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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Karabor Skirmisher Belt
512Waist Shadows Awaken Leather
Belt of Bloody Dreams
318Waist Dragonmaw Takedown Leather
Belt of Smashed Feathers
318Waist Crushing the Wildhammer Leather
Blade-Dodging Girdle
318Waist Unfamiliar Waters Leather
Machine-Linker Girdle
318Waist Missing Parts Leather
Vermillion Belt
318Waist Draconic Mending Leather
Stonecore Belt
316Waist Wayward Child Leather
Mar'at Belt
312Waist Venomblood Antidote Leather
Reinforced Seatbelt
312Waist Tailgunner! Leather
Waistguard of Fallen Hearts
312Waist Fashionism Leather
Press Gang Girdle
289Waist Without a Captain or Crew Leather
Redblood Belt
289Waist Blood of the Earthwarder Leather
Belt of Swift Failure
272Waist Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak Leather
Earthmender's Sawfish Girdle
272Waist Overseer Idra'kess Leather
Earthmender's Sawfish Girdle
272Waist Overseer Idra'kess Leather
Primal Force Girdle
272Waist Lycanthoth the Corruptor Leather
Tiger Shark Belt
272Waist Swift Action Leather
Tiger Shark Belt
272Waist Swift Action Leather
Triggerfish Girdle
272Waist A Pearl of Wisdom Leather
Wrap of Furious Pride
272Waist Lycanthoth the Corruptor Leather
Strange Voodoo Belt
175WaistQuest Leather
Belt of the Never-Forgotten
174Waist Light Within the Darkness Leather
Belt of Njorndar
174Waist The Sum is Greater than the Parts Leather
Girdle of Reprieve
174Waist The Stone That Started A Revolution Leather
Hardened Whipping Belt
174WaistQuest Leather
Refurbished Demolisher Gear Belt
174WaistQuest Leather
Binding of the Ancient Keeper
162Waist A Timeworn Coffer Leather
Toenail Belt
162Waist Rhino Mastery: The Kill Leather
Aged Abomination Tripe
158Waist Feedin' Da Goolz Leather
Belt of Service
158Waist Pa'Troll Leather
Supple Belt of the Bloodletter
158Waist The Leaders at Jin'Alai Leather
Belt of Keen Hearing
154Waist Put on Your Best Face for Loken Leather
Waistguard of Expedient Procurement
154Waist Drak'aguul's Mallet Leather
Belt of Vengeful Purification
146WaistQuest Leather
Glade Wanderer Belt
146Waist Pride of the Horde Leather
Lothalar Woodwalker Belt
146WaistQuest Leather
Narf's Explosiveproof Strand
146Waist Harp on This! Leather
Scourgeslayer Belt
146WaistQuest Leather
Brown Belt of Humbling Gravity
142WaistQuest, Vendor Leather
Brown Belt of Precarious Balance
142WaistQuest, Vendor Leather
BT48 Leather Physical Belt3
138Waist Leather
Charred Drakehide Belt
138Waist Drake Hunt Leather
Coldstone-Inlaid Waistguard
138WaistQuest Leather
Marshwalker Waistguard
138WaistQuest Leather
Reinforced Elastic Band
138WaistQuest Leather
Rejuvenating Cord
138WaistQuest Leather
Naaru Belt of Precision
115Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Leather
Eva's Strap
114Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered Leather
Manimal's Cinch
114Waist Enraged Spirits of Air Leather
B.O.O.M. Operative's Belt
111Waist Retrieving the Goods Leather
Kirin'Var Scout's Belt
111Waist The Sigil of Krasus Leather
Socrethar's Girdle
109Waist Turning Point Leather
Blackwhelp Belt
105Waist Whelps of the Wyrmcult Leather
Eighty Silver Links
105WaistQuest Leather
Tree Warden's Belt
105Waist ...and a Time for Action Leather
Feralfen Skulker's Belt
102Waist Messenger to the Feralfen Leather
Burning Blade Devotee's Cinch
97Waist Message to Telaar Leather
Burning Blade Devotee's Cinch
97Waist Message to Garadar Leather
Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion
93WaistQuest, Vendor Leather
Red Belt of Unspoken Warning
93WaistQuest, Vendor Leather
Belt of the Moonkin
93Waist Leader of the Bloodscale Leather
Pilgrim's Belt
90Waist Marking the Path Leather
Belt of Preserved Heads
70Waist A Collection of Heads Leather
Darkmantle Belt
65Waist Leather
Feralheart Belt
65Waist Leather
Zandalar Haruspex's Belt
61Waist Paragons of Power: The Haruspex's Belt Leather
Vigorous Belt
60WaistLooted Leather
Vosh'gajin's Strand
60Waist Leather
Nagmara's Whipping Belt
56Waist Leather
Aitokk's Belt
55Waist Ogre Combat Leather
Belt of Cheapened Lives
55Waist Pick Your Fate Leather
Darktail Belt
55Waist Curtail the Darktail Leather
Excavator's Utility Belt
55Waist Leather
Nethergarde Belt
55Waist Eliminate the Okril'lon Leather
Excavator's Quarry Belt
53Waist Roll the Bones Leather
Belt of Bloating
52Waist Bearzerker Leather
Belt of Preparation
51Waist Enough Damage For One Day Leather
Belt of Preparation
51Waist Enough Damage For One Day Leather
E'ko Gatherer's Belt
51Waist Doin' De E'ko Magic Leather
Dancer's Belt
49Waist Operation: Stir the Cauldron Leather
Vinehedge Cinch
49Waist Leather
Belt of the Deep
48Waist A Fool's Errand Leather
Bughunter Belt
47Waist A Few Good Goblins Leather
Belt of the Lost Barrow
46Waist Dousing the Flames of Protection Leather
Belt of the Gentle Lady
45Waist Journey's End Leather
Bloodstained Twilight Belt
45Waist Something to Wear Leather
Belt of Corruption
44Waist Leather
Leather Chef's Belt
44Waist Leather
Belt of Delay
43Waist Ix'lar the Underlord Leather
Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt
43WaistCrafted Leather
Tharg's Shoelace
43Waist Leather
Holdfast Belt
42Waist The Mad Magus Leather
Magram Hunter's Belt
42Waist Leather
Belt of Feigned Joy
41Waist We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! Leather
Green Belt of Hushed Wisdom
40WaistQuest, Vendor Leather
Green Belt of Quiet Understanding
40WaistQuest, Vendor Leather
Belt of Appeasement
40Waist A Gift For Fiona Leather
Belt of the Unafraid
40Waist Supporting the Troops Leather
Belt of the Unafraid
40Waist Supporting the Troops Leather
Field Agent's Belt
39Waist Students of Krastinov Leather