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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Shadowcraft Bracers
5752Wrists Leather
Shadowcraft Bracers
5752Wrists Leather
Shadowcraft Cap
6257Head Leather
Shadowcraft Gloves
5954Hands Leather
Shadowcraft Gloves
5954Hands Leather
Shadowcraft Pants
6156Legs Leather
Shadowcraft Spaulders
6055ShouldersLooted Leather
Shadowfang Shoulderpads
21Shoulders Fury of the Pack Leather
Shadowfang Shoulderpads
21Shoulders Sweet, Merciless Revenge Leather
Shadow-Gorged Belt
53092Waist Tormented Girdle Leather
Shadow-Gorged Boots
55092Feet Tormented Treads Leather
Shadow-Gorged Bracers
57092Wrists Tormented Bracers Leather
Shadow-Gorged Chestguard
55592Chest Leather
Shadow-Gorged Gauntlets
59092Hands Tormented Gauntlets Leather
Shadow-Gorged Hood
54092Head Tormented Hood Leather
Shadow-Gorged Legguards
58092Legs Tormented Leggings Leather
Shadow-Gorged Spaulders
61092Shoulders Tormented Spaulders Leather
Shadowhide Leggings
52Legs Leather
Shadowskin Gloves
4035HandsCrafted Leather
Shadowskulk Leggings
30882LegsLooted Leather
Shadowsong Vengeance Cowl
680Head Leather
Shadowstalker's Leggings
10066LegsVendor Leather
Shadowstalker's Sash
10066WaistVendor Leather
Shadowstep Striders
110FeetLooted Leather
Shaggy Leggings
4944LegsLooted Leather
Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings
21980LegsLooted Leather
Shaladrassil Tunic
800Chest The Tears of Elune Leather
Sharkskin Armor
44085ChestLooted Leather
Shattrath Leggings
109Legs Special Delivery to Shattrath City Leather
Shaw's Finest Leggings
333Legs Skullcrusher the Mountain Leather
Sheepshear Mantle
4540ShouldersLooted Leather
Shellshock Footguards
820101FeetLooted Leather
Shifting Sash of Midnight
8560WaistLooted Leather
Shining Buckle Gauntlets
154Hands The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown Leather
Shirzir's Sticky Slippers
55494FeetLooted Leather
Shocktrooper Hood
333Head Krazz Works! Leather
Shorn Batbrood Cuffs
820101WristsLooted Leather
Shoulderguards of Legion Domination
820101ShouldersLooted Leather
Shoulderguards of the Ice Troll
17976ShouldersLooted Leather
Shoulderguards of the Ice Troll
179ShouldersLooted Leather
Shoulderpads of Abhorrence
163Shoulders The Faceless Ones Leather
Shoulderpads of Assassination
11570ShouldersLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Shoulderpads of Fleshwerks
174Shoulders The Flesh Giant Champion Leather
Shoulderpads of the Adventurer
175Shoulders Halls of Stone Leather
Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer
12570ShouldersLooted Leather
Shroud of Darkness
20080HeadLooted Leather
Shrug of the Crazed
36Shoulders Leather
SI:7 Special Issue Facemask
50Head The Dark Iron Army Leather
SI:7 Standard Issue Vest
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Leather
Sidestepping Handguards
18778HandsLooted Leather
Silent Spectator Shoulderpads
20080ShouldersLooted Leather
Silent Spectator Shoulderpads
200ShouldersLooted Leather
Silentleaf Armwraps
434Wrists The Fall of Shai Hu Leather
Silentleaf Gloves
434Hands The Leader Hozen Leather
Silentleaf Legguards
434Legs Prophet Khar'zul Leather
Silent-Strider Kneeboots
11570FeetLooted Leather
Silent-Strider Kneeboots
115Feet Leather
Silver Embossed Boots
15Feet Disturbing Connections Leather
Silver-Lined Belt
2722WaistLooted Leather
Sinister Ashfall Cord
820101WaistLooted Leather
Skarvald's Dragonskin Habergeon
15570ChestLooted Leather
Skulldugger's Leggings
9463LegsLooted Leather
Skul's Fingerbone Claws
5348HandsLooted Leather
Skystalker's Boots
10970Feet Ethereum Prisoner Leather
Skystalker's Bracers
11570WristsLooted Leather
Skystalker's Cord
11570WaistLooted Leather
Skystalker's Gloves
11570Hands Leather
Skystalker's Leggings
11570Legs Terokk Leather
Skystalker's Shoulders
11570Shoulders Ethereum Prisoner (Group Energy Ball) Leather
Skystalker's Shroud
11570Head Leather
Skystalker's Tunic
11570ChestLooted Leather
Skystalker's Tunic
115ChestLooted Leather
Slag Footguards
20080FeetLooted Leather
Slag Footguards
200FeetLooted Leather
Slaghide Gauntlets
6056HandsLooted Leather
Slavebreaker Tunic
507ChestQuest Leather
Slime-Stacked Shoulderguards
680Shoulders Oh, the Clawdacity! Leather
Slimy Sea Serpent Skin Sabatons
54092FeetLooted Leather
Sly Fox Jerkin
33383ChestVendor Leather
Smelting Pants
2015LegsLooted Leather
Smooth Felwing Wraps
66098WristsLooted Leather
Snaggle's Best Gloves
820Hands Time to Collect Leather
Snaggle's Favorite Pants
820Legs Time to Collect Leather
Soaring Wristwraps
175Wrists A Wing and a Prayer Leather
Socrethar's Girdle
109Waist Turning Point Leather
Somber Shawl
34685ShouldersVendor Leather
Songbird Blouse
4742ChestLooted Leather
Soothing Lichen Wraps
16372WristsLooted Leather
Soothsayer's Headdress
3732HeadLooted Leather
Soulburner Crown
46390HeadLooted Leather
Soulburner Crown
46390HeadLooted Leather
Soulburner Crown
4339HeadLooted Leather
Soulstarve Hood
820101HeadLooted Leather
Southshore Sneakers
103Feet Escape from Durnholde Leather
Southwind Helm
7460HeadLooted Leather
Southwind's Grasp
7160WaistLooted Leather
Spaulder of the Untrained
36Shoulders Leather
Spaulders of a Lost Age
4035ShouldersLooted Leather
Spaulders of Aberrant Inhibition
820101ShouldersLooted Leather
Spaulders of Burning Focus
630100ShouldersLooted Leather