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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Overcast Boots
18778FeetCrafted Leather
Overcast Bracers
18778WristsCrafted Leather
Overcast Chestguard
18778ChestCrafted Leather
Overcast Handwraps
18778HandsCrafted Leather
Overcast Headguard
18778HeadCrafted Leather
Overcast Leggings
18778LegsCrafted Leather
Overcast Spaulders
18778ShouldersCrafted Leather
Purehorn Spaulders
18778ShouldersCrafted Leather
Seafoam Gauntlets
18778HandsCrafted Leather
Sidestepping Handguards
18778HandsLooted Leather
Spaulders of Frozen Knives
18778ShouldersVendor Leather
Storming Vortex Bracers
18778WristsLooted Leather
Tundra Wolf Boots
18778FeetLooted Leather
Tundra Wolf Boots
187FeetLooted Leather
Wildscale Breastplate
18778ChestCrafted Leather
Frosthide Gloves
187Hands Icy Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Frosthide Shoulderpads
187Shoulders Icy Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Frosthide Tunic
187Chest Icy Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Leather Melee Leatherworking Gloves
18780Hands Leather
Azure Dragonleather Helm
18378Head Vyragosa Leather
Constellation Leggings
18377LegsLooted Leather
Cosmos Vestments
18377ChestLooted Leather
Giant's Toewrap
18376Wrists Putridus the Ancient Leather
Mechanized Snow Goggles
183HeadCrafted Leather
Tunic of the Unduly Victorious
183Chest Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge Leather
Geist Belt
18280WaistLooted Leather
Geist Boots
18280FeetLooted Leather
Geist Gloves
18280HandsLooted Leather
Geist Hood
18280HeadLooted Leather
Geist Legguards
18280LegsLooted Leather
Geist Shoulders
18280ShouldersLooted Leather
Geist Tunic
18280ChestLooted Leather
Geist Wristguards
18280WristsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Armor
18085ChestLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Belt
18085WaistLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Boots
18085FeetLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Bracers
18085WristsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Gloves
18085HandsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Leather Helmet
18085HeadLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Pants
18085LegsLooted Leather
Mudsoaked Shoulderpads
18085ShouldersLooted Leather
Shoulderguards of the Ice Troll
17976ShouldersLooted Leather
Shoulderguards of the Ice Troll
179ShouldersLooted Leather
Webspinner Bindings
17879WristsLooted Leather
Webspinner Boots
17879FeetLooted Leather
Webspinner Cord
17879WaistLooted Leather
Webspinner Gloves
17879HandsLooted Leather
Webspinner Hood
17879HeadLooted Leather
Webspinner Leggings
17879LegsLooted Leather
Webspinner Shoulderguards
17879ShouldersLooted Leather
Webspinner Vest
17879ChestLooted Leather
Black Chitinguard Boots
17577FeetCrafted Leather
17577FeetCrafted Leather
Dark Arctic Chestpiece
17577ChestCrafted Leather
Ethereal Terror Handwraps
17574HandsLooted Leather
Handguards of Rapid Pursuit
17575HandsLooted Leather
Rhino Hide Kneeboots
175FeetQuest Leather
Shoulderpads of the Adventurer
175Shoulders Halls of Stone Leather
Soaring Wristwraps
175Wrists A Wing and a Prayer Leather
Strange Voodoo Belt
175WaistQuest Leather
Azure Strappy Pants
17478LegsVendor Leather
Belt of the Never-Forgotten
174Waist Light Within the Darkness Leather
Charred Leather Shoulderguards
174Shoulders Diametrically Opposed Leather
Leggings of Heightened Renewal
174Legs The Iron Colossus Leather
Njorndar Furywraps
174Wrists Not-So-Honorable Combat Leather
Rough Climber's Grips
174Hands The Reckoning Leather
Shoulderpads of Fleshwerks
174Shoulders The Flesh Giant Champion Leather
The Darkspeaker's Treads
174Feet Mind Tricks Leather
Tirion's Headwrap
174Head The Crusaders' Pinnacle Leather
Wristguards of Verdant Recovery
17478WristsLooted Leather
Belt of Njorndar
174Waist The Sum is Greater than the Parts Leather
Bloodied Leather Gloves
174Hands Valduran the Stormborn Leather
Boots of the Fallen Thane
174Feet Revenge for the Vargul Leather
Bracer of Tarbash
174Wrists The Earthen Oath Leather
Buckshot-Proof Battlesurgeon's Protector
174Chest Demolitionist Extraordinaire Leather
Cunning Leather Tunic
174Chest The Vile Hold Leather
Cured Proto-Drake Leggings
174Legs Discipline Leather
Discarded Slaughterhouse Gloves
174Hands The Rider of the Unholy Leather
Efrem's Bracers
174Wrists Eliminate the Competition Leather
Fleshwerk Wristguards
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Leather
Frost Hardened Bracers
174Wrists The Drakkensryd Leather
Fur-Lined Helm
174Head Seeds of Chaos Leather
Fur-Lined Mittens
174Hands They Took Our Men! Leather
Gale-Wind Guard
174Shoulders A Delicate Touch Leather
Gilly's Strangulation Gauntlets
174HandsQuest Leather
Girdle of Reprieve
174Waist The Stone That Started A Revolution Leather
Glacier-Walker's Mukluks
174FeetQuest Leather
Gloves of the Flayed
174Hands Ebon Blade Prisoners Leather
Gloves of Troubled Memory
174HandsQuest Leather
Grotesque Butcher's Pants
174Legs The Rider of Blood Leather
Gryphon Hide Moccasins
174Feet You'll Need a Gryphon Leather
Hardened Whipping Belt
174WaistQuest Leather
Hibernal Chestguard
174Chest The Slithering Darkness Leather
Hulking Horror Tunic
174ChestQuest Leather
Jhaeqon's Tunic
174ChestQuest Leather
Leggings of Silent Echoes
174Legs Leather
Mammoth Hide Galoshes
174Feet Ample Inspiration Leather
Njormeld's Pauldrons
174Shoulders Forging an Alliance Leather
Nomadic Bracers
174WristsQuest Leather
Proto-Drake Cover
174Head Off With Their Black Wings Leather