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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Hooligan's Pantaloons
46Legs All's Fair in Love, War, and Archaeology Cloth
Hooligan's Pantaloons
46Legs It's Not About History, It's About Power Cloth
Prideling Down Leggings
44Legs The Twilight Skymaster Cloth
Infectis Incher Leggings
42Legs Frederick's Fish Fancy Cloth
Speedbarge Leggings
40LegsQuest Cloth
Speedbarge Leggings
40LegsQuest Cloth
Leggings of the Long Road
39Legs Cloth
Ravensun Britches
37Legs Combat Training Cloth
Training Leggings
37Legs Combat Training Cloth
Twisted Leggings
37Legs Verinias the Twisted Cloth
Monk's Leggings
36Legs Cloth
Monk's Leggings
36Legs Cloth
Artisan's Trousers
36Legs Jarl Needs a Blade Cloth
Dryleaf Pants
35Legs Cloth
Haliscan Pantaloons
35LegsCrafted Cloth
Leggings of the Windy Ravine
34Legs Cleansing Our Crevasse Cloth
Leggings of the Windy Ravine
34Legs Cleansing Our Crevasse Cloth
Breeches of Authority
33Legs Changing of the Gar'dul Cloth
Cleaning Britches
33Legs Swabbing Duty Cloth
Leggings of Secret Rituals
33Legs Hunt the Keeper Cloth
Leggings of Secret Rituals
33Legs Hunt the Keeper Cloth
Mizzy's Dungarees
33Legs Batteries Not Yet Included Cloth
Night Watch Pantaloons
33Legs Cloth
Sacred Burial Trousers
32Legs Cloth
Featherlight Leggings
31Legs Early Adoption Cloth
Pious Legwraps
31Legs Cloth
Swampland Trousers
31Legs Cloth
Fuzzy Legwarmers
30Legs Plush Pelts Cloth
Sassy Pantaloons
30Legs If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Cloth
Sabotage Leggings
28Legs Schemin' That Sabotage Cloth
Genavie's Leggings
27Legs To Steal From Thieves Cloth
Trelane's Leggings
27Legs Attack on the Tower Cloth
Saurboz's Leggings
26Legs Barrier to Entry Cloth
Missionary's Leggings
25Legs Bad Medicine Cloth
Unforgiving Pantaloons
25Legs The Defense of Grom'gol: Trollish Thievery Cloth
Rockweaver Leggings
23Legs Tooling Around Cloth
Stargazer's Pantaloons
22Legs Classy Glass Cloth
Godfrey's Britches
21Legs Sweet, Merciless Revenge Cloth
Godfrey's Britches
21Legs Fury of the Pack Cloth
Delgren's Leggings
21Legs Respect for the Fallen Cloth
Leggings of the Traveling Medic
21Legs Rescue the Fallen Cloth
Star Pony Leggings
21Legs Do it for Twinkles Cloth
Scarab Trousers
20Legs Cloth
Sea Dog Britches
20Legs Cloth
Surveyor's Leggings
20Legs Drungeld Glowerglare Cloth
Ghastly Trousers
18Legs Cloth
Inconspicuous Pantaloons
18Legs A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Cloth
Stamped Trousers
18Legs Cloth
Mor'shan Caravaneer's Leggings
17Legs Mor'shan Caravan Delivery Cloth
Lucky Trousers
17Legs Cloth
Vindicator's Woolies
17Legs Matis the Cruel Cloth
Escalation Britches
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Cloth
Red Silk Trousers
16Legs Report to Magister Kaendris Cloth
Seaworthy Leggings
16Legs WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Cloth
Archaeologist's Dungarees
15Legs The Last Refugee Cloth
Leggings of the People's Militia
15Legs Cloth
Legwork Trousers
14Legs Big Trouble in Moonbrook Cloth
Kaboom Leggings
13Legs First Degree Mortar Cloth
Crystal-Flecked Pants
12Legs Learning from the Crystals Cloth
Suppository Preventors
12Legs It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It Cloth
Thornweaver Leggings
12Legs The Far Watch Offensive Cloth
Unbound Leggings
12Legs A Decisive Strike Cloth
Lace Pants
12Legs Cloth
Delicia's Tights
11Legs Throw It On the Ground! Cloth
Vandril's Hand Me Down Pants
11Legs Anok'suten Cloth
Verdigris Leggings
11Legs The Waters of Teldrassil Cloth
Archaeologist's Pants
10Legs Priceless Treasures Cloth
Leggings of Brown Grass
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Cloth
Rygna-Silk Leggings
10Legs Queen-Sized Troubles Cloth
Urchin's Pants
10Legs Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty Cloth
Newly Weaved Pants
10Legs Fulfilling a Promise Cloth
Ripped Ogre Loincloth
10Legs Cloth
Agamand Family Leggings
9Legs The Family Crypt Cloth
Rancher's Trousers
8Legs Protecting the Herd Cloth
Sturdy Cloth Trousers
8Legs Cloth
Uncle Stonefield's Pants
8Legs Goldtooth Cloth
Weed Fiber Pants
8Legs Weed Whacker Cloth
Kul Tiras Leggings
7Legs From Bad to Worse Cloth
Gilded Leggings
6Legs Unleash the Beast Cloth
Guard's Leggings
6Legs The Dead Scar Cloth
Hand Sewn Pants
5LegsQuest Cloth
Innkeeper's Longstockings
5Legs Report to Goldshire Cloth
Raggedy Cloth Cutoffs
5Legs Cloth
Ripped Pants
5Legs Cloth
Sedgeweed Britches
5Legs Iverron's Antidote Cloth
Striding Pants
5LegsQuest Cloth
Tapered Pants
5Legs Cloth
Aversion Leggings
3Legs Invaders in Our Home Cloth
Dwarven Cloth Britches
3Legs Cloth
Fancy Pants
3Legs Rolling with my Homies Cloth
Thorncaller Trousers
3Legs Stop the Thorncallers Cloth
Perimeter Britches
2Legs Hold the Line! Cloth
Tattered Dreadmist Leggings
1Legs Cloth
Lookout's Pants
1Legs Cloth