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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Deepwoods Belt
384Waist Attention Leather
Darktail Belt
55Waist Curtail the Darktail Leather
Darkbrand Belt
28980WaistCrafted Leather
Dark Leather Belt
2520WaistCrafted Leather
Dandred Waistband
30082WaistLooted Leather
Dancer's Belt
49Waist Operation: Stir the Cauldron Leather
Daltry's Belt
23Waist Roland's Doom Leather
Daggerfen Belt
10264WaistLooted Leather
Daggercap Waistband
13067WaistLooted Leather
Cutthroat's Belt
3126WaistLooted Leather
Cord of Tragic Memory
10Waist A Sacred Burial Leather
Cord of the Ascetic
25Waist Bad Medicine Leather
Coldstone-Inlaid Waistguard
138WaistQuest Leather
Climbing Straps
30Waist Warriors' Redemption Leather
Clefthoof Belt
10866WaistLooted Leather
Chieftain's Belt
4843WaistLooted Leather
Chewed Belt
13Waist It's Alive! Leather
Charred Drakehide Belt
138Waist Drake Hunt Leather
Carronader's Belt
30Waist Run Out the Guns Leather
Caribou Waistband
14671WaistLooted Leather
Cagebreaker's Leather Belt
372WaistQuest Leather
Cagebreaker's Hide Belt
372WaistQuest Leather
Cabalist Belt
4641WaistLooted Leather
Bughunter Belt
47Waist A Few Good Goblins Leather
BT48 Leather Physical Belt3
138Waist Leather
Bristlebark Belt
2318WaistLooted Leather
Boneshredder Belt
11167WaistLooted Leather
Bonechewer Pelt-Girdle
8157WaistLooted Leather
Bloodstained Twilight Belt
45Waist Something to Wear Leather
Blastgineer's Belt
27Waist Spare Parts Up In Here! Leather
Blade-Dodging Girdle
318Waist Unfamiliar Waters Leather
Blackwhelp Belt
105Waist Whelps of the Wyrmcult Leather
Blackthicket Belt
384Waist Attention Leather
Binding of the Ancient Keeper
162Waist A Timeworn Coffer Leather
Binding Girdle
15Waist Leather
Belt of Vindication
27Waist Leather
Belt of the Valley of Kings
12Waist A Decisive Strike Leather
Belt of the Unafraid
40Waist Supporting the Troops Leather
Belt of the Unafraid
40Waist Supporting the Troops Leather
Belt of the Scattering Wind
34Waist Can't Make An Omelette Without... Leather
Belt of the Raptor
28Waist Raptor Mastery Leather
Belt of the Moonkin
93Waist Leader of the Bloodscale Leather
Belt of the Lost Barrow
46Waist Dousing the Flames of Protection Leather
Belt of the Laconic
35Waist War Machines Leather
Belt of the Forgotten Pool
14Waist Kolkar Leaders Leather
Belt of the Blathering Fool
35Waist War Machines Leather
Belt of Swift Failure
272Waist Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak Leather
Belt of Supremacy
33Waist Details of the Attack Leather
Belt of Smashed Feathers
318Waist Crushing the Wildhammer Leather
Belt of Service
158Waist Pa'Troll Leather
Belt of Secret Signs
22Waist Wet Work Leather
Belt of Refuge
27Waist Attack on the Tower Leather
Belt of Recurring Raids
16Waist Lake Everstill Clean Up Leather
Belt of Preparation
51Waist Enough Damage For One Day Leather
Belt of Preparation
51Waist Enough Damage For One Day Leather
Belt of Njorndar
174Waist The Sum is Greater than the Parts Leather
Belt of Natural Essence
35Waist Sealing the Dream Leather
Belt of Natural Essence
35Waist Sealing the Dream Leather
Belt of Keen Hearing
154Waist Put on Your Best Face for Loken Leather
Belt of Healing Charms
23Waist All's Well Leather
Belt of Feigned Joy
41Waist We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! Leather
Belt of Delay
43Waist Ix'lar the Underlord Leather
Belt of Corruption
44Waist Leather
Belt of Cheapened Lives
55Waist Pick Your Fate Leather
Belt of Bloody Dreams
318Waist Dragonmaw Takedown Leather
Belt of Bloating
52Waist Bearzerker Leather
Belt of Appeasement
40Waist A Gift For Fiona Leather
Beggar's Belt
21Waist Deliver the Thread Leather
Beastmaster's Girdle
28Waist Leather
Batskin Belt
1712WaistVendor Leather
Bard's Belt
1510WaistLooted, Fished Leather
Barbaric Belt
4035WaistCrafted Leather
Bandit Cinch
1914WaistLooted, Fished Leather
Bal'lal Belt
25Waist The Defense of Grom'gol: Trollish Thievery Leather
Bad Belt
20Waist Drungeld Glowerglare Leather
B.O.O.M. Operative's Belt
111Waist Retrieving the Goods Leather
Azure Sash
29Waist Leather
Arctic Belt
14673WaistCrafted Leather
Archer's Belt
3530WaistLooted Leather
Anara's Belt
27Waist BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! Leather
Aitokk's Belt
55Waist Ogre Combat Leather
Aged Abomination Tripe
158Waist Feedin' Da Goolz Leather
Adventurer's Belt
6257WaistLooted Leather
Adulterous Belt
27Waist To Steal From Thieves Leather
Abyssal Leather Belt
6560Waist Leather
Aboraz Waistband
28980WaistLooted Leather
"Swamp Eye" Belt
36Waist Jarl Needs a Blade Leather
Wrap of the Everliving Tree
20080WaistVendor Leather
Wildheart Belt
5853Waist Venom Belcher Leather
Waistguard of Equine Fury
20080WaistVendor Leather
Vosh'gajin's Strand
60Waist Leather
Voidhide Cord
10366Waist Voidhunter Yar Leather
Vigorous Belt
60WaistLooted Leather
Vigorous Belt
25Waist Satchel of Helpful Goods Leather
Vicious Wyrmhide Belt
37785WaistCrafted Leather
Vicious Leather Belt
37785WaistCrafted Leather
Underworld Cord
34685WaistLooted Leather
Underworld Cord
33383WaistLooted Leather
Treasure Seeker's Belt
20080WaistLooted Leather
The Sleeper's Cord
11570WaistLooted Leather