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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Potioner's Vest
24Chest A Deadly Vine Leather
Powder Burn Vest
21Chest Explosives Shredding Leather
Pozzik's Vest
42Chest Deliver the Goods Leather
Praetorian Padded Armor
5752ChestLooted Leather
Pratt's Handcrafted Vest
37Chest Improved Quality Leather
Pridelord Armor
5954ChestLooted Leather
Primal Wraps
116ChestLooted Leather
Prospector's Chestpiece
2318ChestLooted Leather
Protectorate Assassin's Tunic
114Chest Arconus the Insatiable Leather
Pteropod Robes
272Chest Decompression Leather
Pteropod Robes
272Chest Decompression Leather
Pygmy Tunic
17077ChestLooted Leather
Queen Conch Chestguard
272Chest Bellies Await Leather
Rageclaw Chestguard
5146ChestLooted Leather
Raging Spirit Harness
81ChestQuest Leather
Ranger Jerkin
9963ChestLooted Leather
Ranger Tunic
4540ChestLooted Leather
Raptor Hide Harness
3328ChestCrafted Leather
Raptor Hunter Tunic
43Chest Leather
Raptorbane Armor
29Chest Leather
Ravenholdt Jerkin
31284ChestLooted Leather
Regenerative Hide Harness
138ChestQuest Leather
Reinforced Caribou-Hide Chestguard
138ChestQuest Leather
Retainer Vest
16Chest WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Leather
Ribbed Breastplate
30Chest Leather
Righteous Armor
5550ChestLooted Leather
Rigid Tunic
2621ChestLooted Leather
Ripfang Jerkin
54996ChestLooted Leather
Riplash Jerkin
13869ChestLooted Leather
Rippling Ooze Chestguard
289Chest Maziel's Ascendancy Leather
Riptide Vest
33Chest Swabbing Duty Leather
Riverblade Tunic
399ChestQuest Leather
Riverpaw Leather Vest
138ChestLooted Leather
Rivetproof Chestguard
318Chest Everything But the Kitchen Sink Leather
Robust Tunic
3126ChestLooted Leather
Rocktusk Jerkin
29581ChestLooted Leather
Runic Leather Armor
6257ChestCrafted Leather
Sabermaw Jerkin
58299ChestLooted Leather
Sandrene's Invisible Vest
33Chest Dark Vessels Leather
Sandrene's Invisible Vest
33Chest Dark Vessels Leather
Sapfly Tunic
437Chest Fresh Pots Leather
Scaled Leather Tunic
3328ChestLooted Leather
Scorpashi Breastplate
4944ChestLooted Leather
Scouting Tunic
2520ChestLooted Leather
Sentinel Breastplate
4035ChestLooted Leather
Sentinel Breastplate
4035Chest Leather
Sentinel Hill Vest
13Chest In Defense of Westfall Leather
Serpentskin Armor
5651ChestLooted Leather
Shadeback Jerkin
56097ChestLooted Leather
Shadowstalking Jerkin
23280ChestVendor Leather
Shy Breastplate
53Chest Shy-Rotam Leather
Silent Jerkin
36483ChestLooted Leather
Silentleaf Tunic
414Chest One Traveler's Misfortune Leather
Silentleaf Vest
414Chest Thumping Knucklethump Leather
Silvermoon Tunic
1813ChestLooted Leather
Skysinger Vest
578Chest Sethe, the Dead God Leather
Sleek Feathered Tunic
105ChestLooted Leather
Snapbrook Armor
30Chest Leather
Snellig's Vest
22Chest The Cursed Crew Leather
Snowfall Reaver Breastplate
146ChestQuest Leather
Soothsaying Vest
17Chest Soothing the Elements Leather
Spongy Vest
17Chest Full of Hot Water Leather
Spore-Covered Tunic
15Chest Root Samples Leather
Springrain Jerkin
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Jerkin
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Tunic
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Tunic
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Vest
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Vest
48390Chest Leather
Stagalbog Jerkin
27277ChestLooted Leather
Starvation Vest
16Chest Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Steamscar Jerkin
51693ChestLooted Leather
Steelgut Vest
28Chest Drowned Sorrows Leather
Stinger-Proof Chestguard
162Chest The Sapphire Queen Leather
Stoneshatter Hauberk
289Chest The Earth Claims All Leather
Stoutfist Breastplate
21Chest Assault on Menethil Keep Leather
Sunroc Chestpiece
9662ChestLooted Leather
Sunset Hide Robes
437Chest Falling to Pieces Leather
Sunset Leather Tunic
437Chest Falling to Pieces Leather
Sunsoaked Vest
399Chest Mothallus! Leather
Superior Tunic
2823ChestLooted, Fished Leather
Supple Vest of the Bloodbinder
158Chest Hexed Caches Leather
Supple Vest of the Bloodletter
158Chest Rampage Leather
Supreme Breastplate
6560ChestLooted Leather
Surveyor's Tunic
48Chest Leather
Swamp Jerkin
40386ChestLooted Leather
Swashbuckler's Breastplate
5853ChestLooted Leather
Swindler's Vest
41Chest Back to Crazzle Leather
Swindler's Vest
41Chest Back to Riznek Leather
Tailthrasher Jerkin
50592ChestLooted Leather
Talador Sentinel Vest
560ChestQuest Leather
Taunka Tunic
15473ChestLooted Leather
Teroclaw Jerkin
53895ChestLooted Leather
Thenysil's Vest
23Chest Return Fire Leather
Thick Draenic Vest
10565ChestCrafted Leather
Thick Murloc Armor
3429ChestCrafted Leather
Thicket's Embrace
52Chest Leather
Thresher Jerkin
40087ChestLooted Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Cuirass
42990ChestLooted Leather
Tracker's Tunic
4843ChestLooted Leather