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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Exorcist's Silk Hood
10066HeadVendor Cloth
Hierophant's Leggings
10066LegsVendor Cloth
Hierophant's Sash
10066WaistVendor Cloth
Slippers of Serenity
10065Feet Cloth
[PH] Cloth Bracers of the Brilliant Dawn
100100WristsUnobtainable Cloth
[PH] Cloth Bracers of the Rising Dawn
100100Wrists Cloth
[PH] Cloth Bracers of the Shining Dawn
100100Wrists Cloth
[PH] Cloth Leggings of the Rising Dawn
100100Legs Cloth
[PH] Cloth Leggings of the Shining Dawn
100100Legs Cloth
[PH] Robe of the Brilliant Dawn
100100ChestUnobtainable Cloth
[PH] Robe of the Rising Dawn
100100Chest Cloth
[PH] Robe of the Shining Dawn
100100Chest Cloth
[PH] Shining Dawn Hat
100100Head Cloth
Bloodfire Leggings
99LegsQuest Cloth
Cilice of Suffering
99Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Cloth
Death-Speaker's Tunic
99Chest The Fallen Exarch Cloth
Feralfen Amice
9963Shoulders Cloth
Feralfen Cuffs
9963Wrists Cloth
Feralfen Hand
9963Hands Cloth
Feralfen Hood
9963Head Cloth
Feralfen Jerkin
9963Chest Cloth
Feralfen Pants
9963Legs Cloth
Feralfen Sandals
9963Feet Cloth
Feralfen Sash
9963Waist Cloth
Netherweave Gloves
9963HandsCrafted Cloth
Robes of the Aldor
99Chest Cloth
Skywitch Hat
99Head Skywing Cloth
Terrorcloth Mantle
99ShouldersQuest Cloth
Windwalker's Sash
9963Waist Cloth
Consortium Prince's Wrap
97Waist Cloth
Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider
9764Feet Cloth
Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider
97Feet Cloth
Gloves of Penitence
97Hands Levixus the Soul Caller Cloth
Haramad's Leg Wraps
97Legs Cloth
Feathered Wrist Cuffs
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Cloth
Feralfen Mystic's Handwraps
96Hands Messenger to the Feralfen Cloth
Helm of Lupine Cunning
96HeadQuest Cloth
Marsh Bracers
96WristsQuest Cloth
Slavehandler Amice
9662Shoulders Cloth
Slavehandler Belt
9662Waist Cloth
Slavehandler Cap
9662Head Cloth
Slavehandler Footpads
9662Feet Cloth
Slavehandler Handwraps
9662Hands Cloth
Slavehandler Jerkin
9662Chest Cloth
Slavehandler Pants
9662Legs Cloth
Slavehandler Wristguards
9662Wrists Cloth
Zangar Epaulets
96Shoulders Stealing Back the Mushrooms Cloth
Foreman's Enchanted Helmet
95HeadCrafted Cloth
Gnomish Power Goggles
95HeadCrafted Cloth
Crocolisk Hide Bindings
9463Wrists Cloth
Goldenvine Wraps
94Wrists The Heart of the Matter Cloth
Manaspark Gloves
9463Hands Cloth
Robes of the Augurer
9463Chest Cloth
Windwalker's Footwraps
9463Feet Cloth
Cenarion Thicket Circlet
93HeadQuest Cloth
Ceremonial Robes
93Chest The Mag'har Cloth
Cushy Cenarion Walkers
93Feet Leader of the Darkcrest Cloth
Fine Sash
93Waist Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage Cloth
Netherweave Belt
9361WaistCrafted Cloth
Netherweave Bracers
9361WristsCrafted Cloth
Pilgrim's Cover
93Head A Pilgrim's Plight Cloth
Vindicator Belt
9361Waist Cloth
Vindicator Boots
9361Feet Cloth
Vindicator Bracers
9361Wrists Cloth
Vindicator Cap
9361Head Cloth
Vindicator Gloves
9361Hands Cloth
Vindicator Pants
9361Legs Cloth
Vindicator Shoulderpads
9361Shoulders Cloth
Vindicator Tunic
9361Chest Cloth
Wastewalker's Sash
93Waist The Rock Flayer Matriarch Cloth
Frostfire Robe
9260ChestBlack Market AH Cloth
Plagueheart Robe
9260ChestBlack Market AH Cloth
Robe of Faith
9260ChestBlack Market AH Cloth
Destroyers' Mantle
91Shoulders Natural Remedies Cloth
Feathered Sash
9162Waist Cloth
Gloves of Pandemonium
9162Hands Cloth
Gloves of Piety
9162Hands Cloth
Grim Slippers
9162Feet Cloth
Princely Reign Leggings
9162Legs Cloth
Princely Reign Leggings
91Legs Cloth
Rockwurm Hide Handwraps
9162Hands Cloth
Shalassi Oracle's Sandals
91Feet Cloth
90 Epic Frost Bindings
9060Wrists Cloth
Amice of the Betrayer
9090ShouldersVendor Cloth
Belt of the Betrayer
9090WaistVendor Cloth
Boots of the Betrayer
9090FeetVendor Cloth
Boots of the Elemental Triad
9090FeetVendor Cloth
Bracers of the Betrayer
9090WristsVendor Cloth
Bracers of the Elemental Triad
9090WristsVendor Cloth
Bracers of the Light
9090WristsVendor Cloth
Cord of the Light
9090WaistVendor Cloth
Cowl of the Light
9090HeadVendor Cloth
Girdle of the Elemental Triad
9090WaistVendor Cloth
Gloves of the Elemental Triad
9090HandsVendor Cloth
Handguards of the Betrayer
9090HandsVendor Cloth
Hands of the Light
9090HandsVendor Cloth
Hood of the Elemental Triad
9090HeadVendor Cloth
Horns of the Betrayer
9090HeadVendor Cloth
Leggings of the Betrayer
9090LegsVendor Cloth
Leggings of the Elemental Triad
9090LegsVendor Cloth