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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Imposing Pants
4540LegsLooted Leather
Imperial Leather Pants
4540LegsLooted Leather
Iceborne Leggings
14270LegsCrafted Leather
Ice Avatar Legguards
54Legs Winterwater Leather
Hydrafang Breeches
162Legs Reagent Agent Leather
Huntsman's Leggings
4237LegsLooted Leather
Hunting Pants
1611LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Leather Trousers
372Legs Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Leather Trousers
372Legs Without a Trace Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Leather Trousers
372Legs Acid Rain Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Hide Leggings
372Legs Acid Rain Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Hide Leggings
372Legs Without a Trace Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Hide Leggings
372Legs Leather
Hightailing Leggings
11Legs Losing Your Tail Leather
Heraldic Leggings
4944LegsLooted Leather
Hemet's Leather Legguards
399Legs Stalker Mastery Leather
Hemet's Hide Legguards
399Legs Stalker Mastery Leather
Headhunter's Woolies
3530LegsLooted Leather
Hawkeye's Breeches
3833LegsLooted Leather
Harvester's Pants
15Legs Leather
Haldarr Britches
30683LegsLooted Leather
Hacker's Leggings
18Legs Hacking the Construct Leather
Haal'eshi Leggings
8458LegsLooted Leather
Gypsy Trousers
149LegsLooted, Fished Leather
Guardian Pants
3227LegsCrafted Leather
Gruffscale Leggings
5548Legs Big Crate of Salvage Leather
Grounded Pants
138Legs A Lesson in Fear Leather
Grotesque Butcher's Pants
174Legs The Rider of Blood Leather
Grizzly Pants
149LegsLooted Leather
Greasy Tinker's Pants
18Legs Leather
Grand Legguards
6156LegsLooted Leather
Golly Gosh Leggings
46Legs Dead Man's Chest Leather
Glyphed Leggings
4035LegsLooted Leather
Ghrino Britches
16676LegsLooted Leather
Ghoul-Hunter Leggings
24Legs The Cries of the Dead Leather
Ghostwalker Legguards
3631LegsLooted Leather
Ghostclaw Leggings
20Legs Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Leather
Ghost Fox Legguards
437Legs Walking Dog Leather
Geist Legguards
18280LegsLooted Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Leggings
514Legs Vul'gath's End Leather
Frostsaber Leggings
5752LegsCrafted Leather
Frostilicus's Hide
54Legs Damn You, Frostilicus Leather
Frontier Britches
17Legs Leather
Forest Leather Pants
2621LegsLooted Leather
Flayer-Hide Leggings
81LegsQuest Leather
Fine Leather Pants
2116LegsCrafted Leather
Feral Leggings
2015LegsLooted Leather
Feather Lined Legguards
31Legs Fletch Me Some Plumage! Leather
Faldir's Leggings
28Legs Death From Below Leather
Faded Forest Leather Legguards
37285LegsVendor Leather
Faded Forest Hide Legguards
37285LegsVendor Leather
Explorer's Leggings
93Legs Escape from Umbrafen Leather
Expedition Pants
11769LegsLooted Leather
Essential Pantaloons
48Legs Recon Essentials Leather
Embossed Leather Pants
1510LegsCrafted Leather
Emblazoned Leggings
3126LegsLooted Leather
Eco-Dome Leggings
111Legs Rightful Repossession Leather
Earthbound Leggings
34Legs Flightmare Leather
Dusky Leather Leggings
3328LegsCrafted Leather
Duskwatcher's Leggings
10Legs Wildmane Cleansing Leather
Dreghood Trousers
9060LegsLooted Leather
Dredgemire Leggings
18Legs Leather
Drakeskin Leggings
27Legs The Traitor Orc Leather
Dragonhawk Pants
12070LegsLooted Leather
Dokebi Leggings
3227LegsLooted Leather
Discarded Troll Leggings
26Legs Who's a Big Troll? Leather
Discarded Troll Leggings
26Legs A Physical Specimen Leather
Discarded Swampstalker Leggings
42990LegsLooted Leather
Dervish Leggings
3025LegsLooted Leather
Denwatcher's Leggings
138Legs Nedar, Lord of Rhinos... Leather
Dementia Trousers
9361LegsLooted Leather
Dellot's Leggings
46Legs Dead Man's Chest Leather
Deer-Savior Leggings
272Legs Oh, Deer! Leather
Deepwoods Legguards
384Legs Quill of Stingers Leather
Dark Leather Pants
2318LegsCrafted Leather
Dandred Britches
30082LegsLooted Leather
Daggerjaw Britches
52794LegsLooted Leather
Daggerfen Stitchpants
10264LegsLooted Leather
Daggercap Trousers
13067LegsLooted Leather
Cutthroat's Pants
3328LegsLooted Leather
Cured Proto-Drake Leggings
174Legs Discipline Leather
Crypt Stalker Leggings
5348LegsLooted Leather
Crushchest Leggings
318Legs Precious Goods Leather
Coldsnout Britches
48390LegsLooted Leather
Clue-Finder's Leggings
18Legs Leather
Cloudcaller Leggings
34Legs Can't Make An Omelette Without... Leather
Clefthoof Britches
10866LegsLooted Leather
Chimeric Leggings
5651LegsCrafted Leather
Chieftain's Leggings
5146LegsLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Loincloth
1712LegsLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Loincloth
1712Legs Leather
Caribou Britches
14671LegsLooted Leather
Cabalist Leggings
4843LegsLooted Leather
Burnt Leather Breeches
105LegsLooted, Fished Leather
BT52 Leather Healer Legs2
138Legs Leather
Britches of Turning Fortune
10Legs The Vengeance of Elune Leather
Britches of Desperate Measures
13Legs Nowhere to Run Leather
Bristlebark Britches
2621LegsLooted Leather
Breezestrider Britches
57198LegsLooted Leather
Brambleweed Leggings
2015LegsLooted Leather