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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Thick Draenic Vest
10565ChestCrafted Leather
Thick Murloc Armor
3429ChestCrafted Leather
Thicket's Embrace
52Chest Leather
Thresher Jerkin
41687ChestLooted Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Cuirass
42990ChestLooted Leather
Tracker's Tunic
4843ChestLooted Leather
Traphook Jerkin
59Chest Leather
Traveler's Jerkin
6156ChestLooted Leather
Tribal Chestguard
138ChestQuest Leather
Tribal Vest
138ChestLooted Leather
Trickster's Vest
4136ChestLooted Leather
Tunic of Dark Leather
10Chest Grimaxe's Demise Leather
Tunic of Soaring Safety
272Chest Egg Hunt Leather
Tunic of the Rectified Thane
154ChestQuest Leather
Tysha's Chestguard
13Chest Denying Manpower Leather
Umbrafen Tunic
10565ChestLooted Leather
Unabashed Vest
14Chest Leather
Uncovered Breastplate
12Chest Heartfelt Appreciation Leather
Velvety Vest
30Chest Plush Pelts Leather
Vengeance Chestpiece
8759ChestLooted Leather
Vest of Abomification
34Chest Smarts-is-Smarts Leather
Vest of Ashes
27Chest Ashes to Ashes Leather
Vest of Bael'dun Keep
34Chest Bael'dun Rescue Leather
Vest of Dark Rumors
28Chest Wanted! Marez Cowl Leather
Vest of Discovery
41Chest Villains of Darrowshire Leather
Vest of Jotunheim
174Chest Shadow Vault Decree Leather
Vest of Restraint
45Chest Third Sample: Implanted Eggs Leather
Vest of Sobbing
49Chest The Chieftain's Key Leather
Vest of the Changing Heart
17Chest His Heart Must Be In It Leather
Vest of the Dragon Slayer
18Chest Razormaw Leather
Vest of the Nightmare Rift
32Chest The Nightmare Scar Leather
Vest of the Phantom
24Chest Deception and Trickery Leather
Vest of the Smoking Pit
53Chest A Bird of Legend Leather
Vest of Unyielding Companionship
158Chest Leather
Vest of Welcome
50Chest Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes Leather
Vest of Welcome
50Chest Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes Leather
Vileprey Armor
15072ChestLooted Leather
Vindicator's Light Vest
114Chest Aldor No More Leather
Vine Jerkin
42988ChestLooted Leather
Vinewoven Tunic
138ChestQuest Leather
Volcanic Breastplate
5752ChestCrafted Leather
Walloper's Chestpiece
46Chest The Good Stuff Leather
Wanderer's Armor
6055ChestLooted Leather
Warden's Wraps
4439ChestLooted Leather
Wasteland Hide Tunic
40888ChestVendor Leather
Wasteland Leather Tunic
40888ChestVendor Leather
Watch Master's Breastplate
26Chest Bones That Walk Leather
Wax-Coated Chestguard
154ChestQuest Leather
Webspinner Vest
17879ChestLooted Leather
Wendigo Chestpiece
17478ChestLooted Leather
Whisper Jerkin
37784ChestLooted Leather
White Leather Jerkin
138ChestCrafted Leather
Wicked Leather Armor
6156ChestCrafted Leather
Wild Draenish Vest
10565ChestCrafted Leather
Wild Leather Vest
4540ChestCrafted Leather
Wildevar Tunic
14270ChestLooted Leather
Wildsoul Jerkin
23280ChestVendor Leather
Wildsoul Tunic
23280ChestVendor Leather
Wildsoul Vest
23280ChestVendor Leather
Winterfin Chestpiece
13468ChestLooted Leather
Wolf Rider's Padded Armor
4641ChestLooted Leather
Wolfsbane Vest
14Chest In Time, All Will Be Revealed Leather
Wolverine Jerkin
16275ChestLooted Leather
Wrangler's Wraps
2924ChestLooted Leather
Yngwie's Vest
12Chest Leather
Yngwie's Vest
9Chest Send a Message Leather
Yojamba Jerkin
28379ChestLooted Leather
[PH] Leather Chestguard of the Brilliant Dawn
100100Chest Leather
[PH] Leather Chestguard of the Rising Dawn
100100Chest Leather
[PH] Leather Chestguard of the Shining Dawn
100100Chest Leather
Battered Leather Harness
105ChestVendor Leather
Battle Harness
3732ChestVendor Leather
Black Bear Hide Vest
127Chest Leather
Black Leather Vest
6Chest The Dead Scar Leather
Bound Harness
11Chest Leather
Buckled Harness
1712ChestVendor Leather
Cracked Leather Vest
5ChestVendor Leather
CRobinson Leather Chest
1Chest Leather
Cuirboulli Vest
2722ChestVendor Leather
Cured Leather Armor
2217ChestVendor Leather
Dark Iron Leather
3227ChestLooted Leather
Dark Lady's Vest
9Chest Leather
Dark Ranger's Vest
6Chest Leader of the Pack Leather
Dirty Leather Vest
5ChestVendor Leather
Drenched Leather Vest
5ChestVendor Leather
Earthmother's Vest
7Chest Rite of Vision Leather
Fierce Heart Vest
2Chest Consort of the Sea Witch Leather
Frostmane Leather Vest
4Chest Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Tunic
10Chest Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Tunic
1ChestStarting Item Leather
Gilnean Novice's Tunic
1ChestStarting Item Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Tunic
10Chest Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Tunic
1ChestStarting Item Leather
Goblin Primitive's Mantle
1Chest Leather
Goblin Thug's Tunic
1ChestStarting Item Leather
Goblin Trapper's Shirt
1ChestStarting Item Leather
Goldshire Heavy Jacket
5Chest Report to Goldshire Leather
Grunt's Harness
2722ChestVendor Leather
Handstitched Leather Vest
83ChestCrafted Leather
Hard Leather Tunic
8Chest Protecting the Herd Leather