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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Wild Combatant's Leather Tunic
Warlords Season 2
670100ChestLooted, Vendor Leather
Wild Combatant's Leather Tunic
Warlords Season 2
670100ChestLooted Leather
Wild Combatant's Tunic
Warlords Season 2
670100ChestLooted Leather
Wild Combatant's Tunic
Warlords Season 2
670100ChestLooted Leather
Wildheart Vest
6358Chest Leather
Wildscale Breastplate
18778ChestCrafted Leather
Wolffear Harness
3631ChestLooted Leather
Wrap of the Fallen City
325Chest The Fall of Neferset City Leather
Wyrmhide Robe
11570ChestVendor Leather
Ymirjar Physician's Robe
20080ChestLooted Leather
Ymirjar Physician's Robe
200ChestLooted Leather
"Fireproof" Venture Co. Tunic
578Chest Defungination Leather
Aberrant Vest
21Chest Freedom for Lydon Leather
Aboraz Jerkin
28980ChestLooted Leather
Adventurer's Tunic
6560ChestLooted Leather
Aetherion Imbued Vest
16Chest Call Down the Thunder Leather
Ambervale Jerkin
680101ChestLooted Leather
Arachnophobe's Breastplate
10Chest Queen-Sized Troubles Leather
Archer's Jerkin
3833ChestLooted Leather
Arctic Chestpiece
14270ChestCrafted Leather
Art Template Leather Chest - Leather_PVPDruid_G_01 - Dark
179ChestUnobtainable Leather
Bandit Jerkin
2318ChestLooted Leather
Barbaric Harness
3833ChestCrafted Leather
Bard's Tunic
1914ChestLooted, Fished Leather
Barkshell Tunic
25Chest Leather
Battle Seeker Chestguard
81ChestQuest Leather
Bear Hide Vest
20Chest Glorious Harvest Leather
Bear-Strength Harness
102Chest Felling an Ancient Tree Leather
Big Voodoo Robe
4338ChestCrafted Leather
Biornskin Vest
810101ChestLooted Leather
Black Leather Jerkin
16Chest Report to Magister Kaendris Leather
Black Whelp Tunic
2015ChestCrafted Leather
Blackthicket Robes
384Chest The Silkwood Road Leather
Blazewind Breastplate
57Chest Leather
Bloodfang Vest
12Chest Steel Thunder Leather
Bloodthorn Chestguard
52590Chest Leather
Bonechewer Chestpiece
8157ChestLooted Leather
Boneshredder Jerkin
11167ChestLooted Leather
Bone-Studded Leather
25Chest Leather
Bone-Threaded Harness
138ChestQuest Leather
Boorguard Tunic
27Chest King of the Foulweald Leather
Brawnhide Armor
29Chest Leather
Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe
29Chest Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe
29Chest Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Breezestrider Jerkin
57198ChestLooted Leather
Brinewashed Leather Vest
810101ChestLooted Leather
Bristlebark Blouse
2823ChestLooted Leather
Brogg's Battle Harness
40Chest Leather
Brood Mother Carapace
105Chest Big Crate of Salvage Leather
Bruised Vest
35Chest Turning the Brashtide Leather
Buckshot-Proof Battlesurgeon's Protector
174Chest Demolitionist Extraordinaire Leather
Bulldozer Vest
12Chest Dozercism Leather
Bullmastiff Vest
36Chest Foxes and Hounds Leather
Burnt Leather Vest
116ChestLooted, Fished Leather
Cabalist Chestpiece
5045ChestLooted Leather
Camouflaged Tunic
22Chest Leather
Camp-Cleaner Chestguard
318Chest Somethin' for the Boys Leather
Canyon Runner's Vest
146ChestQuest Leather
Caribou Vest
14671ChestLooted Leather
Cartographer's Chestguard
318Chest Quality Construction Leather
Cenarion Thicket Jerkin
93ChestQuest Leather
Ceremonial Leather Harness
1813ChestLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Harness
1813Chest Leather
Charred Leather Tunic
50Chest Leather
Chest of the Wyrmcult
108Chest Maxnar Must Die! Leather
Chestguard of the Bleak Scarab
312Chest Ancient Weapons Leather
Chestguard of Vigorous Motivation
312Chest Make Yourself Useful Leather
Chieftain's Breastplate
5348ChestLooted Leather
Chimeric Vest
5853ChestCrafted Leather
Clefthoof Hidemantle
10866ChestLooted Leather
Clutch of the Stonemother
305Chest Audience with the Stonemother Leather
Coldsnout Jerkin
48390ChestLooted Leather
Cunning Leather Tunic
174Chest The Vile Hold Leather
Cutthroat's Vest
3429ChestLooted Leather
Daggercap Jerkin
13067ChestLooted Leather
Daggerfen Battlevest
10264ChestLooted Leather
Daggerjaw Jerkin
52794ChestLooted Leather
Dandred Jerkin
30082ChestLooted Leather
Dark Leather Tunic
2015ChestCrafted Leather
Darkbrand Chestguard
30082ChestCrafted Leather
Darkmoon Vest
2010Chest Rogues Deck Leather
DB49 Leather Physical Chest4
146Chest Leather
Deathstalker's Vest
1510ChestVendor Leather
Deepwoods Tunic
384Chest The Silkwood Road Leather
Dementia Vest
9361ChestLooted Leather
Dervish Tunic
3025ChestLooted Leather
Discarded Miner's Jerkin
154ChestQuest Leather
Discarded Swampstalker Tunic
42990ChestLooted Leather
Dokebi Chestguard
3328ChestLooted Leather
Dragonhawk Tunic
12070ChestLooted Leather
Dreadhide Chestguard
810101ChestLooted Leather
Dreghood Chestpiece
9060ChestLooted Leather
Drogstitch Tunic
680Chest Spray and Prey Leather
Dry Moss Tunic
25Chest Leather
Dusky Leather Armor
3530ChestCrafted Leather
Dustwind Vest
46Chest Forcible Acquisition Leather
Electrified Stormwing Vest
680ChestQuest Leather
Elekk Handler's Leathers
11Chest A Favorite Treat Leather
Embattled Jerkin
158Chest Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving! Leather
Emblazoned Chestpiece
3227ChestLooted Leather