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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Nayeli Cuffs
399WristsQuest Cloth
Nethergarde Bracers
55Wrists Eliminate the Okril'lon Cloth
Netherweave Bracers
9361WristsCrafted Cloth
Nightsky Wristbands
3328WristsLooted Cloth
Officer's Armbands
20Wrists Human Infestation Cloth
Ogre-Crushing Wristguards
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Cloth
Oily Bracers
22Wrists Keep the Fires Burning Cloth
Opulent Bracers
4944WristsLooted Cloth
Oracle Bracelets
16676WristsLooted Cloth
Outlander's Bracers
8157WristsLooted Cloth
Owlbeard Bracers
20Wrists Cloth
Pagan Bands
1914WristsLooted Cloth
Paper Roll Bracers
41Wrists A Little Payback Cloth
Paper Roll Bracers
41Wrists A Little Payback Cloth
Pawn's Bracers
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Cloth
Pawn's Bracers
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Cloth
Priapulid Bracers
272Wrists Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar Cloth
Quilboar Fur Bracers
34Wrists Mangletooth Cloth
Radiant Silver Bracers
40Wrists Cloth
Raincaller Cuffs
2823WristsLooted Cloth
Ramshackle Bracers
27Wrists Call to Arms Cloth
Reed Wristwraps
37784WristsLooted Cloth
Refleshified Bracers
11Wrists Refleshification Cloth
Regal Cuffs
4136WristsLooted, Skinned Cloth
Resilient Bands
2924WristsLooted Cloth
Resplendent Bracelets
5752WristsLooted Cloth
Revitalizing Wristguards
10Wrists The Vengeance of Elune Cloth
Ritual Bands
1813WristsLooted Cloth
Rocket-Fuel Soaked Bracers
12Wrists Escape Velocity Cloth
Rofilian's Armbands
55Wrists Pick Your Fate Cloth
Royal Bands
4338WristsLooted Cloth
Sage's Bracers
2823WristsLooted Cloth
Sanguine Cuffs
2520WristsLooted Cloth
Sarcophagus Bracers
312Wrists The Element of Supplies Cloth
Scavenger's Satin Cuffs
372Wrists Cloth
Scavenger's Silk Cuffs
372Wrists Cloth
Scorched Bands
50Wrists Cloth
Seer's Cuffs
1712WristsLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Seraphic Bindings
23280WristsVendor Cloth
Seraphic Wristwraps
23280WristsVendor Cloth
Shadow Council Bracer
11167WristsLooted Cloth
Shadowy Bracers
45Wrists Cloth
Shael'dryn's Bracers
23Wrists Playing Possum Cloth
Shilah's Bracers
23Wrists Dinosaur Crisis Cloth
Shimmering Bracers
2015WristsLooted, Fished Cloth
Shizzle's Nozzle Cleaner
53Wrists Shizzle's Flyer Cloth
Shizzle's Nozzle Wiper
55Wrists Cloth
Silkmasters' Satin Cuffs
399Wrists Snap Judgment Cloth
Silksand Bracers
3833WristsLooted Cloth
Silkstream Cuffs
38Wrists Cloth
Silkwood Cuffs
384WristsQuest Cloth
Silver-Thread Cuffs
2722WristsLooted Cloth
Slavehandler Wristguards
9662WristsLooted Cloth
Smuggler's Bracers
174WristsQuest Cloth
Sober Pup Wristbands
12Wrists Steel Thunder Cloth
Soft Cotton Armbands
26Wrists Deep Roots Cloth
Soothsayer's Wristwraps
158Wrists Hell Hath a Fury Cloth
Sorcerer Bracelets
3934WristsLooted Cloth
Soulstealer's Bracers
37Wrists Ogre Abduction Cloth
Soulstealer's Bracers
37Wrists Ogre Abduction Cloth
Spiderwarder Braces
146Wrists Pride of the Horde Cloth
Spiritmend Bracers
29581WristsCrafted Cloth
Starfire Wristwraps
8759WristsLooted Cloth
Stitched Wristwraps
36483WristsLooted Cloth
Stonecloth Bindings
3429WristsLooted Cloth
Supple Cotton Bracer
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Cloth
Supplicant's Discarded Bracer
272Wrists Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak Cloth
Swamp Splints
36Wrists Marsh Frog Legs Cloth
Swampwalker Cuffs
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Cloth
Sweltering Cuffs
138WristsQuest Cloth
Tethys Bracelets
15874WristsLooted Cloth
Theresa's Bracers
32Wrists Gan'dranda Cloth
Thistlefur Bands
3025WristsLooted Cloth
Thunderlord Armbands
102Wrists Protecting Our Own Cloth
Timberland Armguards
18Wrists Cloth
Timbermaw Bracers
49Wrists Disarming Bears Cloth
Time-Clearing Bracers
272Wrists An Occupation of Time Cloth
Time-Clearing Bracers
272Wrists An Occupation of Time Cloth
Tower Watch Bracers
15Wrists Wanted: Redridge Gnolls Cloth
Transborean Bracers
138WristsQuest Cloth
Trellised Wristwraps
41687WristsLooted Cloth
Trophy-Taker Bracers
318Wrists Dragonmaw Takedown Cloth
Twilight Cuffs
3631WristsLooted Cloth
Venomshroud Armguards
4742WristsLooted Cloth
Vindicator Bracers
9361WristsLooted Cloth
Vital Bracelets
3227WristsLooted Cloth
Vizier Bracelets
17879WristsLooted Cloth
Voldrune Bracelets
15072WristsLooted Cloth
Wasteland Satin Cuffs
40888WristsVendor Cloth
Wasteland Silk Cuffs
40888WristsVendor Cloth
Wastewind Bracers
146WristsQuest Cloth
Watcher's Cuffs
2621WristsLooted Cloth
Waterfall Wristwraps
42988WristsLooted Cloth
Waterfall Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Cloth
Wayfinder's Bracers
154WristsQuest Cloth
Willow Bracers
1510WristsLooted, Fished Cloth
Windchaser Cuffs
4338WristsLooted Cloth
Windwool Bracers
38485WristsCrafted Cloth
Wraithcloth Bindings
108Wrists Whispers of the Raven God Cloth
Zaxxis Bracers
111Wrists Warp-Raider Nesaad Cloth