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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Layered Frost Robes
138ChestQuest Cloth
Layered Frost Sandals
138FeetQuest Cloth
Leggings of Brown Grass
10Legs Preparation for Ceremony Cloth
Leggings of Mending Fronds
162Legs Fortunate Misunderstandings Cloth
Leggings of Mischief
49Legs The Chieftain's Key Cloth
Leggings of Renewed Hope
174Legs The Gifts of Loken Cloth
Leggings of Secret Rituals
33Legs Hunt the Keeper Cloth
Leggings of Secret Rituals
33Legs Hunt the Keeper Cloth
Leggings of the Albino Brachyura
272Legs Crabby Patrons Cloth
Leggings of the Frozen Wastes
174Legs The Drakkensryd Cloth
Leggings of the Long Road
39Legs Cloth
Leggings of the People's Militia
15Legs Cloth
Leggings of the Steppes
50Legs Taking the Horn For Ourselves Cloth
Leggings of the Steppes
50Legs Taking the Horn For Ourselves Cloth
Leggings of the Traveling Medic
21Legs Rescue the Fallen Cloth
Leggings of the Vir'naal
312Legs Shroud of the Makers Cloth
Legs of Ringing Echoes
289Legs Take Him to the Earthcaller Cloth
Legwork Trousers
14Legs Big Trouble in Moonbrook Cloth
Leiah's Footpads
174Feet The Air Stands Still Cloth
Lesser Belt of the Spire
2217WaistLooted Cloth
Lesser Spellfire Robes
20Chest Cloth
Lesser Wizard's Robe
2722ChestCrafted Cloth
Lifewarden's Raiment
162Chest Exterminate the Intruders Cloth
Lightheart Sandals
272Feet Egg Hunt Cloth
Lightheel Boots
25Feet Cloth
Lilac Sash
36Waist Cloth
Linen Boots
138FeetCrafted Cloth
Lithe Stalker's Cord
174Waist The Vile Hold Cloth
Living Cowl
4035HeadLooted Cloth
Lost Sea Oculus
138Head Surrender... Not! Cloth
Lucky Fishing Hat
40Head Rare Fish - Keefer's Angelfish Cloth
Lucky Trousers
17Legs Cloth
Luminescent Amice
30Shoulders Cloth
Lunar Belt
4236WaistLooted Cloth
Lunar Bindings
4136WristsLooted Cloth
Lunar Coronet
4540HeadLooted Cloth
Lunar Handwraps
4338HandsLooted Cloth
Lunar Leggings
4540LegsLooted Cloth
Lunar Mantle
4439ShouldersLooted Cloth
Lunar Raiment
4742ChestLooted Cloth
Lunar Slippers
4237FeetLooted Cloth
Lunar Vest
4742ChestLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Cord
48390WaistLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Cowl
48390HeadLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Handwraps
48390HandsLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Leggings
48390LegsLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Robe
48390ChestLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Sandals
48390FeetLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Shoulderpads
48390ShouldersLooted Cloth
Lunarglow Wristwraps
48390WristsLooted Cloth
Mage Bracers
18Wrists Hacking the Construct Cloth
Mage Dragon Robe
50Chest Cloth
Magesoul Cord
23280WaistVendor Cloth
Magesoul Handwraps
23280HandsVendor Cloth
Magesoul Hood
23280HeadVendor Cloth
Magesoul Leggings
23280LegsVendor Cloth
Magesoul Robe
23280ChestVendor Cloth
Magesoul Sandals
23280FeetVendor Cloth
Magesoul Shoulderpads
23280ShouldersVendor Cloth
Magesoul Wristwraps
23280WristsVendor Cloth
Maggotproof Gloves
272Hands Death to the Broodmother Cloth
Magma-Proof Sandals
318Feet A Fiery Reunion Cloth
Magus Tirth's Robe
42Chest The Mad Magus Cloth
Mammoth Sinew Cinch
174Waist Ample Inspiration Cloth
Manacles of Remembrance
105WristsQuest Cloth
Manaweave Robe
20Chest A Simple Robe Cloth
Mandragoran Cord
51693WaistLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Cowl
51693HeadLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Handwraps
51693HandsLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Leggings
51693LegsLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Robe
51693ChestLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Sandals
51693FeetLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Shoulderpads
51693ShouldersLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Wristwraps
51693WristsLooted Cloth
Mangy Claw Mitts
10Hands A Pilot's Revenge Cloth
Mankrik's Old Wedding Garments
12Chest Consumed by Hatred Cloth
Mantis Boots
40Feet Cloth
Mantle of Arcane Mastery
111Shoulders Cloth
Mantle of Congealed Anger
138ShouldersQuest Cloth
Mantle of Haunting
25Shoulders Silence of the Dwarves Cloth
Mantle of Honor
35Shoulders Cloth
Mantle of Invocation
43Shoulders Invoking the Serpent Cloth
Mantle of Invocation
43Shoulders Invoking the Serpent Cloth
Mantle of Itharius
146Shoulders That Which Creates Can Also Destroy Cloth
Mantle of the Dark Messenger
174ShouldersQuest Cloth
Mantle of the Panther
28Shoulders Panther Mastery Cloth
Mantle of the Underhalls
174Shoulders Revenge for the Vargul Cloth
Mantle of the White Sheep
48Shoulders Recon Essentials Cloth
Mantle of Unholy Power
174Shoulders Cloth
Mantle of Woe
33Shoulders Cloth
Marblebeard's Shrug
20Shoulders Incendicite Ore Cloth
Marsh Bracers
96WristsQuest Cloth
Marshfang Boots
90FeetQuest Cloth
Master Engineer's Goggles
58HeadCrafted Cloth
Master's Belt
6257WaistLooted Cloth
Master's Boots
6358FeetLooted Cloth
Master's Bracers
6257WristsLooted Cloth
Master's Gloves
6358HandsLooted Cloth
Master's Hat
6358HeadLooted Cloth
Master's Leggings
6459LegsLooted Cloth