hat
111Head Rightful Repossession Cloth
Evoker's Helmet of Second Sight
109HeadQuest Cloth
Tourmaline Crown
109HeadQuest Cloth
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles
108Head You're Hired! Cloth
Red Pointy Hat
108Head Wanted: Annihilator Servo! Cloth
Wyrmcultist's Hood
108Head Whelps of the Wyrmcult Cloth
X-52 Rocket Helmet
108Head Cloth
Mag'hari Ritualist's Horns
103Head There Is No Hope Cloth
Ango'rosh Souleater's Cowl
102Head The Spirit Polluted Cloth
Skywitch Hat
99Head Skywing Cloth
Helm of Lupine Cunning
96HeadQuest Cloth
Foreman's Enchanted Helmet
95HeadCrafted Cloth
Gnomish Power Goggles
95HeadCrafted Cloth
Cenarion Thicket Circlet
93HeadQuest Cloth
Pilgrim's Cover
93Head A Pilgrim's Plight Cloth
Mirren's Drinking Hat
90Head The Finest Down Cloth