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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Pridelord Pants
5853LegsLooted Leather
Primal Leggings
116LegsLooted Leather
Prospector's Woolies
2116LegsLooted Leather
Pygmy Pants
17077LegsLooted Leather
Quick Buck Leggings
17Legs Handling the Goods Leather
Rageclaw Leggings
4944LegsLooted Leather
Ranger Leggings
4338LegsLooted Leather
Ranger Pants
9963LegsLooted Leather
Raptorhide Legguards
40Legs WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous Leather
Rattlebore Slayer Leggings
146Legs Really Big Worm Leather
Ravager Hide Leggings
10Legs Beasts of the Apocalypse! Leather
Ravenholdt Britches
31284LegsLooted Leather
Reinforced Caribou-Hide Leggings
138LegsQuest Leather
Restless Leggings
11Legs A Love Eternal Leather
Righteous Leggings
5348LegsLooted Leather
Rigid Leggings
2419LegsLooted Leather
Riplash Leggings
13869LegsLooted Leather
Riverblade Legguards
399Legs Apply Directly to the Forehead Leather
Robust Leggings
2924LegsLooted Leather
Rocktusk Britches
29581LegsLooted Leather
Rugged Leather Pants
116LegsCrafted Leather
Runic Leather Pants
6055LegsCrafted Leather
Saber Leggings
2823LegsVendor Leather
Sapfly Legguards
437Legs Walking Dog Leather
Savage Leggings
11Legs Gurf's Dignity Leather
Scaled Leather Leggings
3328LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Scorpashi Leggings
4742LegsLooted, Skinned Leather
Scouting Trousers
2419LegsLooted, Skinned Leather
Seeker's Britches
41Legs Villains of Darrowshire Leather
Senator's Dignified Pants
10Legs The Public Servant Leather
Sentinel Trousers
3934LegsLooted Leather
Serpentskin Leggings
5449LegsLooted Leather
Severed Druid's Leggings
21Legs The Forest Heart Leather
Shackled Bindings
10Legs The Enchanted Glade Leather
Shadow Weaver Leggings
2722Legs Leather
Shadowstalking Britches
23280LegsVendor Leather
Shard-Covered Leggings
12LegsLooted, Quest Leather
Shipwrecked Leggings
272Legs Girding Our Loins Leather
Silent Britches
36483LegsLooted Leather
Silver-Trim Leggings
15Legs The Stolen Silver Leather
Skins of Subterfuge
158Legs Sabotage Leather
Slaver's Leggings
20Legs Human Infestation Leather
Slick Deviate Leggings
20Legs Leather
Smith's Trousers
20Legs Leather
Snowfall Reaver Leggings
146LegsQuest Leather
Spear-Impaled Leggings
318Legs Precious Goods Leather
Spider Venom Leggings
33Legs Dark Vessels Leather
Spider Venom Leggings
33Legs Dark Vessels Leather
Spore-Soaked Leggings
305Legs Gone Soft Leather
Spothide Leggings
14Legs Jango Spothide Leather
Springrain Britches
48390Legs Leather
Springrain Leggings
48390Legs Leather
Springrain Legguards
48390Legs Leather
Stagalbog Britches
27277LegsLooted Leather
Stalking Pants
2621LegsVendor Leather
Steppebeast Legguards
429Legs Seeing Red Leather
Steppebeast Pantaloons
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Leather
Stretched Leather Trousers
15Legs Leather
Stromgarde Leggings
28Legs For Southshore Leather
Substitute Gunner's Leggings
312Legs Battlezone Leather
Sunroc Pants
9662LegsLooted Leather
Sunsoaked Legguards
399Legs A Seemingly Endless Nuisance Leather
Superior Leggings
2823LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Supple Bloodbinder's Leggings
158Legs You Reap What You Sow Leather
Supple Yeti Leggings
23Legs The Heart of the Matter Leather
Supreme Leggings
6358LegsLooted Leather
Swamp Britches
40386LegsLooted Leather
Swashbuckler's Leggings
5651LegsLooted Leather
Taunka Legguards
15473LegsLooted Leather
Taurajo Leggings
32Legs A Line in the Dirt Leather
Taurajo Leggings
32Legs A Line in the Dirt Leather
T'chali's Kilt
102Legs A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans! Leather
Thick Draenic Pants
9662LegsCrafted Leather
Thresher Britches
41687LegsLooted Leather
Timbermaw Leggings
49Legs Disarming Bears Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Trousers
42990LegsLooted Leather
Torturer's Fleshwoven Leggings
146Legs The Denouncement Leather
Tracker's Leggings
4641LegsLooted Leather
Tranquillien Breeches
11Legs Anok'suten Leather
Traveler's Leggings
6055LegsLooted Leather
Treegrip Pants
272Legs The Bears Up There Leather
Tribal Pants
127LegsLooted Leather
Trickster's Leggings
4035LegsLooted Leather
Umbrafen Britches
10565LegsLooted Leather
Unbared Leggings
23Legs Tooling Around Leather
Vagabond Leggings
13Legs Leather
Vengeance Legguards
8759LegsLooted Leather
Ventillated Leggings
16Legs Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Vileprey Leggings
15072LegsLooted Leather
Vindicator's Leather Chaps
17Legs Matis the Cruel Leather
Vine Britches
42988LegsLooted, Mined Leather
Volcanic Leggings
5449LegsCrafted Leather
Wanderer's Leggings
5853LegsLooted Leather
Warden's Woolies
4338LegsLooted Leather
Wasteland Hide Legguards
40888LegsVendor Leather
Wasteland Leather Legguards
40888LegsVendor Leather
Waterlogged Leggings
300Legs Leather
Waterproof Leggings
20Legs The Floodsurge Core Leather
Webspinner Leggings
17879LegsLooted Leather
Well Crafted Leather Britches
26Legs Deep Roots Leather