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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Nocturnal Shoes
4136FeetLooted Leather
Ogre-Hunter Boots
56Feet The Amulet of Grol Leather
Ogre-Hunter Boots
55Feet The Amulet of Grol Leather
Orca-Tooth Treads
300Feet Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Boots
531FeetQuest Leather
Padded Running Shoes
14Feet Windrunner Village Leather
Pathfinder Footpads
3025FeetLooted Leather
Paws of Sin'Dall
28Feet Tiger Mastery Leather
Peerless Boots
5853FeetLooted Leather
Plainshawk Boots
399Feet Muddy Water Leather
Possumfoot Boots
23Feet Playing Possum Leather
Potent Boots
5045FeetLooted Leather
Praetorian Boots
5550FeetLooted Leather
Pratt's Handcrafted Boots
45Feet The Mark of Quality Leather
Pridelord Boots
5651FeetLooted Leather
Prospector's Boots
1914FeetLooted Leather
Pygmy Boots
17077FeetLooted Leather
Rageclaw Boots
4843FeetLooted Leather
Rambling Boots
18Feet Leather
Ranger Boots
9963FeetLooted Leather
Ranger Boots
4237FeetLooted Leather
Raven Hill Sandals
24Feet Bear In Mind Leather
Ravenholdt Boots
31284FeetLooted Leather
Reinforced Caribou-Hide Boots
138FeetQuest Leather
Righteous Boots
5146FeetLooted Leather
Rigid Moccasins
2116FeetLooted Leather
Ripfang Boots
54996FeetLooted Leather
Riplash Boots
13869FeetLooted Leather
Riverblade Shoes
399Feet Wisdom Has A Price Leather
Robust Boots
2823FeetLooted Leather
Rocktusk Boots
29581FeetLooted Leather
Rugfizzle's Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Leather
Rustflutter Boots
46Feet Gargantapid Leather
S.B.R.B. Prototype 2
9Feet Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots Leather
Sabermaw Boots
58299FeetLooted Leather
Sabots of Red Waters
13Feet The Waters Run Red... Leather
Sandals of Corrupted Water
312Feet Trespassers in the Water Leather
Sandals of Sorrow
28Feet Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Leather
Sapfly Shoes
437Feet Amber Arms Leather
Scaled Leather Boots
3126FeetLooted Leather
Scorpashi Slippers
4641FeetLooted Leather
Scourgebane Treads
162Feet Returned Sevenfold Leather
Scouting Boots
2217FeetLooted Leather
Sentinel Boots
3732FeetLooted Leather
Serpentskin Boots
5247FeetLooted Leather
Shadeback Boots
56097FeetLooted Leather
Shadowhide Boots
19Feet Shadowhide Extinction Leather
Shadowstalking Boots
23280FeetVendor Leather
Shattered Bond Treads
305Feet Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint Leather
Silent Boots
36483FeetLooted Leather
Silent Footpads
35Feet Time For Change Leather
Silentleaf Boots
414Feet The Burlap Grind Leather
Skull Kickers
44Feet Leather
Skysinger Boots
572Feet Hatred Undying Leather
Smart Shoes
18Feet It's Gotta be the Horn Leather
Snowfall Reaver Boots
146FeetQuest Leather
Somber Treads
22Feet That Which Has Risen Leather
Spiked Iceclimber's Boots
174Feet Fate of the Titans Leather
Springrain Boots
640100Feet Leather
Springrain Boots
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Boots
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Footpads
640100Feet Leather
Springrain Footpads
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Footpads
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Treads
640100Feet Leather
Springrain Treads
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Treads
48390Feet Leather
Spry Boots
57Feet Leather
Stable Boots
1813FeetVendor Leather
Stagalbog Boots
27277FeetLooted Leather
Steamscar Boots
51693FeetLooted Leather
Steppebeast Boots
429Feet The Field Armorer Leather
Stolen Talrendis Boots
10Feet The Eyes of Ashenvale Leather
Stomping Boots
24Feet Leather
Stormfeather Boots
32Feet Gan'dranda Leather
Stormsnout Hide Boots
32Feet Marching On Our Stomachs Leather
Subtle Boots of the Infiltrator
158Feet So Far, So Bad Leather
Sunroc Boots
9662FeetLooted Leather
Sunsoaked Footguards
399Feet Muddy Water Leather
Superior Boots
2621FeetLooted Leather
Supple Bloodbinder's Boots
158Feet Wooly Justice Leather
Supple Leather Boots
108Feet Whispers of the Raven God Leather
Supreme Shoes
6358FeetLooted Leather
Swabbie's Booties
33Feet Swabbing Duty Leather
Swamp Boots
40386FeetLooted Leather
Swamprunner's Boots
99FeetQuest Leather
Swashbuckler's Boots
5449FeetLooted Leather
Swift Boots
4035FeetCrafted Leather
Swift Cenarion Footwear
93Feet Leader of the Darkcrest Leather
Swift Mountain Boots
44Feet Death to all Trappers! Leather
Tailthrasher Boots
50592FeetLooted Leather
Talador Sentinel Boots
558Feet Nightmare in the Tomb Leather
Taunka Boots
15473FeetLooted Leather
Technician's Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Leather
Teroclaw Boots
53895FeetLooted Leather
Thick Draenic Boots
9963FeetCrafted Leather
Thresher Boots
40087FeetLooted Leather
Thwarter's Boots
27Feet Rumble in the Lumber... Mill Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Boots
42990FeetLooted Leather
Tor'chunk's Foot Covers
102Feet The Bloodmaul Ogres Leather