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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Crystalweave Bracers
10570WristsCreated Cloth
Frozen Shadoweave Boots
10570FeetCrafted Cloth
Frozen Shadoweave Robe
10570ChestCrafted Cloth
Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders
10570ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Girdle of Ruination
10570WaistCrafted Cloth
Nether Runner's Cowl
10570HeadVendor Cloth
Old Spellstrike Hood
10570Head Cloth
Primal Mooncloth Shoulders
10570ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Spellfire Belt
10570WaistCrafted Cloth
Spellfire Gloves
10570HandsCrafted Cloth
Spellfire Robe
10570ChestCrafted Cloth
Spellstrike Hood
10570HeadCrafted Cloth
Spellstrike Pants
10570LegsCrafted Cloth
Unyielding Girdle
10570WaistCrafted Cloth
Whitemend Hood
10570HeadCrafted Cloth
Whitemend Pants
10570LegsCrafted Cloth
Astralaan Belt
10565WaistLooted Cloth
Astralaan Boots
10565FeetLooted Cloth
Astralaan Bracer
10565WristsLooted Cloth
Astralaan Gloves
10565HandsLooted Cloth
Astralaan Headdress
10565HeadLooted Cloth
Astralaan Pants
10565LegsLooted Cloth
Astralaan Robe
10565ChestLooted Cloth
Astralaan Shoulderpads
10565ShouldersLooted Cloth
Darktread Boots
105FeetQuest Cloth
Energized Wristwraps
105Wrists Ride the Lightning Cloth
Ethereal Sash
105Waist Gava'xi Cloth
Fizit's Mantle of Drake Hunting
105Shoulders What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Cloth
Greenblood Pantaloons
105Legs Solving the Problem Cloth
Greenkeeper's Pantaloons
105Legs He Will Walk The Earth... Cloth
Hewing Gloves
105Hands ...and a Time for Action Cloth
Inciter's Cord
105Waist Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Cloth
Inciter's Cuffs
105Wrists Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Cloth
Inciter's Treads
105Feet Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Cloth
Manacles of Remembrance
105WristsQuest Cloth
Metro's Slimming Legs
105Legs Gauging the Resonant Frequency Cloth
Nether-Empowered Footgear
105Feet Spirit Calling Cloth
Sylvanaar Elite Caster's Armor
105Chest Planting the Banner Cloth
Windroc Shroud
105Chest Windroc Mastery Cloth
Crown of Endless Knowledge
10366HeadLooted Cloth
Illidari Bindings
10366Wrists Ambassador Jerrikar Cloth
Mag'hari Ritualist's Horns
103Head There Is No Hope Cloth
Nethersteel-Lined Handwraps
10366HandsLooted Cloth
Pauldrons of Sufferance
10366ShouldersLooted Cloth
Stormreaver Shadow-Kilt
10366LegsLooted Cloth
Tempest's Touch
103Hands Escape from Durnholde Cloth
Voidweave Cilice
10366WaistLooted Cloth
Watcher's Tunic
103Chest Forge Camp: Annihilated Cloth
Ango'rosh Souleater's Cowl
102Head The Spirit Polluted Cloth
Boots of the Specialist
102Feet Corki's Gone Missing Again! Cloth
Dark Deed Leggings
102Legs Felling an Ancient Tree Cloth
Mistyreed Belt
10264WaistLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Boots
10264FeetLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Bracers
10264WristsLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Gloves
10264HandsLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Hood
10264HeadLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Pants
10264LegsLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Shoulderpads
10264ShouldersLooted Cloth
Mistyreed Tunic
10264ChestLooted Cloth
Netherweave Pants
10264LegsCrafted Cloth
Ogre Basher's Slippers
102Feet Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates Cloth
Ogre Vanquisher's Belt
102Waist The Bladespire Ogres Cloth
Red Hands of the Thunderlord
102Hands The Bloodmaul Ogres Cloth
Spelunker's Mantle
102Shoulders Into the Draenethyst Mine Cloth
Sylvanaar Gloves
102Hands Protecting Our Own Cloth
Thunderlord Armbands
102Wrists Protecting Our Own Cloth
Witch Doctor's Beads
102Chest A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans! Cloth
Circlet of Arcane Might
10070HeadCrafted Cloth
Coronet of Verdant Flame
10070HeadCrafted Cloth
Kamaei's Cerulean Skirt
10070LegsLooted Cloth
Soulcloth Gloves
10070HandsCrafted Cloth
Soulcloth Shoulders
10070ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Soulcloth Vest
10070ChestCrafted Cloth
Will of Edward the Odd
10070ChestLooted Cloth
Abyss Walker's Boots
10065FeetLooted Cloth
Auchenai Anchorite's Robe
100Chest The End of the Exarch Cloth
Ceremonial Bracers of Karabor
100100Wrists Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Crown of Karabor
100100Head Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Gloves of Karabor
100100Hands Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Leggings of Karabor
100100Legs Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Robe of Karabor
100100Chest Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Sash of Karabor
100100Waist Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Shoulderpads of Karabor
10090Shoulders Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Ceremonial Slippers of Karabor
100100Feet Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery Cloth
Collar of Command
10065HeadLooted Cloth
Exorcist's Dreadweave Hood
10066HeadVendor Cloth
Exorcist's Silk Hood
10066HeadVendor Cloth
Hierophant's Leggings
10066LegsVendor Cloth
Hierophant's Sash
10066WaistVendor Cloth
Slippers of Serenity
10065FeetLooted Cloth
[PH] Cloth Bracers of the Brilliant Dawn
100100WristsUnobtainable Cloth
[PH] Cloth Bracers of the Rising Dawn
100100Wrists Cloth
[PH] Cloth Bracers of the Shining Dawn
100100Wrists Cloth
[PH] Cloth Leggings of the Rising Dawn
100100Legs Cloth
[PH] Cloth Leggings of the Shining Dawn
100100Legs Cloth
[PH] Robe of the Brilliant Dawn
100100ChestUnobtainable Cloth
[PH] Robe of the Rising Dawn
100100Chest Cloth
[PH] Robe of the Shining Dawn
100100Chest Cloth
[PH] Shining Dawn Hat
100100Head Cloth
100Feet Cloth