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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Beastrider Gauntlets
608Hands The Shadow of the Void Leather
Beastrider Gloves
593HandsQuest Leather
Skysinger Gloves
586Hands Declawing The Bloodmane Leather
Talador Sentinel Gloves
555HandsQuest Leather
Talador Sentinel Gauntlets
548Hands Aruumel's Rest Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Gloves
530HandsQuest Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Gauntlets
523HandsQuest Leather
Karabor Skirmisher Gloves
520Hands Gestating Genesaur Leather
Softfinger Grips
512Hands Shimmering Gauntlets Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Gloves
510Hands The Butcher of Bladespire Leather
Mismatched Leather Gloves
472Hands Shattered Hand Torturer Leather
Gloves of Baleflame
333Hands Closing a Dark Chapter Leather
Barrel-Belly Gauntlets
318Hands A Steady Supply Leather
Blackscale Wraps
318Hands Naga Reinforcements Leather
Fencer's Nimblefingers
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Heth'Jatari Battlegloves
318Hands Blast Him! Leather
Needle-Threader Gauntlets
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Throat-Slitter Gauntlets
318Hands Coup de Grace Leather
Throat-Slitter Gauntlets
318Hands Coup de Grace Leather
Brainrot Grips
312Hands A Disarming Distraction Leather
Marshseeker Gloves
312Hands Tanotep's Son Leather
Rope-Grip Gloves
312HandsQuest Leather
Bloodcult Handwraps
305Hands Hatred Runs Deep Leather
Firm Grips
305Hands Imposing Confrontation Leather
Gloves of Nurtured Truth
288Hands Aessina's Miracle Leather
Conch-Inlaid Gauntlets
272Hands Come Hell or High Water Leather
Corecrusher Gloves
272Hands The Earth Rises Leather
Gloves of Delicate Mixture
272Hands The Perfect Fuel Leather
Gloves of Delicate Mixture
272Hands Fuel-ology 101 Leather
Sea-Bending Gloves
272Hands Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar Leather
Skygrip Handguards
272Hands An Ancient Reborn Leather
Awakened Handguards
200HandsLooted Leather
Charged-Bolt Grips
200HandsLooted Leather
Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets
200HandsLooted Leather
Handwraps of Preserved History
187Hands A Royal Escort Leather
Rough Climber's Grips
174Hands The Reckoning Leather
Bloodied Leather Gloves
174Hands Valduran the Stormborn Leather
Discarded Slaughterhouse Gloves
174Hands The Rider of the Unholy Leather
Fur-Lined Mittens
174Hands They Took Our Men! Leather
Gilly's Strangulation Gauntlets
174HandsQuest Leather
Gloves of the Flayed
174Hands Ebon Blade Prisoners Leather
Gloves of Troubled Memory
174HandsQuest Leather
Ahn'kahar Handwraps
167HandsLooted Leather
Ragged Leaf Grips
162Hands Fortunate Misunderstandings Leather
Wraps of Quelled Bane
159Hands Don't Forget the Eggs! Leather
Bat Fur Mitts
158Hands Clipping Their Wings Leather
Gloves of Swift Death
158Hands Pure Evil Leather
Greenhealer's Gauntlets
158Hands That's What Friends Are For... Leather
Time-Stop Gloves
155Hands Postponing the Inevitable Leather
Shining Buckle Gauntlets
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Leather
Coiled Leather Gauntlets
154Hands Dun-da-Dun-tah! Leather
Discoverer's Mitts
154HandsQuest Leather
Gloves of the Emerald Stalker
146Hands That Which Creates Can Also Destroy Leather
Snowfall Reaver Gloves
146HandsQuest Leather
Vermin-Handler's Gauntlets
146Hands Let Them Not Rise! Leather
BT55 Leather Physical Gloves4
138Hands Leather
Deacon's Wraps
138HandsQuest Leather
Frost-Trimmed Gauntlets
138HandsQuest Leather
Grips of the Windswept Plains
138HandsQuest Leather
Rhinohide Gloves
138HandsQuest Leather
Shadewrap Gloves
138HandsQuest Leather
Whalehunter Gloves
138Hands The Emissary Leather
Gloves of the Unbound
115HandsLooted Leather
Handgrips of Assassination
115HandsLooted Leather
Predatory Gloves
115HandsLooted Leather
Wastewalker Gloves
115HandsLooted Leather
Gloves of Preservation
114HandsQuest Leather
Drake Tamer's Gloves
114Hands A Job Unfinished... Leather
Earthmender's Fists of Undoing
114Hands Escape from Coilskar Cistern Leather
Flesh Handler's Gauntlets
114Hands The Flesh Lies... Leather
Gloves of Preservation
114Hands Emblem of the Fel Horde Leather
Gloves of the Nether-Stalker
114Hands Dealing with the Overmaster Leather
Cenarion Warden's Gloves
111Hands Leather
Harmony's Touch
111Hands Building a Perimeter Leather
Verdant Gloves
109HandsQuest Leather
Netherhide Gloves
108Hands Slay the Brood Mother Leather
Nether-Rocket Gloves
108Hands Breaking Down Netherock Leather
Caustic Feelers
105Hands Solving the Problem Leather
Clefthoof Gloves
105Hands Clefthoof Mastery Leather
Precise Gloves of Alacrity
105Hands What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? Leather
Smuggler's Mitts
105Hands Leather
Dire Wolf Handler Gloves
102Hands Protecting Our Own Leather
Miner's Gloves
102Hands Into the Draenethyst Mine Leather
Gloves of the Afterlife
99Hands Helping the Lost Find Their Way Leather
97Hands Leather
Rapscallion's Touch
91Hands Leather
Blacksting Gloves
90HandsQuest Leather
Vigorous Gloves
64Hands Satchel of Helpful Goods Leather
Handwraps of Undead Slaying
63HandsQuest Leather
Gloves of Earthen Power
62Hands Leather
Darkmantle Gloves
60Hands Leather
Feralheart Gloves
60Hands Leather
Duskwing Gloves
60Hands Leather
Wormthorn Gloves
59Hands The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn Leather
Wormthorn Gloves
59Hands The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn Leather
Blight Leather Gloves
58Hands Leather
Gloves of the Pathfinder
58Hands Winterfall Activity Leather
Nightfall Gloves
56Hands Leather
Loramus' Gloves
56Hands The Altar of Storms Leather
Loramus' Gloves
55Hands The Altar of Storms Leather