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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mage Dragon Robe
50Chest Cloth
Magesoul Cord
23280WaistVendor Cloth
Magesoul Handwraps
23280HandsVendor Cloth
Magesoul Hood
23280HeadVendor Cloth
Magesoul Leggings
23280LegsVendor Cloth
Magesoul Robe
23280ChestVendor Cloth
Magesoul Sandals
23280FeetVendor Cloth
Magesoul Shoulderpads
23280ShouldersVendor Cloth
Magesoul Wristwraps
23280WristsVendor Cloth
Maggotproof Gloves
272Hands Death to the Broodmother Cloth
Magma-Proof Sandals
318Feet A Fiery Reunion Cloth
Magus Tirth's Robe
42Chest The Mad Magus Cloth
Mammoth Sinew Cinch
174Waist Ample Inspiration Cloth
Manacles of Remembrance
105WristsQuest Cloth
Manaweave Robe
20Chest A Simple Robe Cloth
Mandragoran Cord
51693Waist Grom'kar Deadeye Cloth
Mandragoran Cowl
51693Head Stoneshamble Basilisk Cloth
Mandragoran Handwraps
51693Hands Cloth
Mandragoran Leggings
51693LegsLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Robe
51693Chest Cloth
Mandragoran Sandals
51693Feet Cloth
Mandragoran Shoulderpads
51693ShouldersLooted Cloth
Mandragoran Wristwraps
51693Wrists Cloth
Mangy Claw Mitts
10Hands A Pilot's Revenge Cloth
Mankrik's Old Wedding Garments
12Chest Consumed by Hatred Cloth
Mantis Boots
40Feet Cloth
Mantle of Arcane Mastery
111Shoulders Cloth
Mantle of Congealed Anger
138ShouldersQuest Cloth
Mantle of Haunting
25Shoulders Silence of the Dwarves Cloth
Mantle of Honor
35Shoulders Cloth
Mantle of Invocation
43Shoulders Invoking the Serpent Cloth
Mantle of Invocation
43Shoulders Invoking the Serpent Cloth
Mantle of Itharius
146Shoulders That Which Creates Can Also Destroy Cloth
Mantle of the Dark Messenger
174ShouldersQuest Cloth
Mantle of the Panther
28Shoulders Panther Mastery Cloth
Mantle of the Underhalls
174Shoulders Revenge for the Vargul Cloth
Mantle of the White Sheep
48Shoulders Recon Essentials Cloth
Mantle of Unholy Power
174Shoulders Cloth
Mantle of Woe
33Shoulders Cloth
Marblebeard's Shrug
20Shoulders Incendicite Ore Cloth
Marsh Bracers
96WristsQuest Cloth
Marshfang Boots
90FeetQuest Cloth
Master Engineer's Goggles
58HeadCrafted Cloth
Master's Belt
6257WaistLooted Cloth
Master's Boots
6358FeetLooted Cloth
Master's Bracers
6257WristsLooted Cloth
Master's Gloves
6358HandsLooted Cloth
Master's Hat
6358HeadLooted Cloth
Master's Leggings
6459LegsLooted Cloth
Master's Mantle
6358ShouldersLooted Cloth
Master's Robe
6560ChestLooted Cloth
Master's Vest
6560ChestLooted Cloth
Meat Packer Ribbon
22Waist Before You Go... Cloth
Medic's Hood
158Head That's What Friends Are For... Cloth
Mender's Cover
138HeadQuest Cloth
Merchant Marine Sandals
22Feet Claws from the Deep Cloth
Merchant-Rise Shoulderguards
318Shoulders Death to Mor'ghor Cloth
Messner's Cuffs
18Wrists Detonation Cloth
Metro's Slimming Legs
105Legs Gauging the Resonant Frequency Cloth
Midrealm Hat
111Head Rightful Repossession Cloth
Mildred's Cowl
174Head Discipline Cloth
Mindbender Amice
414Shoulders A Funeral Cloth
Mindbender Cap
414Head Unmasking the Yaungol Cloth
Mindbender Cord
414Waist The Snackrifice Cloth
Mindbender Cowl
414HeadQuest Cloth
Mindbender Robe
414Chest One Traveler's Misfortune Cloth
Mindbender Treads
414Feet The Burlap Grind Cloth
Mindbender Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Cloth
Miraculous Waistwarming Band
146Waist Harp on This! Cloth
Mirren's Drinking Hat
90Head The Finest Down Cloth
Mismatched Cloth Gloves
472Hands Cloth
Missionary's Leggings
25Legs Bad Medicine Cloth
Mistborne Cord
429Waist Jung Duk Cloth
Mistborne Cuffs
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Cloth
Mistborne Gloves
429Hands The Endless Swarm Cloth
Mistborne Leggings
429Legs Seeing Red Cloth
Mistborne Mantle
429Shoulders Mists' Opportunity Cloth
Mistborne Pantaloons
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Cloth
Mistborne Pauldrons
429Shoulders First Assault Cloth
Mistborne Treads
429Feet The Field Armorer Cloth
Mistborne Waistband
429Waist Up In Flames Cloth
Mistmantle Cord
27878WaistLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Cowl
27878HeadLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Handwraps
27878HandsLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Leggings
27878LegsLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Robe
27878ChestLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Sandals
27878FeetLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Shoulderpads
27878ShouldersLooted Cloth
Mistmantle Wristwraps
27878WristsLooted Cloth
Mistscape Armor
4641ChestLooted Cloth
Mistscape Boots
4338FeetLooted Cloth
Mistscape Bracers
4237WristsLooted Cloth
Mistscape Gloves
4338HandsLooted Cloth
Mistscape Mantle
4338ShouldersLooted Cloth
Mistscape Pants
4540LegsLooted Cloth
Mistscape Robe
4641ChestLooted Cloth
Mistscape Sash
4237WaistLooted Cloth
Mistscape Wizard Hat
4439HeadLooted Cloth
Mistwalker Satin Leggings
399Legs Tread Lightly Cloth
Mistwalker Silk Trousers
399Legs Tread Lightly Cloth