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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Furyquench Bracers
289Wrists The Earth Claims All Cloth
Priapulid Bracers
272Wrists Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar Cloth
Supplicant's Discarded Bracer
272Wrists Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak Cloth
Time-Clearing Bracers
272Wrists An Occupation of Time Cloth
Time-Clearing Bracers
272Wrists An Occupation of Time Cloth
Cuffs of Gratitude
175Wrists A Wing and a Prayer Cloth
Wristguard of the Bone Witch
174Wrists Not-So-Honorable Combat Cloth
Adepts Wristwraps
174Wrists The Stone That Started A Revolution Cloth
Fleshwerk Shackles
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Cloth
Gryphon Rider's Bracers
174Wrists You'll Need a Gryphon Cloth
Ironwool Bindings
174Wrists A Delicate Touch Cloth
Smuggler's Bracers
174WristsQuest Cloth
Bracers of Prompt Reclamation
162Wrists The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure Cloth
Ogre-Crushing Wristguards
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Cloth
Shameful Cuffs
159Wrists Head Games Cloth
Bloodbinder's Wrist Wraps
158Wrists The Frozen Earth Cloth
Soothsayer's Wristwraps
158Wrists Hell Hath a Fury Cloth
Wraps of the San'layn
155WristsQuest Cloth
Wayfinder's Bracers
154WristsQuest Cloth
Bindings of the Forceful Vanquisher
146Wrists Do Unto Others Cloth
Bracers of Nature's Fury
146WristsQuest Cloth
Highseas Wristwraps
146WristsQuest Cloth
Spiderwarder Braces
146Wrists Pride of the Horde Cloth
Wastewind Bracers
146WristsQuest Cloth
BT48 Cloth Spell Bracer3
138Wrists Cloth
Iceflow Wristwraps
138Wrists The Emissary Cloth
Icestriker Bands
138WristsQuest Cloth
Sweltering Cuffs
138WristsQuest Cloth
Transborean Bracers
138WristsQuest Cloth
Shattrath Wraps
115Wrists The Soul Devices Cloth
Aldor Ceremonial Wraps
114Wrists Aldor No More Cloth
Earthmender's Bracer of Shattering
114Wrists Escape from Coilskar Cistern Cloth
Gold-Trimmed Cuffs
111Wrists Success! Cloth
Zaxxis Bracers
111Wrists Warp-Raider Nesaad Cloth
Wraithcloth Bindings
108Wrists Whispers of the Raven God Cloth
Energized Wristwraps
105Wrists Ride the Lightning Cloth
Manacles of Remembrance
105WristsQuest Cloth
Thunderlord Armbands
102Wrists Protecting Our Own Cloth
Feathered Wrist Cuffs
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Cloth
Marsh Bracers
96WristsQuest Cloth
Goldenvine Wraps
94Wrists The Heart of the Matter Cloth
Sorcerer's Bindings
65Wrists Cloth
Virtuous Bracers
65Wrists Cloth
Rockfury Bracers
62Wrists Cloth
Zandalar Confessor's Wraps
61Wrists Paragons of Power: The Confessor's Wraps Cloth
Zandalar Demoniac's Wraps
61Wrists Paragons of Power: The Demoniac's Wraps Cloth
Zandalar Illusionist's Wraps
61WristsUnobtainable, Quest Cloth
Bracers of Hope
60Wrists Cloth
Wyrmthalak's Shackles
60Wrists Cloth
Manacle Cuffs
56Wrists Cloth
Enumerated Bracers
55WristsLooted Cloth
Nethergarde Bracers
55Wrists Eliminate the Okril'lon Cloth
Rofilian's Armbands
55Wrists Pick Your Fate Cloth
Shizzle's Nozzle Wiper
55Wrists Cloth
Breezecloud Bracers
54Wrists Cloth
Bud-Nipping Bracers
53Wrists The Fledgling Colossus Cloth
Shizzle's Nozzle Cleaner
53Wrists Shizzle's Flyer Cloth
Pawn's Bracers
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Cloth
Pawn's Bracers
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Cloth
Scorched Bands
50Wrists Cloth
Timbermaw Bracers
49Wrists Disarming Bears Cloth
Bilgewhizzle's Armbands
48Wrists A Fool's Errand Cloth
Firwillow Wristbands
47Wrists Cloth
Bloodband Bracers
46Wrists The Captain's Chest Cloth
Fiona's Armbands
45Wrists Journey's End Cloth
Bracers of Safe Keeping
45Wrists The Doomstone Cloth
Shadowy Bracers
45Wrists Cloth
Enchanted Stonecloth Bracers
42Wrists Cloth
Evil Dolly's Cuffs
42Wrists With a Little Help... Cloth
Paper Roll Bracers
41Wrists A Little Payback Cloth
Paper Roll Bracers
41Wrists A Little Payback Cloth
Bracers of Envy
40Wrists Supporting the Troops Cloth
Bracers of Envy
40Wrists Supporting the Troops Cloth
Radiant Silver Bracers
40Wrists Cloth
Arcane Runed Bracers
39Wrists Cloth
Condor Bracers
39Wrists Ghost-o-plasm Round Up Cloth
Agamaggan's Gift
38Wrists Agamaggan's Charge Cloth
Silkstream Cuffs
38Wrists Cloth
Darkspear Cuffs
37Wrists Cloth
Soulstealer's Bracers
37Wrists Ogre Abduction Cloth
Soulstealer's Bracers
37Wrists Ogre Abduction Cloth
Gallan Cuffs
36Wrists Cloth
Swamp Splints
36Wrists Marsh Frog Legs Cloth
Bracers of Favorable Chance
35Wrists War Machines Cloth
Dried-Up Bracers
35Wrists War Machines Cloth
Kraul Bracers
34Wrists Mangletooth Cloth
Quilboar Fur Bracers
34Wrists Mangletooth Cloth
Feverish Bracers
33Wrists Stranglethorn Fever Cloth
Elder's Wristwraps
32Wrists Thornar Thunderclash Cloth
Lasherspike Wristguards
32Wrists Pulling Weeds Cloth
Theresa's Bracers
32Wrists Gan'dranda Cloth
Masha's Armbands
30Wrists To Be Horde... Cloth
Negotiator's Armbands
30Wrists Dances with Grimtotem Cloth
Dustfall Bracers
28Wrists Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Cloth
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Linen Bracers
27WristsVendor Cloth
Ramshackle Bracers
27Wrists Call to Arms Cloth
Ziata'jai Bracers
27Wrists Speaking with Nezzliok Cloth
Soft Cotton Armbands
26Wrists Deep Roots Cloth
Festering Bracers
24Wrists A Deadly Vine Cloth
Bel'varil's Armbands
23Wrists The Heart of the Matter Cloth