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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Cabalist Belt
4641WaistLooted Leather
Cabalist Boots
4641FeetLooted Leather
Cabalist Bracers
4540WristsLooted Leather
Cabalist Chestpiece
5045ChestLooted Leather
Cabalist Gloves
4641HandsLooted Leather
Cabalist Helm
4742HeadLooted Leather
Cabalist Leggings
4843LegsLooted Leather
Cabalist Spaulders
4742ShouldersLooted Leather
Cagebreaker's Hide Belt
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Leather
Cagebreaker's Leather Belt
372Waist Freeing Our Brothers Leather
Camouflaged Tunic
22Chest Leather
Camp-Cleaner Chestguard
318Chest Somethin' for the Boys Leather
Canyon Runner's Vest
146ChestQuest Leather
Cap of Harmony
40Head Return to Corporal Kaleb Leather
Captain Krosh's Crash Helmet
96Head Us or Them Leather
Cardio-Extractor Gloves
12HandsQuest Leather
Caribou Bands
14671WristsLooted Leather
Caribou Boots
14671FeetLooted Leather
Caribou Britches
14671LegsLooted Leather
Caribou Cowl
14671HeadLooted Leather
Caribou Gloves
14671HandsLooted Leather
Caribou Shoulders
14671ShouldersLooted Leather
Caribou Vest
14671ChestLooted Leather
Caribou Waistband
14671WaistLooted Leather
Carronader's Belt
30Waist Run Out the Guns Leather
Cartographer's Chestguard
318Chest Quality Construction Leather
Caustic Feelers
105Hands Solving the Problem Leather
Cenarion Expedition Boots
93Feet Return to the Marsh Leather
Cenarion Thicket Jerkin
93ChestQuest Leather
Cenarion Warden's Gloves
111Hands Leather
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510HandsLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
1510Hands Leather
Ceremonial Leather Harness
1813Chest Leather
Ceremonial Leather Harness
1813ChestLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Loincloth
1712LegsLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leather Loincloth
1712Legs Leather
Charbite Hood
272Head Black Heart of Flame Leather
Charged Footwear
105Feet Ride the Lightning Leather
Charming Gloves
37Hands Combat Training Leather
Charred Drakehide Belt
138Waist Drake Hunt Leather
Charred Leather Tunic
50Chest Leather
Charred Treads
138Feet Rescuing Evanor Leather
Chest of the Wyrmcult
108Chest Maxnar Must Die! Leather
Chestguard of the Bleak Scarab
312Chest Ancient Weapons Leather
Chestguard of Vigorous Motivation
312Chest Make Yourself Useful Leather
Chet's Slimy Bracers
22Wrists Trail of Filth Leather
Chewed Belt
13Waist It's Alive! Leather
Chieftain's Belt
4843WaistLooted Leather
Chieftain's Boots
4944FeetLooted Leather
Chieftain's Bracers
4843WristsLooted Leather
Chieftain's Breastplate
5348ChestLooted Leather
Chieftain's Gloves
4944HandsLooted Leather
Chieftain's Headdress
5045HeadLooted Leather
Chieftain's Leggings
5146LegsLooted Leather
Chieftain's Shoulders
5045ShouldersLooted Leather
Chimeric Boots
5550FeetCrafted Leather
Chimeric Gloves
5348HandsCrafted Leather
Chimeric Leggings
5651LegsCrafted Leather
Chimeric Vest
5853ChestCrafted Leather
Chop Chop Boots
52Feet Chop Chop Leather
Clayridge Headpiece
52Head A Little Help From My Friends Leather
Clean Room Boots
16Feet Samophlange Leather
Clefthoof Belt
10866WaistLooted Leather
Clefthoof Bracers
10866WristsLooted Leather
Clefthoof Britches
10866LegsLooted Leather
Clefthoof Cover
10866HeadLooted Leather
Clefthoof Gloves
10866HandsLooted Leather
Clefthoof Gloves
105Hands Clefthoof Mastery Leather
Clefthoof Hide Mask
93Head The Mag'har Leather
Clefthoof Hidemantle
10866ChestLooted Leather
Clefthoof Shoulderguards
10866ShouldersLooted Leather
Clefthoof Wanderboots
10866FeetLooted Leather
Climbing Straps
30Waist Warriors' Redemption Leather
Cloaked Hood
3833Head Leather
Cloudcaller Leggings
34Legs Can't Make An Omelette Without... Leather
Clouddrift Mantle
56ShouldersUnobtainable Leather
Cloudsbreak Gloves
10Hands Mist Leather
Clue-Finder's Leggings
18Legs Leather
Clutch of the Stonemother
305Chest Audience with the Stonemother Leather
Codemaster's Cuffs
45Wrists Behind You! Leather
Coiled Leather Gauntlets
154Hands Dun-da-Dun-tah! Leather
Cold Boots
24Feet Worgen in the Woods Leather
Coldsnout Bindings
48390WristsLooted Leather
Coldsnout Boots
48390FeetLooted Leather
Coldsnout Britches
48390LegsLooted Leather
Coldsnout Gloves
48390HandsLooted Leather
Coldsnout Hood
48390HeadLooted Leather
Coldsnout Jerkin
48390ChestLooted Leather
Coldsnout Shoulders
48390ShouldersLooted Leather
Coldsnout Waistband
48390WaistLooted Leather
Coldstone-Inlaid Waistguard
138WaistQuest Leather
Colossal Treads
53Feet The Fledgling Colossus Leather
Conch-Inlaid Gauntlets
272Hands Come Hell or High Water Leather
Cord of the Ascetic
25Waist Bad Medicine Leather
Cord of Tragic Memory
10Waist A Sacred Burial Leather
Corecrusher Gloves
272Hands The Earth Rises Leather
Corpsebeast Armbands
45Wrists The Corpsebeasts Leather
Cowl of the Leptochelae
272Head A Distracting Scent Leather
Crackpot Spaulders
154ShouldersQuest Leather
Cragwood Clutches
23Hands The Stolen Letters Leather