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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Positive Pantaloons
60298Legs Cloth
Greatfeather's Down Robe
60098Chest Cloth
Sumptuous Cowl
58598HeadCrafted Cloth
Windswept Cord
57198Waist Cloth
Windswept Cowl
57198Head Cloth
Windswept Handwraps
57198Hands Cloth
Windswept Leggings
57198Legs Cloth
Windswept Robe
57198Chest Cloth
Windswept Sandals
57198FeetLooted Cloth
Windswept Shoulderpads
57198Shoulders Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Windswept Wristwraps
57198Wrists Cloth
Ariya's Auspicious Robe
59797Chest Cloth
Sunscryer Cord
56097Waist Cloth
Sunscryer Cowl
56097Head Cloth
Sunscryer Handwraps
56097Hands Cloth
Sunscryer Leggings
56097LegsLooted Cloth
Sunscryer Robe
56097Chest Cloth
Sunscryer Sandals
56097Feet Cloth
Sunscryer Shoulderpads
56097Shoulders Cloth
Sunscryer Wristwraps
56097Wrists Cloth
Bloodbathed Outcast Robes
58896Chest Cloth
Anruin's Grips of Agony
58596Hands Cloth
Girthbinder of N'karas
58596Waist Cloth
Hermit's Hood
58296Head Cloth
Ravendown Cord
54996Waist Cloth
Ravendown Cowl
54996Head Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Ravendown Handwraps
54996Hands Cloth
Ravendown Leggings
54996Legs Cloth
Ravendown Robe
54996Chest Cloth
Ravendown Sandals
54996Feet Cloth
Ravendown Shoulderpads
54996Shoulders Cloth
Ravendown Wristwraps
54996Wrists Cloth
Mantle of Moera
57395Shoulders Cloth
Sumptuous Robes
56595ChestCrafted Cloth
Gordunni Cord
53895Waist Cloth
Gordunni Cowl
53895Head Cloth
Gordunni Handwraps
53895Hands Cloth
Gordunni Leggings
53895LegsLooted Cloth
Gordunni Robe
53895Chest Cloth
Gordunni Sandals
53895FeetLooted Cloth
Gordunni Shoulderpads
53895Shoulders Cloth
Gordunni Wristwraps
53895Wrists Cloth
Zorkra's Hood
56094Head Cloth
Orunai Cord
52794Waist Cloth
Orunai Cowl
52794Head Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Orunai Handwraps
52794Hands Cloth
Orunai Leggings
52794Legs Cloth
Orunai Robe
52794Chest Cloth
Orunai Sandals
52794Feet Cloth
Orunai Shoulderpads
52794Shoulders Cloth
Orunai Wristwraps
52794Wrists Cloth
Mandragoran Cord
51693Waist Cloth
Mandragoran Cowl
51693Head Cloth
Mandragoran Handwraps
51693Hands Cloth
Mandragoran Leggings
51693Legs Cloth
Mandragoran Robe
51693Chest Cloth
Mandragoran Sandals
51693Feet Cloth
Mandragoran Shoulderpads
51693ShouldersLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Wristwraps
51693Wrists Cloth
Mantisweave Mantle
61092Shoulders Cloth
Mantisweave Gloves
59092Hands Cloth
Mantisweave Trousers
58092Legs Cloth
Mantisweave Bracers
57092Wrists Cloth
Mantisweave Robes
55592Chest Cloth
Mantisweave Sandals
55092Feet Cloth
Mantisweave Hood
54092Head Cloth
Sumptuous Leggings
54092LegsCrafted Cloth
Mystical Cap of Skill
53792Head Cloth
Mantisweave Cord
53092Waist Cloth
Iyun Cord
50592Waist Cloth
Iyun Cowl
50592Head Cloth
Iyun Handwraps
50592Hands Cloth
Iyun Leggings
50592Legs Cloth
Iyun Robe
50592Chest Cloth
Iyun Sandals
50592Feet Cloth
Iyun Shoulderpads
50592Shoulders Cloth
Iyun Wristwraps
50592Wrists Cloth
Hexweave Belt
64091WaistCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Bracers
64091WristsCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Cowl
64091HeadCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Gloves
64091HandsCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Leggings
64091LegsCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Mantle
64091ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Robe
64091ChestCrafted Cloth
Hexweave Slippers
64091FeetCrafted Cloth
Plasma Mechshades
64091HeadCrafted Cloth
Noxiia's Shackles
52591Wrists Cloth
Anchorite Cord
49491Waist Cloth
Anchorite Cowl
49491HeadLooted Cloth
Anchorite Handwraps
49491HandsLooted Cloth
Anchorite Leggings
49491Legs Cloth
Anchorite Robe
49491ChestLooted Cloth
Anchorite Sandals
49491Feet Cloth
Anchorite Shoulderpads
49491ShouldersLooted Cloth
Anchorite Wristwraps
49491Wrists Cloth
Shadowmoon Bracers
60090Wrists Cloth
Shadowmoon Cowl
60090HeadVendor Cloth
Shadowmoon Grips
60090HandsVendor Cloth
Shadowmoon Leggings
60090LegsVendor Cloth
Shadowmoon Robes
60090ChestVendor Cloth