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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Excavation Bracers
46Wrists It's Not About History, It's About Power Leather
Codemaster's Cuffs
45Wrists Behind You! Leather
Corpsebeast Armbands
45Wrists The Corpsebeasts Leather
Bracers of Reluctant Violence
42Wrists Darkcloud Grimtotem Leather
Goddess-Blessed Wristlets
42Wrists Darkcloud Grimtotem Leather
Synge's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Wizzle's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Driver's Armbands
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Leather
Driver's Armbands
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Leather
Lurid Bracers
40Wrists Ace in the Hole Leather
Plaguehound Armbands
40Wrists A Gift For Fiona Leather
Quelling Bracers
40Wrists Brother Against Brother Leather
Archer's Wristguard
37WristsQuest Leather
Bracer of Portals
35Wrists Portals of the Legion Leather
Bracer of Portals
35Wrists Portals of the Legion Leather
Bracers of the Captured Heart
35WristsQuest Leather
Elimination Bracers
35Wrists Scholomancer Leather
Elimination Bracers
35Wrists Scholomancer Leather
Gwenyth's Bracers
35Wrists The Shell of Shadra Leather
Gwenyth's Bracers
35Wrists The Shell of Shadra Leather
Princess Poobah's Bracelets
33Wrists Mukla's Demise Leather
Phase Three Bracers
32Wrists Kill-Collect Leather
Three-Tooth Bracers
31Wrists You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me Leather
Spoils of the Courtyard
30Wrists Re-Take the Courtyard Leather
Terrortooth Hide Bracers
30Wrists Raptor Scraps Leather
Irradiated Faux Croc' Bracers
29Wrists Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Irradiated Faux Croc' Bracers
29Wrists Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Armguards of the Good Captain
28Wrists Death From Below Leather
Bartered Bracers
28Wrists Venture Company Mining Leather
Oil-Stained Bracers
28Wrists Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post! Leather
Skeezy Bracers
28Wrists Venture Company Mining Leather
Yellow Ribbon Armbands
28Wrists Stromgarde Badges Leather
Bracers of Sensations
27Wrists Alina's Reward Leather
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Hide Wraps
27WristsVendor Leather
Krom'gar Legionnaire's Leather Bracers
27WristsVendor Leather
Loamflake Bracers
25Wrists Leather
Mr. Hider's Bracers
25Wrists Silence of the Dwarves Leather
Silverwind Bracers
25Wrists True Power of the Rod Leather
Unringed Bands
25Wrists The Last Stand Leather
Deep Moss Bracers
24Wrists For Peat's Sake Leather
Moon Shriek Bracers
24Wrists Cry For The Moon Leather
Poisoned Bracers
24Wrists Deception and Trickery Leather
Bracers of Forlorn Spirits
23Wrists Mistmantle's Revenge Leather
Bracers of Humility
23Wrists Breathing Room Leather
Bounty Hunter's Bracers
22Wrists Leather
Chet's Slimy Bracers
22Wrists Trail of Filth Leather
Scrupleless Bracers
22Wrists Pierce Their Heart! Leather
Topsoil Bracers
20Wrists Sedimentary, My Dear Leather
Wolfmane Wristguards
20Wrists Leather
Bracers of the Ancient Grove
19Wrists The Battle for Darkshore Leather
Bracers of the Million Gold Man
19Wrists From the Belly of the Beast Leather
Farstrider's Bracers
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Leather
Ancient Cuffs
18Wrists The Devourer of Darkshore Leather
Exterminator's Armbands
18Wrists Detonation Leather
Juicy Bracers
18Wrists Watch Your Step Leather
Ridgeback Bracers
18Wrists Leather
Savannah Bracers
18Wrists Leather
Watchman's Bracers
18Wrists Leather
Acquisition Bracers
17Wrists Shore Leave Leather
Uninsured Bracers
17Wrists Mutiny, Mon! Leather
Leverage Bracers
16Wrists Saving Foreman Oslow Leather
Murderous Bracers
16Wrists Verog the Dervish Leather
Very Tranquil Bracers
15Wrists Against the Wind Leather
Worn Defias Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Leather
Drunken Style Bracers
13Wrists Deeper into Darkness Leather
Jessera's Fungus Lined Bands
13Wrists Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie Leather
Thrall's Gift
12Wrists Victory! Leather
Bonesnapper Bracers
12Wrists Bigger and Uglier Leather
Searing Bracers
12Wrists Skull Rock Leather
Burnt Hide Bracers
12Wrists Leather
Moonstalker Bracers
11Wrists The Ritual Bond Leather
Soulstone Breaker Wristbands
11Wrists Throw It On the Ground! Leather
Dark Iron Infiltrator's Bracer
10Wrists Dark Iron Scheming Leather
Feckless Armbands
10Wrists Ignoring the Warnings Leather
Frontier Bracer
10Wrists Protect the Frontier Leather
Stonehallow's Arm Bands
10Wrists The Public Servant Leather
Tranquillien Scout's Bracers
10Wrists Delivery to Tranquillien Leather
Plains Hunter Wristguards
10Wrists Leather
Paramedic Bracers
9Wrists Stranded at the Marsh Leather
Agamand Family Bracelet
9Wrists The Family Crypt Leather
Theodore's Heirloom Bracer
9Wrists Leather
Best. Bracers. Ever.
8Wrists The Biggest Egg Ever Leather
Cougar Pelt Wristwraps
8Wrists Mazzranache Leather
Longshoreman's Bindings
8Wrists Wretched Ringleader Leather
Sandrunner Wristguards
8Wrists Leather
Zombie Skin Bracers
8Wrists Leather
Feral Bracers
7Wrists Twisted Hatred Leather
Huntsman's Bracers
7Wrists Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2... Leather
Warm Winter Wristguards
6Wrists Frostmane Hold Leather
Bracers of Angular Momentum
5Wrists Down with Crushcog! Leather
Fargaze Armbands
5Wrists Burning Blade Medallion Leather
Gassy Bracers
5Wrists 447 Leather
Nomadic Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Salt-Stained Leather Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Vigorous Bracers
5WristsQuest Leather
Whitebeard's Bracer
5Wrists Ice and Fire Leather
Wolfskin Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Armstead Bracers
3Wrists While You're At It Leather
Big Trogg Armbands
2Wrists Give 'em What-For Leather
Borderlands Bracers
2WristsQuest Leather