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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bonecaster's Shroud
6055ChestLooted Cloth
Bonecaster's Spaulders
5651ShouldersLooted Cloth
Bonecaster's Vest
6055ChestLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Bracers
810101WristsLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Cinch
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Cowl
810101HeadLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Gloves
810101HandsLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Leggings
810101LegsLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Mantle
810101ShouldersLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Robes
810101ChestLooted Cloth
Bonespeaker Sandals
810101FeetLooted Cloth
Boots of Attrition
55Feet Mission Complete Cloth
Boots of Darkness
2823FeetCrafted Cloth
Boots of Duress
45Feet Third Sample: Implanted Eggs Cloth
Boots of the Beneficent
111Feet Building a Perimeter Cloth
Boots of the Enchanter
3530FeetCrafted Cloth
Boots of the Howling Winds
174FeetQuest Cloth
Boots of the Maharishi
43Feet Cloth
Boots of the Nexus Warden
114Feet The Flesh Lies... Cloth
Boots of the Specialist
102Feet Corki's Gone Missing Again! Cloth
Bracers of Alarm
18Wrists Cloth
Bracers of Angry Mutterings
18Wrists The Escape Cloth
Bracers of Envy
40Wrists Supporting the Troops Cloth
Bracers of Envy
40Wrists Supporting the Troops Cloth
Bracers of Favorable Chance
35Wrists War Machines Cloth
Bracers of Final Memories
318Wrists Last of Her Kind Cloth
Bracers of Nature's Fury
146WristsQuest Cloth
Bracers of Prompt Reclamation
162Wrists The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure Cloth
Bracers of Safe Keeping
45Wrists The Doomstone Cloth
Bracers of the Energetic Elemental
305Wrists Clingy Cloth
Bracers of the Fallen Fathom-Lord
318Wrists Blast Him! Cloth
Bracers of the Final Transmission
15Wrists Fall Back! Cloth
Braided Bat Sinew
158Waist Clipping Their Wings Cloth
Bramble-Proof Leggings
154LegsQuest Cloth
Brantwood Sash
58Waist Cloth
Bravo Company Mantle
Breadwinner's Gloves
16Hands Like a Fart in the Wind Cloth
Breeches of Authority
33Legs Changing of the Gar'dul Cloth
Breezecloud Bracers
54Wrists Cloth
Brewer's Cord
40386WaistLooted Cloth
Brewer's Cowl
40386HeadLooted Cloth
Brewer's Gloves
15HandsUnobtainable Cloth
Brewer's Handwraps
40386HandsLooted Cloth
Brewer's Leggings
40386LegsLooted Cloth
Brewer's Robe
40386ChestLooted Cloth
Brewer's Sandals
40386FeetLooted Cloth
Brewer's Shoulderpads
40386ShouldersLooted Cloth
Brewer's Wristwraps
40386WristsLooted Cloth
Bright Armor
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Bright Belt
2419WaistLooted Cloth
Bright Boots
2318FeetLooted Cloth
Bright Bracers
2318WristsLooted Cloth
Bright Gloves
2419HandsLooted Cloth
Bright Mantle
2621ShouldersLooted Cloth
Bright Pants
2621LegsLooted Cloth
Bright Robe
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Brightcloth Gloves
5449HandsCrafted Cloth
Brightcloth Pants
5853LegsCrafted Cloth
Brightcloth Robe
5449ChestCrafted Cloth
Bright-Eye Goggles
35HeadCrafted Cloth
Brightwood Cord
29581WaistLooted Cloth
Brightwood Cowl
29581HeadLooted Cloth
Brightwood Handwraps
29581HandsLooted Cloth
Brightwood Leggings
29581LegsLooted Cloth
Brightwood Robe
29581ChestLooted Cloth
Brightwood Sandals
29581FeetLooted Cloth
Brightwood Shoulderpads
29581ShouldersLooted Cloth
Brightwood Wristwraps
29581WristsLooted Cloth
Brimstone Belt
2419Waist Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Bristlepine Bracers
14671WristsLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Cord
14671WaistLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Handwraps
14671HandsLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Headpiece
14671HeadLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Leggings
14671LegsLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Robe
14671ChestLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Sandals
14671FeetLooted Cloth
Bristlepine Shoulderpads
14671ShouldersLooted Cloth
Brown Linen Pants
105LegsCrafted Cloth
Brown Linen Robe
105ChestCrafted Cloth
BT47 Cloth Healer Belt2
138Waist Cloth
BT48 Cloth Spell Bracer3
138Wrists Cloth
BT52 Cloth Healer Chest2
138Chest Cloth
BT55 Cloth Spell Boots4
138Feet Cloth
BT56 Cloth Spell Legs4
138Legs Cloth
BT57 Cloth Healer Glove2
138Hands Cloth
BT59 Cloth Spell Gloves4
138Hands Cloth
Bubble-Brew Hood
318Head A Steady Supply Cloth
Buccaneer's Boots
1914FeetLooted, Fished Cloth
Buccaneer's Bracers
1914WristsLooted Cloth
Buccaneer's Cord
2015WaistLooted Cloth
Buccaneer's Gloves
2015HandsLooted Cloth
Buccaneer's Pants
2217LegsLooted Cloth
Buccaneer's Robes
2318ChestLooted Cloth
Buccaneer's Vest
2318ChestLooted Cloth
Bud-Nipping Bracers
53Wrists The Fledgling Colossus Cloth
Buoyant Shoulderpads
42Shoulders Two-Tusk Takedown Cloth
Buoyant Shoulderpads
42Shoulders Two-Tusk Takedown Cloth
Buried Exile's Gown
810101Chest Glimmering Treasure Chest Cloth
Cagebreaker's Satin Cord
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Cloth
Cagebreaker's Silk Cord
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Cloth