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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Pressed Felt Robe
3429ChestLooted Cloth
Pretty Please Robes
46Chest Captain Dreadbeard Cloth
Priapulid Bracers
272Wrists Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar Cloth
Prideling Down Leggings
44Legs The Twilight Skymaster Cloth
Princess Poobah's Dress
33Chest Mukla's Demise Cloth
Punishing Shoulders
272Shoulders A Bird in Hand Cloth
Quiet Slippers
26Feet Windshear Mine Cleanup Cloth
Quilboar Crone Gloves
31Hands You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me Cloth
Quilboar Fur Bracers
34Wrists Mangletooth Cloth
Quintis' Research Gloves
50Hands Cloth
Radiant Silver Bracers
40Wrists Cloth
Raiment of the Caged Beast
154ChestQuest Cloth
Raincaller Boots
2924FeetLooted Cloth
Raincaller Cap
3227HeadLooted Cloth
Raincaller Cord
2823WaistLooted Cloth
Raincaller Cuffs
2823WristsLooted Cloth
Raincaller Mantle
2924ShouldersLooted Cloth
Raincaller Mitts
3025HandsLooted Cloth
Raincaller Pants
3126LegsLooted Cloth
Raincaller Robes
3126ChestLooted Cloth
Raincaller Vest
3126ChestLooted Cloth
Ramshackle Bracers
27Wrists Call to Arms Cloth
Ranger's Sash
15Waist Curbing the Plague Cloth
Rat Cloth Belt
1510Waist Cloth
Rat Hair Vest
11Chest A Cure In The Dark Cloth
Rat Stompers
23Feet Cloth
Raven's Claws
2217Hands Cloth
Ravensun Britches
37Legs Combat Training Cloth
Razzeric's Customized Seatbelt
41Waist Cloth
Razzeric's Vest
40Chest Down in the Deeps Cloth
Red Hands of the Thunderlord
102Hands The Bloodmaul Ogres Cloth
Red Linen Robe
105ChestCrafted Cloth
Red Linen Sash
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Cloth
Red Linen Vest
127ChestCrafted Cloth
Red Mageweave Gloves
4540HandsCrafted Cloth
Red Mageweave Headband
4843HeadCrafted Cloth
Red Mageweave Pants
4338LegsCrafted Cloth
Red Mageweave Shoulders
4742ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Red Mageweave Vest
4338ChestCrafted Cloth
Red Pointy Hat
108Head Wanted: Annihilator Servo! Cloth
Red Riding Gloves
22Hands Kasha Will Fly Again Cloth
Red Silk Trousers
16Legs Report to Magister Kaendris Cloth
Red Woolen Boots
2015FeetCrafted Cloth
Reed Cord
37784WaistLooted Cloth
Reed Cowl
37784HeadLooted Cloth
Reed Handwraps
37784HandsLooted Cloth
Reed Leggings
37784LegsLooted Cloth
Reed Robe
37784ChestLooted Cloth
Reed Sandals
37784FeetLooted Cloth
Reed Shoulderpads
37784ShouldersLooted Cloth
Reed Wristwraps
37784WristsLooted Cloth
Refleshified Bracers
11Wrists Refleshification Cloth
Refractive Shoulderpads
146Shoulders Something That Doesn't Melt Cloth
Regal Armor
4540ChestLooted Cloth
Regal Boots
4136FeetLooted, Fished Cloth
Regal Cuffs
4136WristsLooted, Skinned Cloth
Regal Gloves
4237HandsLooted Cloth
Regal Leggings
4439LegsLooted Cloth
Regal Mantle
4237ShouldersLooted Cloth
Regal Pantaloons
138LegsQuest Cloth
Regal Robe
4540ChestLooted Cloth
Regal Sash
4035WaistLooted Cloth
Regal Wizard Hat
4237HeadLooted Cloth
Regenerative Cloth
138Chest Nedar, Lord of Rhinos... Cloth
Reinforced Woolen Shoulders
2419ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Relic Hunter Belt
20Waist Cloth
Repurposed Twilight Girdle
272Waist In the Rear With the Gear Cloth
Researcher's Mantle
90Shoulders An Unnatural Drought Cloth
Resilient Bands
2924WristsLooted Cloth
Resilient Boots
3126FeetLooted Cloth
Resilient Cap
3328HeadLooted Cloth
Resilient Cord
3025WaistLooted Cloth
Resilient Handgrips
3126HandsLooted Cloth
Resilient Leggings
3328LegsLooted Cloth
Resilient Mantle
3227ShouldersLooted Cloth
Resilient Robe
3328ChestLooted Cloth
Resilient Tunic
3328ChestLooted, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Resplendent Belt
5853WaistLooted Cloth
Resplendent Boots
5954FeetLooted Cloth
Resplendent Bracelets
5752WristsLooted Cloth
Resplendent Circlet
6257HeadLooted Cloth
Resplendent Epaulets
6156ShouldersLooted Cloth
Resplendent Gauntlets
6055HandsLooted Cloth
Resplendent Robes
6358ChestLooted Cloth
Resplendent Sarong
6055LegsLooted Cloth
Resplendent Tunic
6358ChestLooted Cloth
Revitalizing Sandals
10Feet Cloth
Revitalizing Wristguards
10Wrists The Vengeance of Elune Cloth
Riding Gloves
20Hands Cloth
Ritual Bands
1813WristsLooted Cloth
Ritual Belt
1914WaistLooted Cloth
Ritual Gloves
2015HandsLooted Cloth
Ritual Leggings
2116LegsLooted Cloth
Ritual Sandals
2015FeetLooted Cloth
Ritual Shroud
2419ChestLooted Cloth
Ritual Stopper's Slippers
20Feet The Offering to Azshara Cloth
Ritual Tunic
2419ChestLooted Cloth
Robe of Calcified Tears
146Chest The Denouncement Cloth
Robe of Expurgation
154ChestQuest Cloth
Robe of Shame
16Chest Verog the Dervish Cloth