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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Ghostwalker Bindings
3328WristsLooted Leather
Ghost Fox Wristwraps
437Wrists Extracting Answers Leather
Ghost Fox Armwraps
437Wrists The Dissector Wakens Leather
Geist Wristguards
18280WristsLooted Leather
Furbolg Fur Bracers
50Wrists High Chief Winterfall Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Armwraps
512Wrists The Warlord's Guard Leather
Frost Hardened Bracers
174Wrists The Drakkensryd Leather
Frontier Bracer
10Wrists Protect the Frontier Leather
Forest Leather Bracers
2419WristsLooted Leather
Fleshwerk Wristguards
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Leather
Flarefire Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Flame Hardened Wristbindings
138Wrists Saragosa's End Leather
Flame Crest Bracers
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Leather
Ferocious Bands
114Wrists Escape from the Staging Grounds Leather
Feral Bindings
1611WristsLooted Leather
Feckless Armbands
10Wrists Ignoring the Warnings Leather
Farstrider's Bracers
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Leather
Faded Forest Leather Armwraps
37285WristsVendor Leather
Faded Forest Hide Bindings
37285WristsVendor Leather
Exterminator's Armbands
18Wrists Detonation Leather
Explorer's Bands
90Wrists An Unnatural Drought Leather
Expedition Bracers
11769WristsLooted Leather
Excavation Bracers
46Wrists All's Fair in Love, War, and Archaeology Leather
Excavation Bracers
46Wrists It's Not About History, It's About Power Leather
Emblazoned Bracers
2823WristsLooted Leather
Elimination Bracers
35Wrists Scholomancer Leather
Elimination Bracers
35Wrists Scholomancer Leather
Efrem's Bracers
174Wrists Eliminate the Competition Leather
Ectoplasm Stained Wristguards
154Wrists Steady as a Rock? Leather
Dusky Bracers
3732WristsCrafted Leather
Drunken Style Bracers
13Wrists Deeper into Darkness Leather
Driver's Armbands
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Leather
Driver's Armbands
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Leather
Dreghood Bands
9060WristsLooted Leather
Dragonheart Bracers
318Wrists Dangerous Compassion Leather
Dragonhawk Bands
12070WristsLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Double-Agent's Wristwraps
158Wrists Infiltrating Voltarus Leather
Dokebi Bracers
2722WristsLooted Leather
Discarded Swampstalker Wrists
42990WristsLooted Leather
Dervish Bracers
2722WristsLooted Leather
Demonslayer's Wristguards
93Wrists Cleansing the Waters Leather
Dementia Armguards
9361WristsLooted Leather
Deepwoods Armwraps
384WristsQuest Leather
Deepwood Bracers
2621WristsLooted Leather
Deep Moss Bracers
24Wrists For Peat's Sake Leather
Darkbrand Bracers
28980WristsCrafted Leather
Dark Iron Infiltrator's Bracer
10Wrists Dark Iron Scheming Leather
Dandred Bindings
30082WristsLooted Leather
Daggerjaw Bindings
52794WristsLooted Leather
Daggerfen Bindings
10264WristsLooted Leather
Daggercap Bracers
13067WristsLooted Leather
Cutthroat's Armguards
2924WristsLooted Leather
Corpsebeast Armbands
45Wrists The Corpsebeasts Leather
Coldsnout Bindings
48390WristsLooted Leather
Codemaster's Cuffs
45Wrists Behind You! Leather
Clefthoof Bracers
10866WristsLooted Leather
Chieftain's Bracers
4843WristsLooted Leather
Chet's Slimy Bracers
22Wrists Trail of Filth Leather
Caribou Bands
14671WristsLooted Leather
Cabalist Bracers
4540WristsLooted Leather
Burning Bind Bracers
289Wrists Apply and Flash Dry Leather
Buildingblast Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Bristlebark Bindings
2217WristsLooted Leather
Brightdawn Bracers
108Wrists Information Gathering Leather
Breezestrider Bindings
57198WristsLooted Leather
Bracers of Vigil
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Leather
Bracers of the Verdant Cradle
312Wrists The Curse of the Tombs Leather
Bracers of the Rejuvenated Forest
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Leather
Bracers of the Million Gold Man
19Wrists From the Belly of the Beast Leather
Bracers of the Forlorn Wolf
272Wrists Sweeping the Shelf Leather
Bracers of the Captured Heart
35WristsQuest Leather
Bracers of Sensations
27Wrists Alina's Reward Leather
Bracers of Reluctant Violence
42Wrists Darkcloud Grimtotem Leather
Bracers of Rapid Death
162Wrists The Great Hunter's Challenge Leather
Bracers of Humility
23Wrists Breathing Room Leather
Bracers of Friendly Favors
50Wrists Golem Training Leather
Bracers of Forlorn Spirits
23Wrists Mistmantle's Revenge Leather
Bracer of Tarbash
174Wrists The Earthen Oath Leather
Bracer of Portals
35Wrists Portals of the Legion Leather
Bracer of Portals
35Wrists Portals of the Legion Leather
Bounty Hunter's Bracers
22Wrists Leather
Bonesnapper Bracers
12Wrists Bigger and Uglier Leather
Boneshredder Wristguards
11167WristsLooted Leather
Bone-Inlaid Bracers
138WristsQuest Leather
Bonechewer Bands
8157WristsLooted Leather
Bog Walker's Bands
90Wrists Jyoba's Report Leather
Bloodthorn Bracers
58590Wrists Leather
Blackthicket Bindings
384WristsQuest Leather
Best. Bracers. Ever.
8Wrists The Biggest Egg Ever Leather
Beastrider Wristwraps
595Wrists Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot Leather
Beastrider Bracers
602WristsQuest Leather
Bear Bracers
2520WristsVendor Leather
Bartered Bracers
28Wrists Venture Company Mining Leather
Bard's Bracers
1510WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Bandit Scourge Bracers
312Wrists The Bandit Warlord Leather
Bandit Bracers
1914WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Bamboo Plate Armwraps
384Wrists Xiao, the Eater Leather
Bamboo Leaf Bindings
384Wrists Xiao, the Eater Leather
Ashmane Bracers
55Wrists A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Leather
Ashmane Bracers
55Wrists A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Leather