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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Talador Sentinel Wristwraps
552Wrists Leather
Talonstalker Bracers
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Leather
Taunka Armguards
15473WristsLooted Leather
Teroclaw Bindings
53895WristsLooted Leather
Terrortooth Hide Bracers
30Wrists Raptor Scraps Leather
Three-Tooth Bracers
31Wrists You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me Leather
Thresher Bindings
40087WristsLooted Leather
Timeworn Shadowtooth Wristwraps
42990WristsLooted Leather
Topsoil Bracers
20Wrists Sedimentary, My Dear Leather
Tracker's Wristguards
4439WristsLooted Leather
Tranquillien Scout's Bracers
10Wrists Delivery to Tranquillien Leather
Traveler's Bracers
5651WristsLooted Leather
Trickster's Bindings
3833WristsLooted Leather
Umbrafen Bindings
10565WristsLooted Leather
Unringed Bands
25Wrists The Last Stand Leather
Vengeance Bands
8759WristsLooted Leather
Verdant Tundra Bracers
15171WristsCreated Leather
Very Tranquil Bracers
15Wrists Against the Wind Leather
Vileprey Bracers
15072WristsLooted Leather
Vine Bindings
42988WristsLooted Leather
Violet Stalker Bracers
146WristsQuest Leather
Voidcaller Bindings
49491WristsLooted Leather
Wanderer's Bracers
5449WristsLooted Leather
Warden's Wristbands
4035WristsLooted Leather
Warlords Intro Zone PH Leather Wristwraps
500Wrists Leather
Wasteland Hide Bindings
40888WristsVendor Leather
Wasteland Leather Armwraps
40888WristsVendor Leather
Watchman's Bracers
18Wrists Leather
Webspinner Bindings
17879WristsLooted Leather
Wendigo Bands
17478WristsLooted Leather
Whalehunter Cuffs
138Wrists Leather
Whirlpool Bracers
318Wrists Any Portal in a Storm Leather
Whisper Bindings
37784WristsLooted Leather
Whisperwind Armbands
48Wrists The Core of Kroshius Leather
Wicked Leather Bracers
5348WristsCrafted Leather
Wildevar Armguards
14270WristsLooted Leather
Wildsoul Bindings
23280WristsVendor Leather
Wildsoul Bracers
23280WristsVendor Leather
Wildsoul Cuffs
23280WristsVendor Leather
Winterfin Bindings
13468WristsLooted Leather
Wizzle's Wristbands
42Wrists Two-Tusk Takedown Leather
Wolf Bracers
2520WristsVendor Leather
Wolf Rider's Wristbands
4237WristsLooted Leather
Wolfcaller Bracers
272Wrists Sweeping the Shelf Leather
Wolfmane Wristguards
20Wrists Leather
Wolverine Armguards
16275WristsLooted Leather
Worn Defias Bracers
14Wrists Evidence Collection Leather
Wrangler's Wristbands
2318WristsLooted Leather
Wristguard of Healing Fingers
158Wrists Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Leather
Yellow Ribbon Armbands
28Wrists Stromgarde Badges Leather
Yojamba Bindings
28379WristsLooted Leather
[PH] Leather Bracers of the Brilliant Dawn
100100WristsUnobtainable Leather
[PH] Leather Bracers of the Rising Dawn
100100Wrists Leather
[PH] Leather Bracers of the Shining Dawn
100100Wrists Leather
Agamand Family Bracelet
9Wrists The Family Crypt Leather
Armstead Bracers
3Wrists While You're At It Leather
Battered Leather Bracers
105WristsVendor Leather
Beast Tracker's Bracers
1Wrists Steady Shot Leather
Big Trogg Armbands
2Wrists Give 'em What-For Leather
Bindings of the Earth Spirit
6Wrists The Spirit and Body of Shen-zin Su Leather
Borderlands Bracers
2WristsQuest Leather
Bracers of Angular Momentum
5Wrists Down with Crushcog! Leather
Burnt Hide Bracers
12Wrists Leather
Burnt Leather Bracers
83WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Ceremonial Leather Bracers
138WristsLooted Leather
Cougar Pelt Wristwraps
8Wrists Mazzranache Leather
Cracked Leather Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Cuirboulli Bracers
2722WristsVendor Leather
Cured Leather Bracers
2217WristsVendor Leather
Dirty Leather Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Drenched Leather Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Fargaze Armbands
5Wrists Burning Blade Medallion Leather
Feral Bracers
7Wrists Twisted Hatred Leather
Gassy Bracers
5Wrists 447 Leather
Gnoll Kindred Bracers
149WristsLooted Leather
Grizzly Bracers
116WristsLooted Leather
Gypsy Bands
127WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Handstitched Leather Bracers
94WristsCrafted Leather
Hunting Bracers
149WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Huntsman's Bracers
7Wrists Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2... Leather
Ice-Covered Bracers
127Wrists Leather
Initiate's Bracers
2Wrists The Lesson of the Sandy Fist Leather
Longshoreman's Bindings
8Wrists Wretched Ringleader Leather
Lupine Cuffs
149WristsLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Nomadic Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Pioneer Bracers
105WristsLooted, Fished Leather
Plains Hunter Wristguards
10Wrists Leather
Primal Bands
94WristsLooted Leather
Reinforced Leather Bracers
5045WristsVendor Leather
Rough Leather Bracers
105WristsVendor Leather
Salt-Stained Leather Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Sandrunner Wristguards
8Wrists Leather
Snowhide Bracers
7065WristsVendor Leather
Studded Bracers
3732WristsVendor Leather
Sturdy Leather Bracers
105Wrists Leather
Sun Bleached Bracer
1Wrists Rite of Strength Leather
Sun Cured Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Tanned Leather Bracers
1712WristsVendor Leather
Theodore's Heirloom Bracer
9Wrists Leather
Tribal Bracers
105WristsLooted Leather