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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Chop Chop Boots
52Feet Chop Chop Leather
Hot Spring Sandals
50Feet Threat of the Winterfall Leather
Lizard Skin Boots
49Feet The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Leather
Grazle's Sandals
46Feet Dance for Ruumbo! Leather
Rustflutter Boots
46Feet Gargantapid Leather
Goat Hide Boots
45Feet When the Going Gets Tough, Cheat Leather
Jangdor's Handcrafted Boots
45Feet The Mark of Quality Leather
Pratt's Handcrafted Boots
45Feet The Mark of Quality Leather
Lucien's Boots
44Feet Leather
Duskwing Boots
44Feet Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Leather
Skull Kickers
44Feet Leather
Swift Mountain Boots
44Feet Death to all Trappers! Leather
Drag Master's Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Leather
Enormous Ogre Boots
41FeetQuest Leather
Rugfizzle's Boots
41Feet A Little Payback Leather
Wanderlust Boots
41FeetUnobtainable Leather
Maloof's Spare Boots
40Feet Two If By Boat Leather
Maloof's Spare Boots
40Feet Two If By Boat Leather
Treads of Banshee Bells
40Feet Greasing the Wheel Leather
Sandals of Glorious Life
39Feet Princess Theradras Leather
Boots of the Flowering Earth
37Feet A New Era for the Plaguelands Leather
Luring Footpads
37Feet Verinias the Twisted Leather
Boots of the Skirmisher
36Feet The End of the Deserters Leather
Frog Boots
36Feet Marsh Frog Legs Leather
Behemoth Boots
35Feet War Machines Leather
Behemoth Boots
35Feet War Machines Leather
Ghost Walker Treads
35Feet Chipping In Leather
Silent Footpads
35Feet Time For Change Leather
Swabbie's Booties
33Feet Swabbing Duty Leather
Boots of the Foolhardy
32Feet High Priest Venoxis Leather
Boots of the Foolhardy
32Feet High Priest Venoxis Leather
Boarpocalypse Boots
32Feet Speaking Their Language Leather
Boarpocalypse Boots
32Feet Diplomacy By Another Means Leather
Encroaching Treads
32Feet Thornar Thunderclash Leather
Grease-Covered Boots
32Feet Siegebreaker Leather
Stormfeather Boots
32Feet Gan'dranda Leather
Stormsnout Hide Boots
32Feet Marching On Our Stomachs Leather
Fancy Footwork
30Feet Dances with Grimtotem Leather
Trailblazer Boots
30Feet Leather
Treads of the Seeker
30Feet The Karnitol Shipwreck Leather
Vorrel's Boots
30Feet Leather
Bottom Waders
28Feet Sunken Treasure Leather
Excelsior Waders
28Feet Excelsior Leather
Paws of Sin'Dall
28Feet Tiger Mastery Leather
Sandals of Sorrow
28Feet Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Leather
Tundra Boots
28Feet Leather
Warsong Boots
27Feet Leather
Draftsman Boots
27Feet Leather
Extra Credit Boots
27Feet Call to Arms Leather
Thwarter's Boots
27Feet Rumble in the Lumber... Mill Leather
Krom'gar Sergeant's Hide Boots
26FeetVendor Leather
Krom'gar Sergeant's Leather Boots
26FeetVendor Leather
Ambassador's Boots
25Feet Leather
Mariner Boots
25Feet Leather
Cold Boots
24Feet Worgen in the Woods Leather
Darkstalker Boots
24Feet Leather
Raven Hill Sandals
24Feet Bear In Mind Leather
Stomping Boots
24Feet Leather
Possumfoot Boots
23Feet Playing Possum Leather
Alighted Boots
22Feet Keep the Fires Burning Leather
Faithful Treads
22Feet Gurtar's Request Leather
Merchant Marine Boots
22Feet Claws from the Deep Leather
Merchant Marine Waders
22Feet Claws from the Deep Leather
Somber Treads
22Feet That Which Has Risen Leather
Cobrahn's Boots
21Feet Cleansing the Caverns Leather
Sandals of Sacrifice
21Feet Sweet, Merciless Revenge Leather
Sandals of Sacrifice
21Feet Fury of the Pack Leather
Awesome Boots
21Feet Do it for Twinkles Leather
Buckled Boots
21Feet Leather
Blackwood Boots
19Feet The Defiler Leather
Shadowhide Boots
19Feet Shadowhide Extinction Leather
Technician's Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Leather
Treacherous Treads
19Feet The Grand Magus Doane Leather
"Bear" Hide Boots
18Feet A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Leather
Asylum Shoes
18Feet Xylem's Asylum Leather
Black Whelp Boots
18Feet Leather
Glued Feather Boots
18Feet Shear Will Leather
Rambling Boots
18Feet Leather
Smart Shoes
18Feet It's Gotta be the Horn Leather
Troll Kickers
17Feet Escape from the Catacombs Leather
Clean Room Boots
16Feet Samophlange Leather
Waptor Skin Boots
16Feet Waptor Twapping Leather
Silver Embossed Boots
15Feet Disturbing Connections Leather
Boots of the Prolific Sire
15Feet Still Assessing the Threat Leather
Doody Boots
15FeetQuest Leather
Croc-Skin Boots
14Feet Leather
Padded Running Shoes
14Feet Windrunner Village Leather
Vindicator's Leather Moccasins
14Feet I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness Leather
Fanatical Treads
13Feet The Twilight's Hammer Leather
Sabots of Red Waters
13Feet The Waters Run Red... Leather
Trogg Kickers
13Feet Gathering Idols Leather
Blue-Bloodied Boots
12Feet Betrayal at Tempest's Reach Leather
Boar Hunter's Boots
12Feet The Tortusk Takedown Leather
Boiled Boots
12Feet Westfall Stew Leather
Bottom-Wader Boots
12Feet Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Leather
Demolitionist's Boots
12Feet Good-bye, Sweet Oil Leather
Mossy Boots
12Feet Twice Removed Leather
Cushioned Boots
12Feet Leather
Tiger Hide Boots
12Feet Leather
Grassy Bindings
11Feet The Waters of Teldrassil Leather