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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Cone-Snail Cinch
272Waist Decompression Cloth
Condor Belt
17077WaistLooted Cloth
Communal Sash
48390Waist Cloth
Communal Sash
48390Waist Cloth
Communal Cord
48390Waist Cloth
Communal Cord
48390Waist Cloth
Coldwraith Sash
18280WaistLooted Cloth
Cleansed Shadow Council Belt
46Waist Lord Banehollow Cloth
Cincture of Woven Reeds
20Waist Culling the Flutterers Cloth
Cilice of Suffering
99Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Cloth
Chief Engineer's Belt
108Waist Elemental Power Extraction Cloth
Celestial Belt
5651WaistLooted Cloth
Caravan Sash
40Waist A Gift For Fiona Cloth
Captain Sanders' Sash
15Waist Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure Cloth
Cagebreaker's Silk Cord
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Cloth
Cagebreaker's Satin Cord
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Cloth
Buccaneer's Cord
2015WaistLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Cloth
BT47 Cloth Healer Belt2
138Waist Cloth
Bristlepine Cord
14671WaistLooted Cloth
Brimstone Belt
2419WaistLooted Cloth
Brightwood Cord
29581WaistLooted Cloth
Bright Belt
2419WaistLooted Cloth
Brewer's Cord
40386WaistLooted Cloth
Brantwood Sash
58Waist Cloth
Braided Bat Sinew
158Waist Clipping Their Wings Cloth
Bonecaster's Belt
5550WaistLooted Cloth
Bluefen Cord
31284WaistLooted Cloth
Bloodwoven Cord
4540WaistLooted Cloth
Bloodspore Sash
13468WaistLooted Cloth
Bloodeye Belt
12Waist Crossroads Caravan Pickup Cloth
Binding of Purified Corpses
162Waist An Issue of Trust Cloth
Belt of Unsolvable Problems
15WaistQuest Cloth
Belt of the Second Head
15Waist Korok the Colossus Cloth
Belt of the Sage
108Waist Information Gathering Cloth
Belt of False Promises
42Waist The Ancient Brazier Cloth
Belt of Dark Schemes
10Waist Dark Iron Scheming Cloth
Belt of Affront
27Waist The Real Threat Cloth
Beaded Raptor Collar
3126WaistLooted Cloth
Beach Party Thong
52Waist Drinks on the Rocks Cloth
Baradin Cord
28379WaistLooted Cloth
Azure Silk Belt
3530WaistCrafted Cloth
Aurora Sash
3732WaistLooted Cloth
Astralaan Belt
10565WaistLooted Cloth
Art Template Cloth Belt - Cloth_PVPPriest_E_01 - Light
1WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Archmage Belt
11769WaistLooted Cloth
Arcane Sash
5651WaistLooted Cloth
Arachnidian Girdle
5146WaistLooted Cloth
Apothecary's Waistband
1712WaistVendor Cloth
Angkhal Waistband
399Waist Crane Mastery: Needlebeak Cloth
Anchorite Cord
49491WaistLooted Cloth
Ameth'Aran Cord
27277WaistLooted Cloth
Ambermist Cord
384Waist Attention Cloth
Alystros' Plume Cinch
146Waist The Plume of Alystros Cloth
Aggra's Sash
11Waist The Heads of the SI:7 Cloth
Aerie Belt
16275WaistLooted Cloth
Abyssal Cloth Sash
6560WaistLooted Cloth
Aboriginal Sash
1510WaistLooted Cloth
Abjurer's Sash
4843WaistLooted Cloth
Wrap of Vigorous Destruction
146WaistQuest Cloth
Wisdom of the Timbermaw
5853WaistCrafted Cloth
Windwool Belt
41585Waist Cloth
Windcrystal Cord
630100WaistVendor Cloth
Windchanneller's Ceinture
11570WaistLooted Cloth
Whipvine Cord
4136WaistLooted Cloth
Warsong Sash
27Waist Cloth
Waistband of Balzaphon
6055Waist Cloth
Voidweave Cilice
10366Waist Voidhunter Yar Cloth
Virtuous Belt
65Waist Cloth
Vicious Fireweave Belt
37785WaistCrafted Cloth
Vicious Embersilk Belt
37785WaistCrafted Cloth
Twilight's Hammer Belt
435Waist Cloth
Truth-Seeker Belt
333Waist A Villain Unmasked Cloth
Triple-Loop Belt
33385WaistLooted Cloth
Thuzadin Sash
5348WaistLooted Cloth
Sutarn's Ring
3732WaistLooted Cloth
Stratosphere Belt
34685WaistLooted Cloth
Stratosphere Belt
31681WaistLooted Cloth
Stormpike Cloth Girdle
6055WaistPvP (Honor) Cloth
Sorcerer's Belt
65Waist Cloth
Snowmelt Silken Cinch
17976WaistLooted Cloth
Snow-Coated Cloth Belt
155Waist Icy Satchel of Helpful Goods Cloth
Sly Mojo Sash
175WaistQuest Cloth
Shimmerthread Girdle
17478WaistLooted Cloth
Shadowmoon Sash
60090WaistVendor Cloth
Serenity Belt
5348WaistLooted Cloth
Scholarly Cord
440Waist Just for Safekeeping, Of Course Cloth
Satyrmane Sash
3530WaistLooted Cloth
Sash of Trumpeted Pride
20080WaistVendor Cloth
Sash of the Wizened Wyrm
18778WaistVendor Cloth
Sash of the Hardened Watcher
18778WaistLooted Cloth
Sash of the Burning Heart
5247WaistLooted Cloth
Sash of Shattering Hearts
20080WaistVendor Cloth
Sash of Serpentra
11570WaistLooted Cloth
Sash of Sealed Fate
10667WaistLooted Cloth
Sash of Phantasmal Images
20080WaistLooted Cloth
Runed Stygian Belt
6358WaistCrafted Cloth
Repression Belt
45085WaistLooted Cloth
Replica Virtuous Belt
6560WaistVendor Cloth
Replica Sorcerer's Belt
6560WaistVendor Cloth
Replica Magister's Belt
5853Waist Cloth