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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Griefstricken Gloves
28Hands Stromgarde Badges Leather
Grips of the Windswept Plains
138HandsQuest Leather
Guardian Gloves
3833HandsCrafted Leather
Gunner's Gloves
11Hands The Pride of Kezan Leather
Haal'eshi Gloves
8458HandsLooted Leather
Haldarr Gloves
30683HandsLooted Leather
Half Truth Handlers
45Hands Secrets in the Oasis Leather
Halfmoon Gloves
21Hands Rescue the Fallen Leather
Hammerfall Gloves
28Hands Guile of the Raptor Leather
Hammerfist Gloves
20Hands Leather
Harmony's Touch
111Hands Building a Perimeter Leather
Hatchling Handlers
8Hands Surrender or Else! Leather
Hawkeye's Gloves
3732HandsLooted Leather
Headhunter's Mitts
3429HandsLooted Leather
Heart Grippers
51Hands Doin' De E'ko Magic Leather
Heavy Earthen Gloves
2924HandsCrafted Leather
Heavyhands' Gloves
48Hands Curse These Fat Fingers Leather
Heraldic Gloves
4742HandsLooted Leather
Herbalist's Gloves
15HandsCrafted Leather
Heth'Jatari Battlegloves
318Hands Blast Him! Leather
Hewn Kodo Gloves
10Hands Preparation for Ceremony Leather
Hillman's Leather Gloves
2924HandsCrafted Leather
Holdout Gloves
47Hands Half-Ton Holdouts Leather
Holdout Gloves
47Hands Half-Ton Holdouts Leather
Hunting Gloves
1510HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Huntsman's Gloves
4035HandsLooted Leather
Iceborne Gloves
14270HandsCrafted Leather
Imbued Pioneer Gloves
116HandsLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Gloves
4338HandsLooted Leather
Imposing Gloves
4540HandsLooted Leather
Incinerator's Gauntlets
26Hands Barrier to Entry Leather
Indomitable Gauntlets
6257HandsLooted Leather
Infectis Puffer Gloves
42Hands Frederick's Fish Fancy Leather
Infiltrator Gloves
3227HandsLooted Leather
Ingot-Handler Gloves
23Hands The Mosshide Job Leather
Inscribed Leather Gloves
1914HandsLooted, Fished Leather
Insignia Gloves
3429HandsLooted Leather
Jadefire Gloves
5247HandsLooted Leather
Jangdor's Handcrafted Gloves
45Hands The Mark of Quality Leather
Keeper's Gloves
5146HandsLooted Leather
Lakeshire Gloves
17Hands Surveying Equipment Leather
Lightdrinker Gloves
48390Hands Leather
Lightdrinker Gloves
48390Hands Leather
Loramus' Gloves
56Hands The Altar of Storms Leather
Loramus' Gloves
55Hands The Altar of Storms Leather
Lupine Handwraps
1611HandsLooted Leather
Marshseeker Gloves
312Hands Tanotep's Son Leather
McCree's Sparring Gloves
10Hands Manhunt Leather
Meadowstomper Gloves
593100HandsLooted Leather
Mighty Gauntlets
6156HandsLooted Leather
Miner's Gloves
102Hands Into the Draenethyst Mine Leather
Mismatched Leather Gloves
472HandsLooted Leather
Mistdancer Gloves
48390Hands Leather
Mistdancer Gloves
48390Hands Leather
Mistdancer Handguards
48390Hands Leather
Mistdancer Handguards
48390Hands Leather
Misthide Gloves
38485HandsCrafted Leather
Mistlurker Gloves
429Hands The Endless Swarm Leather
Molotov Gloves
13Hands Profitability Scouting Leather
Monastic Gloves
23280HandsVendor Leather
Monastic Handguards
23280HandsVendor Leather
Morra's Gloves
13Hands Timely Arrival Leather
Mortbreath Gloves
399Hands Profit Mastery Leather
Mortbreath Handwraps
399Hands Why So Serious? Leather
Mosshide Gloves
27878HandsLooted Leather
Mountainscaler Hide Gloves
39387HandsVendor Leather
Mountainscaler Leather Gloves
39387HandsVendor Leather
Muckdweller Gloves
18Hands Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Leather
Mud's Crushers
36Hands Hungry as an Ogre! Leather
Muradin Gloves
15874HandsLooted Leather
Murkblood Gloves
11468HandsLooted Leather
Mushan Hide Gloves
39085HandsLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Needle-Threader Gauntlets
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Netherhide Gloves
108Hands Slay the Brood Mother Leather
Nether-Rocket Gloves
108Hands Breaking Down Netherock Leather
Nighthaven Gloves
31885HandsLooted Leather
Nightshade Gloves
5954HandsLooted Leather
Nimble Leather Gloves
2419HandsCrafted Leather
Nocturnal Gloves
3934HandsLooted Leather
Oilrag Handwraps
31Hands Leather
Onaeya's Gloves
21Hands Respect for the Fallen Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Gauntlets
523HandsQuest Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Gloves
530HandsQuest Leather
Overseer's Gloves
26Hands Windshear Mine Cleanup Leather
Pathfinder Gloves
3025HandsLooted Leather
Peerless Gloves
5853HandsLooted Leather
Pilferer's Gloves
2823HandsCrafted Leather
Pirate Sinker's Gloves
40HandsQuest Leather
Plainshawk Gloves
399Hands Taking a Crop Leather
Planter's Gloves
18Hands The Seeds of Life Leather
Poorly Styled Gloves
51Hands Trial by Magma Leather
Poorly Styled Gloves
51Hands Trial by Magma Leather
Potent Gloves
5045HandsLooted Leather
Praetorian Gloves
5449HandsLooted Leather
Pratt's Handcrafted Gloves
45Hands The Mark of Quality Leather
Precise Gloves of Alacrity
105Hands What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Leather
Pridelord Gloves
5651HandsLooted Leather
Prospector's Mitts
1914HandsLooted Leather
Pygmy Gloves
17077HandsLooted Leather
Quilboar Skin Gloves
12Hands Consumed by Hatred Leather