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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Greenweave Leggings
2722LegsLooted Cloth
Growing Leggings
39085LegsLooted Cloth
Haleh's Warm Legwraps
54Legs Winterwater Cloth
Handstitched Linen Britches
149LegsCrafted Cloth
Heap Leggings
108Legs It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart Cloth
Heavy Woolen Pants
2217LegsCrafted Cloth
Hemet's Satin Leggings
399Legs Stalker Mastery Cloth
Hemet's Silk Trousers
399Legs Stalker Mastery Cloth
Hibernal Pants
4944LegsLooted Cloth
High Councillor's Pants
6358LegsLooted Cloth
Highborne Pants
5651LegsLooted Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Satin Leggings
372Legs Acid Rain Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Satin Leggings
372Legs Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Silk Trousers
372Legs Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Silk Trousers
372Legs Acid Rain Cloth
Hooligan's Pantaloons
46Legs All's Fair in Love, War, and Archaeology Cloth
Hooligan's Pantaloons
46Legs It's Not About History, It's About Power Cloth
Humbert's Pants
2924LegsLooted Cloth
Icemist Pants
15473LegsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Pants
5449LegsLooted Cloth
Inconspicuous Pantaloons
18Legs A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Cloth
Infectis Incher Leggings
42Legs Frederick's Fish Fancy Cloth
Ivycloth Pants
2823LegsLooted Cloth
Iyun Leggings
50592LegsLooted Cloth
Journeyman's Pants
105LegsLooted, Fished Cloth
Kaboom Leggings
13Legs First Degree Mortar Cloth
Karabor Sage Leggings
514Legs Ancestor's Memory Cloth
Kilt of Peaceful Reclamation
154Legs Therapy Cloth
Laughing Skull Pants
9060LegsLooted Cloth
Leggings of Brown Grass
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Cloth
Leggings of Mending Fronds
162Legs Fortunate Misunderstandings Cloth
Leggings of Mischief
49Legs The Chieftain's Key Cloth
Leggings of Renewed Hope
174Legs The Gifts of Loken Cloth
Leggings of Secret Rituals
33Legs Hunt the Keeper Cloth
Leggings of Secret Rituals
33Legs Hunt the Keeper Cloth
Leggings of the Albino Brachyura
272Legs Crabby Patrons Cloth
Leggings of the Frozen Wastes
174Legs The Drakkensryd Cloth
Leggings of the Long Road
39Legs Cloth
Leggings of the People's Militia
15Legs Cloth
Leggings of the Steppes
50Legs Taking the Horn For Ourselves Cloth
Leggings of the Steppes
50Legs Taking the Horn For Ourselves Cloth
Leggings of the Traveling Medic
21Legs Rescue the Fallen Cloth
Leggings of the Vir'naal
312Legs Shroud of the Makers Cloth
Legs of Ringing Echoes
289Legs Take Him to the Earthcaller Cloth
Legwork Trousers
14Legs Big Trouble in Moonbrook Cloth
Lucky Trousers
17Legs Cloth
Lunar Leggings
4540LegsLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Leggings
48390LegsLooted Cloth
Magesoul Leggings
23280LegsVendor Cloth
Mandragoran Leggings
51693LegsLooted Cloth
Master's Leggings
6459LegsLooted Cloth
Metro's Slimming Legs
105Legs Gauging the Resonant Frequency Cloth
Missionary's Leggings
25Legs Bad Medicine Cloth
Mistborne Leggings
429Legs Seeing Red Cloth
Mistborne Pantaloons
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Cloth
Mistmantle Leggings
27878LegsLooted Cloth
Mistscape Pants
4540LegsLooted Cloth
Mistwalker Satin Leggings
399Legs Tread Lightly Cloth
Mistwalker Silk Trousers
399Legs Tread Lightly Cloth
Mistyreed Pants
10264LegsLooted Cloth
Mizzy's Dungarees
33Legs Batteries Not Yet Included Cloth
Motherseed Leggings
437Legs Walking Dog Cloth
Mountainsage Leggings
48390Legs Cloth
Mountainsage Leggings
48390Legs Cloth
Mountainscaler Satin Leggings
39387LegsVendor Cloth
Mountainscaler Silk Trousers
39387LegsVendor Cloth
Mur'ghoul Leggings
13869LegsLooted Cloth
Mystical Leggings
5651LegsLooted Cloth
Mystic's Woolies
1914LegsLooted Cloth
Mystral Leggings
30683LegsLooted Cloth
Native Pants
149LegsLooted, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Nayeli Leggings
399Legs Apply Directly to the Forehead Cloth
Netherfarer's Leggings
114Legs Arconus the Insatiable Cloth
Netherweave Pants
10264LegsCrafted Cloth
Night Watch Pantaloons
33Legs Cloth
Nightsky Trousers
3631LegsLooted Cloth
Nymph Stockings
138Legs The Culler Cometh Cloth
Opulent Leggings
5449LegsLooted Cloth
Oracle Leggings
16676LegsLooted Cloth
Orunai Leggings
52794LegsLooted Cloth
Outlander's Leggings
8157LegsLooted Cloth
Pagan Britches
2520LegsLooted Cloth
Pale Leggings
4641LegsVendor Cloth
Pantaloons of the Dutybound
158Legs Pa'Troll Cloth
Pantaloons of the Water Magi
174Legs The Art of Being a Water Terror Cloth
Phoenix Pants
2520LegsCrafted Cloth
Pious Legwraps
31Legs Cloth
Prideling Down Leggings
44Legs The Twilight Skymaster Cloth
Raincaller Pants
3126LegsLooted Cloth
Ravendown Leggings
54996LegsLooted Cloth
Ravensun Britches
37Legs Combat Training Cloth
Red Mageweave Pants
4338LegsCrafted Cloth
Red Silk Trousers
16Legs Report to Magister Kaendris Cloth
Reed Leggings
37784LegsLooted Cloth
Regal Leggings
4439LegsLooted Cloth
Regal Pantaloons
138LegsQuest Cloth
Resilient Leggings
3328LegsLooted Cloth
Resplendent Sarong
6055LegsLooted Cloth
Ritual Leggings
2116LegsLooted Cloth
Rockweaver Leggings
23Legs Tooling Around Cloth