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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Highseas Wristwraps
146WristsQuest Cloth
Hinott's Outer Robe
22Chest Trail of Filth Cloth
Hogger's Mangy Handgrips
11Hands Cloth
Holy Diadem
4136Head Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Satin Leggings
372Legs Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Satin Leggings
372Legs Without a Trace Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Satin Leggings
372Legs Acid Rain Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Silk Trousers
372Legs Acid Rain Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Silk Trousers
372Legs Without a Trace Cloth
Honorary Combat Engineer's Silk Trousers
372Legs Cloth
Hood of Disgrace
43Head Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs Cloth
Hood of Disgrace
43Head Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs Cloth
Hood of Misplaced Dreams
272Head Get Me Outta Here! Cloth
Hood of Teeming Horror
272Head Free Wil'hai Cloth
Hood of the Shuffled Coil
272Head Blood and Thunder! Cloth
Hood of the Titan Defender
162Head Cloth
Hood of Vigorous Defense
300Head Cloth
Hooligan's Pantaloons
46Legs All's Fair in Love, War, and Archaeology Cloth
Hooligan's Pantaloons
46Legs It's Not About History, It's About Power Cloth
Hovel Digger Bands
18Wrists A New Home Cloth
Hull-Shatter Shoulders
318Shoulders Twilight Skies Cloth
Humbert's Pants
2924LegsLooted Cloth
Hyldnir Runeweaver's Garb
174Chest Taking on All Challengers Cloth
Iceflow Footwraps
138Feet Not Without a Fight! Cloth
Iceflow Wristwraps
138Wrists The Emissary Cloth
Icemist Bracelets
15473WristsLooted Cloth
Icemist Circlet
15473HeadLooted Cloth
Icemist Gloves
15473HandsLooted, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Icemist Mantle
15473ShouldersLooted Cloth
Icemist Pants
15473LegsLooted Cloth
Icemist Robe
15473ChestLooted Cloth
Icemist Sash
15473WaistLooted Cloth
Icemist Slippers
15473FeetLooted Cloth
Icestriker Bands
138WristsQuest Cloth
Ikeyen's Boots
87Feet A Damp, Dark Place Cloth
Ill-Worn Belt
14Waist Cloth
Imbued Disciple's Boots
116FeetLooted Cloth
Imbued Disciple's Bracers
105WristsLooted Cloth
Imbued Disciple's Gloves
116HandsLooted Cloth
Imbued Disciple's Sash
105WaistLooted Cloth
Impeccable Uniform Gauntlets
312Hands Fashionism Cloth
Imperial Red Boots
5247FeetLooted, Fished Cloth
Imperial Red Bracers
5146WristsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Circlet
5348HeadLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Gloves
5247HandsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Mantle
5247ShouldersLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Pants
5449LegsLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Robe
5651ChestLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Sash
5146WaistLooted Cloth
Imperial Red Tunic
5651ChestLooted Cloth
Imported Bracers
12Wrists The Kodo's Return Cloth
Inconspicuous Pantaloons
18Legs A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Cloth
Incorporeal Sandals
289Feet All Our Friends Are Dead Cloth
Indigo Robe of Replenishment
138ChestQuest Cloth
Infectis Incher Leggings
42Legs Frederick's Fish Fancy Cloth
Inferno Robe
40Chest Cloth
Informant's Gloves
33Hands Details of the Attack Cloth
Inquisitor's Girdle
289Waist Some Spraining to Do Cloth
Instigator's Gloves
154HandsQuest Cloth
Insulated Sage Gloves
33Hands Cloth
Ironwool Bindings
174Wrists A Delicate Touch Cloth
Ivycloth Boots
2520FeetLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Bracelets
2520WristsLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Gloves
2621HandsLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Mantle
2722ShouldersLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Pants
2823LegsLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Robe
2924ChestLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Sash
2621WaistLooted Cloth
Ivycloth Tunic
2924ChestLooted, Fished Cloth
Iyun Cord
50592Waist Cloth
Iyun Cowl
50592Head Cloth
Iyun Handwraps
50592Hands Cloth
Iyun Leggings
50592Legs Cloth
Iyun Robe
50592Chest Cloth
Iyun Sandals
50592Feet Cloth
Iyun Shoulderpads
50592Shoulders Cloth
Iyun Wristwraps
50592Wrists Cloth
Jackseed Belt
15Waist Cloth
Jessera's Fungus Lined Cuffs
13Wrists Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie Cloth
Jessera's Fungus Lined Tunic
16ChestLooted, Quest Cloth
Jewel-Encrusted Sash
2116Waist Cloth
Joanna's Sash
18Waist Xylem's Asylum Cloth
John's Stylish Robe
24Chest Bear In Mind Cloth
Jormungar Galoshes
174Feet The Slithering Darkness Cloth
Journeyman's Cowl
37Head Cloth
Journeyman's Epaulets
40Shoulders Catch a Dragon by the Tail Cloth
Journeyman's Pants
105LegsLooted, Fished Cloth
Journeyman's Robe
116ChestLooted, Fished Cloth
Journeyman's Vest
116ChestLooted, Fished Cloth
Juju Belt
26Waist A Physical Specimen Cloth
Juju Belt
26Waist Who's a Big Troll? Cloth
Juju Hex Robes
5Chest Cloth
Jungle-Chopper Bracers
470Wrists Cloth
Junglepicker Gloves
28Hands Venture Company Mining Cloth
Junglestrider Sandals
26Feet Headhunting Cloth
Junglewalker Sandals
37Feet Cloth
Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles
108Head You're Hired! Cloth
Jutebraid Gloves
31Hands Cloth
K3 Surgeon's Gloves
174Hands Demolitionist Extraordinaire Cloth
Kaboom Leggings
13Legs First Degree Mortar Cloth