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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bingles' Flying Gloves
15Hands Leather
Black Whelp Gloves
18Hands Leather
Blackscale Wraps
318Hands Naga Reinforcements Leather
Blacksting Gloves
90HandsQuest Leather
Blackthicket Gloves
384Hands And a Heavy Fist Leather
Blight Leather Gloves
58Hands Leather
Bloodcult Handwraps
305Hands Hatred Runs Deep Leather
Bloodied Leather Gloves
174Hands Valduran the Stormborn Leather
Bonechewer Spikegloves
8157HandsLooted Leather
Boneshredder Gloves
11167HandsLooted, Skinned Leather
Braced Handguards
36Hands Leather
Braidfur Gloves
38Hands Leather
Brainrot Grips
312Hands A Disarming Distraction Leather
Bristlebark Gloves
2419HandsLooted Leather
BT47 Leather Physical Gloves3
138Hands Leather
BT55 Leather Physical Gloves4
138Hands Leather
Cabalist Gloves
4641HandsLooted Leather
Cardio-Extractor Gloves
12HandsQuest Leather
Caribou Gloves
14671HandsLooted Leather
Caustic Feelers
105Hands Solving the Problem Leather
Cenarion Warden's Gloves
111Hands Leather
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510HandsLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510Hands Leather
Charming Gloves
37Hands Combat Training Leather
Chieftain's Gloves
4944HandsLooted Leather
Chimeric Gloves
5348HandsCrafted Leather
Clefthoof Gloves
10866HandsLooted Leather
Clefthoof Gloves
105Hands Clefthoof Mastery Leather
Cloudsbreak Gloves
10Hands Mist Leather
Coiled Leather Gauntlets
154Hands Dun-da-Dun-tah! Leather
Conch-Inlaid Gauntlets
272Hands Come Hell or High Water Leather
Corecrusher Gloves
272Hands The Earth Rises Leather
Cragwood Clutches
23Hands The Stolen Letters Leather
Cue Cue Gloves
20Hands Welcome to the Machine Leather
Cutthroat's Mitts
3328HandsLooted Leather
Daggercap Gloves
13067HandsLooted Leather
Daggerfen Gloves
10264HandsLooted Leather
Dandred Gloves
30082HandsLooted Leather
Dark Leather Gloves
2621HandsCrafted Leather
Deacon's Wraps
138HandsQuest Leather
Deepwoods Gloves
384Hands And a Heavy Fist Leather
Dementia Gloves
9361HandsLooted Leather
Dervish Gloves
2823HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Deviate Scale Gloves
2116HandsCrafted Leather
Dire Wolf Handler Gloves
102Hands Protecting Our Own Leather
Disarming Gloves
18Hands Leather
Discarded Slaughterhouse Gloves
174Hands The Rider of the Unholy Leather
Discarded Swampstalker Gloves
42990HandsLooted Leather
Discoverer's Mitts
154HandsQuest Leather
Dokebi Gloves
3227HandsLooted Leather
Dragonhawk Gloves
12070HandsLooted Leather
Drake Tamer's Gloves
114Hands A Job Unfinished... Leather
Dreadbeard Strangler Gloves
46Hands Captain Dreadbeard Leather
Dreadbeard Strangler Gloves
46Hands Captain Dreadbeard Leather
Dreghood Gloves
9060HandsLooted Leather
Duskwing Gloves
60Hands Leather
Duskwing Handwraps
44Hands Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... Leather
Earthmender's Fists of Undoing
114Hands Escape from Coilskar Cistern Leather
Emblazoned Gloves
2924HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Embossed Leather Gloves
138HandsCrafted Leather
Enforcer's Gloves
10Hands Fizzled Leather
Expedition Gloves
11769HandsLooted Leather
Eye-Plucker Gloves
28Hands The Mind's Eye Leather
Faded Forest Hide Gloves
37285HandsVendor Leather
Faded Forest Leather Gloves
37285HandsVendor Leather
Fencer's Nimblefingers
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Feral Gloves
1813HandsLooted Leather
Fine Leather Gloves
1510HandsCrafted Leather
Firm Grips
305Hands Imposing Confrontation Leather
Flesh Handler's Gauntlets
114Hands The Flesh Lies... Leather
Foreman Gloves
12Hands Protecting the Shipment Leather
Forest Leather Gloves
2520HandsLooted Leather
Frostsaber Gloves
5954HandsCrafted Leather
Frost-Trimmed Gauntlets
138HandsQuest Leather
Fur-Lined Mittens
174Hands They Took Our Men! Leather
Fuzzy Gloves
14Hands In Fungus We Trust Leather
Gauntlets of Rampant Destruction
162Hands Leather
Gazlowe's Gloves
16Hands WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Leather
Geist Gloves
18280HandsLooted Leather
Ghost Fox Gloves
437Hands Nope Leather
Ghost Fox Handwraps
437Hands Rending Daggers Leather
Ghostwalker Gloves
3631HandsLooted Leather
Ghoul Fingers
2015Hands Leather
Ghrino Gloves
16676HandsLooted Leather
Gilly's Strangulation Gauntlets
174HandsQuest Leather
Glovelettes of Opening
46Hands Break the Unbreakable Leather
Gloves of Constellas
46Hands See the Invisible Leather
Gloves of Delicate Mixture
272Hands The Perfect Fuel Leather
Gloves of Delicate Mixture
272Hands Fuel-ology 101 Leather
Gloves of Desolation Hold
33Hands Changing of the Gar'dul Leather
Gloves of Fanatical Zealotry
35Hands The Shell of Shadra Leather
Gloves of Fanatical Zealotry
35Hands The Shell of Shadra Leather
Gloves of Honor's Stand
31Hands Futile Resistance Leather
Gloves of Insight
33Hands Leather
Gloves of Preservation
114Hands Emblem of the Fel Horde Leather
Gloves of Strange Words
33Hands Hunt the Keeper Leather
Gloves of Strange Words
33Hands Hunt the Keeper Leather
Gloves of Swift Death
158Hands Pure Evil Leather
Gloves of the Able
40Hands Supporting the Troops Leather
Gloves of the Able
40Hands Supporting the Troops Leather