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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Scorpashi Wristbands
4439WristsLooted Leather
Scouting Bracers
2116WristsLooted Leather
Scrupleless Bracers
22Wrists Pierce Their Heart! Leather
Sealskin Bindings
138Wrists A Visit to the Curator Leather
Searing Bracers
12Wrists Skull Rock Leather
Sentinel Bracers
3631WristsLooted Leather
Serpentskin Bracers
5045WristsLooted Leather
Shackles of Sanity
154WristsQuest Leather
Shadeback Bindings
56097WristsLooted Leather
Shadowstalking Bindings
23280WristsVendor Leather
Silent Bindings
36483WristsLooted Leather
Silentleaf Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Leather
Silverwind Bracers
25Wrists True Power of the Rod Leather
Skeezy Bracers
28Wrists Venture Company Mining Leather
Skyrend Bracers
289Wrists All Our Friends Are Dead Leather
Skysinger Wristwraps
582Wrists The Bloodmane Leather
Snow Nest Bracers
53Wrists You Gotta Have Eggs Leather
Soulstone Breaker Wristbands
11Wrists Throw It On the Ground! Leather
Spiritfury Bands
146Wrists The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Leather
Splattered Zombie Wristguards
162Wrists An Issue of Trust Leather
Splinterproof Bracers
312Wrists Just the Tip Leather
Spoils of the Courtyard
30Wrists Re-Take the Courtyard Leather
Springrain Bindings
640100Wrists Leather
Springrain Bindings
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Bindings
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Bracers
640100Wrists Leather
Springrain Bracers
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Bracers
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Cuffs
640100Wrists Leather
Springrain Cuffs
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Cuffs
48390Wrists Leather
Stagalbog Bindings
27277WristsLooted Leather
Steamscar Bindings
51693WristsLooted Leather
Steppebeast Armwraps
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Leather
Stonehallow's Arm Bands
10Wrists The Public Servant Leather
Storm-Weathered Cuffs
174Wrists Krolmir, Hammer of Storms Leather
Sunroc Armguards
9662WristsLooted Leather
Sunsoaked Bindings
399Wrists Snap Judgment Leather
Superior Bracers
2621WristsLooted Leather
Supple Wristguards
158Wrists Too Much of a Good Thing Leather
Supreme Bracers
6055WristsLooted Leather
Swamp Bindings
40386WristsLooted Leather
Swashbuckler's Bracers
5247WristsLooted Leather
Synge's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Tailthrasher Bindings
50592WristsLooted Leather
Talador Sentinel Wristwraps
552Wrists Leather
Talonstalker Bracers
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Leather
Taunka Armguards
15473WristsLooted Leather
Teroclaw Bindings
53895WristsLooted Leather
Terrortooth Hide Bracers
30Wrists Raptor Scraps Leather
Three-Tooth Bracers
31Wrists You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me Leather
Thresher Bindings
40087WristsLooted Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Wristwraps
42990WristsLooted Leather
Topsoil Bracers
20Wrists Sedimentary, My Dear Leather
Tracker's Wristguards
4439WristsLooted Leather
Tranquillien Scout's Bracers
10Wrists Delivery to Tranquillien Leather
Traveler's Bracers
5651WristsLooted Leather
Trickster's Bindings
3833WristsLooted Leather
Umbrafen Bindings
10565WristsLooted Leather
Unringed Bands
25Wrists The Last Stand Leather
Vengeance Bands
8759WristsLooted Leather
Verdant Tundra Bracers
15171WristsCreated Leather
Very Tranquil Bracers
15Wrists Against the Wind Leather
Vileprey Bracers
15072WristsLooted Leather
Vine Bindings
42988WristsLooted Leather
Violet Stalker Bracers
146WristsQuest Leather
Voidcaller Bindings
49491WristsLooted Leather
Wanderer's Bracers
5449WristsLooted Leather
Warden's Wristbands
4035WristsLooted Leather
Warlords Intro Zone PH Leather Wristwraps
500Wrists Leather
Warmongering Aspirant's Bindings of Cruelty
Warlords Season 3
625100WristsLooted Leather
Warmongering Aspirant's Bindings of Cruelty
Warlords Season 3
625100WristsLooted Leather
Wasteland Hide Bindings
40888WristsVendor Leather
Wasteland Leather Armwraps
40888WristsVendor Leather
Watchman's Bracers
18Wrists Leather
Webspinner Bindings
17879WristsLooted Leather
Wendigo Bands
17478WristsLooted Leather
Whalehunter Cuffs
138Wrists Leather
Whirlpool Bracers
318Wrists Any Portal in a Storm Leather
Whisper Bindings
37784WristsLooted Leather
Whisperwind Armbands
48Wrists The Core of Kroshius Leather
Wicked Leather Bracers
5348WristsCrafted Leather
Wild Aspirant's Bindings of Cruelty
Warlords Season 2
625100WristsLooted Leather
Wild Aspirant's Bindings of Cruelty
Warlords Season 2
625100WristsLooted Leather
Wildevar Armguards
14270WristsLooted Leather
Wildsoul Bindings
23280WristsVendor Leather
Wildsoul Bracers
23280WristsVendor Leather
Wildsoul Cuffs
23280WristsVendor Leather
Winterfin Bindings
13468WristsLooted Leather
Wizzle's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Wolf Bracers
2520WristsVendor Leather
Wolf Rider's Wristbands
4237WristsLooted Leather
Wolfcaller Bracers
272Wrists Sweeping the Shelf Leather
Wolfmane Wristguards
20Wrists Leather
Wolverine Armguards
16275WristsLooted Leather
Worn Defias Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Leather
Wrangler's Wristbands
2318WristsLooted Leather
Wristguard of Healing Fingers
158Wrists Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Leather
Yellow Ribbon Armbands
28Wrists Stromgarde Badges Leather
Yojamba Bindings
28379WristsLooted Leather