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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Thick Leather Hat
4237HeadLooted Leather
Sun-Baked Leather Helmet
24590HeadLooted Leather
Smooth Leather Helmet
5752HeadLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Singed Leather Helmet
19982HeadLooted Leather
Shabby Leather Helmet
22987HeadLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Overstretched Leather Helmet
29490HeadLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Leather Helmet
18085HeadLooted Leather
Moldy Leather Helmet
6661HeadLooted Leather
Hardened Leather Helm
3530HeadLooted Leather
Fur-Lined Leather Helmet
11871HeadLooted Leather
Frozen Leather Helmet
13277HeadLooted Leather
Dirt-Caked Leather Helmet
15080HeadLooted Leather
Decaying Leather Helmet
7267HeadLooted Leather
Studded Hat
3732HeadVendor Leather
Straw Hat
1HeadVendor Leather
Snowhide Cap
7065HeadVendor Leather
Sinister Rouge Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Reinforced Leather Cap
5045HeadVendor Leather
Rakish Orange Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Mossy Green Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Immaculate White Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Glamorous Purple Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Forboding Black Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
Embroidered Crimson and Gold Mask
100HeadVendor Leather
CRobinson Leather Helm
1Head Leather
[PH] Shining Dawn Cap
100100Head Leather
[PH] Rising Dawn Cap
1Head Leather
Zorbin's Water Resistant Hat
48Head Even More Fuel for the Zapping Leather
Zin'Jun's Blindfold
6358Head Leather
Yojamba Hood
28379HeadLooted Leather
Wolverine Cap
16275HeadLooted Leather
Wolf Rider's Headgear
4742HeadLooted Leather
Wolf Hunter's Guise
96HeadQuest Leather
Withering Mask
45Head The Doomstone Leather
Winterfin Patch of Honor
14570HeadVendor Leather
Winterfin Cowl
13468HeadLooted Leather
Wildsoul Hood
23280HeadVendor Leather
Wildsoul Helm
23280HeadVendor Leather
Wildsoul Headpiece
23280HeadVendor Leather
Wildevar Cap
14270HeadLooted Leather
Wild Leather Helmet
4540HeadCrafted Leather
Wicked Leather Headband
5651HeadCrafted Leather
White Drakeskin Cap
40Head Leather
Whisper Hood
37784HeadLooted Leather
Wendigo Hood
17478HeadLooted Leather
Webspinner Hood
17879HeadLooted Leather
Wax-Filled Hood
318Head Siren's Song Leather
Wasteland Leather Helm
40888HeadVendor Leather
Wasteland Hide Helm
40888HeadVendor Leather
Warp-Raider's Eyepatch
108Head It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart Leather
Warlords Intro Zone PH Leather Helm
500Head Leather
Warden's Wizard Hat
4540HeadLooted Leather
Wanderer's Hat
5752HeadLooted Leather
Voidcaller Hood
49491HeadLooted Leather
Vine Hood
42988HeadLooted Leather
Vileprey Hood
15072HeadLooted Leather
Veteran's Skullcap
81HeadQuest Leather
Verdant Tundra Cap
15572HeadCreated Leather
Vengeance Helm
8759HeadLooted Leather
Ursius's Cap
53Head Ursius Leather
Undercity Reservist's Cap
47Head Leather
Umbrafen Cap
10565HeadLooted Leather
Trickster's Headdress
4237HeadLooted Leather
Tribal Worg Helm
3227HeadLooted Leather
Traveler's Helm
5954HeadLooted Leather
Tracker's Headband
4540HeadLooted Leather
Toshley's Station Hero's Hat
108Head Show Them Gnome Mercy! Leather
Tim's Trusty Helmet
96Head Secrets of the Daggerfen Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Faceguard
42990HeadLooted Leather
Thresher Hood
40087HeadLooted Leather
The Wanderer's Cover
38Head The Reagent Thief Leather
Teroclaw Hood
53895HeadLooted Leather
Taunka Hat
15473HeadLooted Leather
Tailthrasher Hood
50592HeadLooted Leather
Swashbuckler's Eyepatch
5550HeadLooted Leather
Swamp Hood
40386HeadLooted Leather
Supreme Crown
6459HeadLooted Leather
Supple Bloodbinder's Helm
158Head The Frozen Earth Leather
Sunsoaked Cap
399Head The Meat They'll Eat Leather
Sunset Leather Helm
437Head Kor'thik Aggression Leather
Sunset Hide Helm
437Head Kor'thik Aggression Leather
Sunroc Mask
9662HeadLooted Leather
Stonegouge Headgear
32Head Mystery Solved Leather
Steamscar Hood
51693HeadLooted Leather
Stagalbog Hood
27277HeadLooted Leather
Springrain Hood
48390Head Leather
Springrain Hood
48390Head Leather
Springrain Helm
48390Head Leather
Springrain Helm
48390Head Leather
Springrain Headpiece
48390Head Leather
Springrain Headpiece
48390Head Leather
Spiritcaller's Mask
108Head There Can Be Only One Response Leather
Spirit Hunter Headdress
37Head Leather
Spiked Skullguard
138Head Leader of the Deranged Leather
Snowfall Reaver Hood
146HeadQuest Leather
Slither-Dog Headguard
30Head Good-Fer-Nothin' Slither-Dogs Leather
Slime Hunter Headguard
32Head Prime Slime Leather
Skysinger Helm
575Head A Feast of Shadows Leather
Skirmisher's Cover
39Head Leather
Sixen's Skullcap
174Head The Air Stands Still Leather