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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Snaggle's Favorite Pants
820Legs Time to Collect Leather
Valor-Bound Legwraps
800Legs The Aegis of Aggramar Leather
Leggings of Sacrifice
680LegsQuest, Vendor Leather
Leggings of Sacrifice
680LegsQuest, Vendor Leather
Pufferfish Demolition Legwraps
680Legs Oh, the Clawdacity! Leather
Runesworn Breeches
680Legs Leather
Britches of Elemental Protection
680Legs Nobundo's Last Stand Leather
Corsair's Britches
680Legs Making the World Safe for Profit Leather
Drogstitch Breeches
680Legs Wrathshard Leather
Drogstitch Legguards
680Legs Rite of Blood Leather
Leggings of the Soul-Trapper
680Legs Reignite the Wards Leather
Ruin-Stalker Breeches
680Legs Our Very Bones Leather
Ruin-Stalker Pants
680Legs Save Yourself Leather
Runesworn Greaves
680Legs Regal Remains Leather
Sablehide Breeches
680Legs Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly Leather
"Super Sterilized" Blastguard Britches
588Legs Preventing the Worst Leather
Beastrider Breeches
587LegsQuest Leather
Skysinger Breeches
577Legs Hot Seat Leather
Talador Sentinel Breeches
545LegsQuest Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Breeches
534LegsQuest Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Legguards
518Legs Lurkers Leather
Blademoon Trousers
514Legs Rotting Riverbeasts Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Leggings
514Legs Vul'gath's End Leather
Karabor Skirmisher Legguards
514Legs Ancestor's Memory Leather
Hollowheart Trousers
506Legs Blaze of Glory Leather
Sapfly Legguards
437Legs Walking Dog Leather
Silentleaf Legguards
434Legs Prophet Khar'zul Leather
Mistlurker Pantaloons
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Leather
Steppebeast Legguards
429Legs Seeing Red Leather
Hemet's Hide Legguards
399Legs Stalker Mastery Leather
Mistwalker Hide Legguards
399Legs Tread Lightly Leather
Mistwalker Leather Legguards
399Legs Tread Lightly Leather
Mortbreath Legguards
399Legs Apply Directly to the Forehead Leather
Plainshawk Legguards
399Legs A Seemingly Endless Nuisance Leather
Blackthicket Legguards
384Legs Quill of Stingers Leather
Deepwoods Legguards
384Legs Quill of Stingers Leather
Honorary Combat Engineer's Hide Leggings
372Legs Without a Trace Leather
Garona's Finest Leggings
333Legs Skullcrusher the Mountain Leather
Shaw's Finest Leggings
333Legs Skullcrusher the Mountain Leather
Leggings of Fragmented Hope
318Legs The Middle Fragment Leather
Crushchest Leggings
318Legs Precious Goods Leather
Spear-Impaled Leggings
318Legs Precious Goods Leather
Woundseal Leggings
318Legs Nightmare Leather
Leggings of the Lost Child
316Legs Wayward Child Leather
Leggings of the Unforgiving Tomb
312Legs Punish the Trespassers Leather
Substitute Gunner's Leggings
312Legs Battlezone Leather
Spore-Soaked Leggings
305Legs Gone Soft Leather
Waterlogged Leggings
300Legs Leather
Leggings of the Vanquished Usurper
288Legs Finish Nemesis Leather
Deer-Savior Leggings
272Legs Oh, Deer! Leather
Leftover Leggings
272Legs To Arms! Leather
Polychaete Leggings
272Legs Blackfin's Booty Leather
Shipwrecked Leggings
272Legs Girding Our Loins Leather
Treegrip Pants
272Legs The Bears Up There Leather
Crenelation Leggings
200LegsLooted Leather
Gored Hide Legguards
200LegsLooted Leather
Kilt of the Forgotten One
200LegsLooted Leather
Legguards of Swarming Attacks
200LegsLooted Leather
Ravenous Leggings of the Furbolg
200LegsLooted Leather
Leggings of Heightened Renewal
174Legs The Iron Colossus Leather
Cured Proto-Drake Leggings
174Legs Discipline Leather
Grotesque Butcher's Pants
174Legs The Rider of Blood Leather
Leggings of Silent Echoes
174Legs Leather
Worg-Hide Pants
174Legs Leather
Freshly Sewn Leggings
171Legs Leather
Tattooed Deerskin Leggings
167Legs Containment Leather
Hydrafang Breeches
162Legs Reagent Agent Leather
Legguards of Guided Travel
162Legs The Activation Rune Leather
Legguards of the Aggressive Emissary
162Legs The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure Leather
Legguards of Solemn Revenge
158Legs Malas the Corrupter Leather
Bloodletter's Pants
158Legs But First My Offspring Leather
Skins of Subterfuge
158Legs Sabotage Leather
Supple Bloodbinder's Leggings
158Legs You Reap What You Sow Leather
Pants of Purified Wind
154LegsQuest Leather
Iron-Shatter Leggings
154Legs Into the Breach Leather
Leggings of Anger Management
154Legs Therapy Leather
Patchhide Pants
154LegsQuest Leather
Warchief's Legguards of Brutality
146Legs Leather
Warchief's Legguards of Heroism
146Legs Leather
Wrynn's Legguards of Brutality
146Legs Leather
Wrynn's Legguards of Heroism
146Legs Leather
Ancient Dreamer's Leggings
146Legs The Plume of Alystros Leather
DB54 Leather Physical Legs4
146Legs Leather
Legpads of the Inquisitor
146Legs Wanted: Onslaught Commander Iustus Leather
Rattlebore Slayer Leggings
146Legs Really Big Worm Leather
Snowfall Reaver Leggings
146LegsQuest Leather
Torturer's Fleshwoven Leggings
146Legs The Denouncement Leather
Artfully Tooled Leggings
138LegsQuest Leather
BT52 Leather Healer Legs2
138Legs Leather
Denwatcher's Leggings
138Legs Nedar, Lord of Rhinos... Leather
Grounded Pants
138Legs A Lesson in Fear Leather
Iron-Studded Leggings
138LegsQuest Leather
Marshwalker Legguards
138LegsQuest Leather
Reinforced Caribou-Hide Leggings
138LegsQuest Leather
Whalehunter Leggings
138Legs Leading the Ancestors Home Leather
Earthsoul Britches
115LegsLooted Leather
Mennu's Scaled Leggings
115LegsLooted Leather
Moonglade Pants
115LegsLooted Leather
Wastewalker Leggings
115LegsLooted Leather
QR 10574 Leather Rogue Legs
114Legs Leather