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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Feckless Armbands
10Wrists Ignoring the Warnings Leather
Felfire-Tainted Vest
21Chest Playing With Felfire Leather
Fencer's Nimblefingers
318Hands Dark Assassins Leather
Feral Bindings
1611WristsLooted Leather
Feral Cord
1712WaistLooted Leather
Feral Gloves
1813HandsLooted Leather
Feral Harness
2217ChestLooted Leather
Feral Leggings
2015LegsLooted Leather
Feral Shoes
1813FeetLooted Leather
Feralfen Skulker's Belt
102Waist Messenger to the Feralfen Leather
Fernpulse Jerkin
59Chest Leather
Ferocious Bands
114Wrists Escape from the Staging Grounds Leather
Fickle Belt
12Waist What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway? Leather
Fickle Belt
12Waist What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway? Leather
Field Agent's Belt
39Waist Students of Krastinov Leather
Fine Leather Belt
1611WaistCrafted Leather
Fine Leather Boots
1813FeetCrafted Leather
Fine Leather Gloves
1510HandsCrafted Leather
Fine Leather Pants
2116LegsCrafted Leather
Fine Leather Sash
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Leather
Fine Leather Tunic
1712ChestCrafted Leather
Fire-Dodged Shoulderpads
318Shoulders Small Comforts Leather
Firm Grips
305Hands Imposing Confrontation Leather
Fisherman's Belt
27Waist BEWARE OF CRAGJAW! Leather
Fitzsimmons' Belt
22Waist The Eye of Paleth Leather
Fizzle's Vest
42Chest Deliver the Goods Leather
Fizznik's Patented Earwarmer
138HeadQuest Leather
Flame Crest Bracers
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Leather
Flame Hardened Wristbindings
138Wrists Saragosa's End Leather
Flamefly Spaulders
51Shoulders SEVEN! YUP! Leather
Flamefly Spaulders
51Shoulders Not Fireflies, Flameflies Leather
Flameproof Treads
318Feet Magmalord Falthazar Leather
Flarefire Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Flayer-Hide Leggings
81LegsQuest Leather
Flesh Handler's Gauntlets
114Hands The Flesh Lies... Leather
Fleshwerk Wristguards
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Leather
Flexible Leather Footwraps
138FeetQuest Leather
Floodplain Cover
138HeadQuest Leather
Floodplain Shoulderpads
138Shoulders Escaping the Mist Leather
Floodplain Vest
138ChestQuest Leather
Floppy Shoulderguards
20Shoulders Muckgill's Flipper or Something... Leather
Footman Tunic
13Chest Wanted: "Hogger" Leather
Foreman Gloves
12Hands Protecting the Shipment Leather
Forest Leather Belt
2318WaistLooted Leather
Forest Leather Boots
2419FeetLooted Leather
Forest Leather Bracers
2419WristsLooted Leather
Forest Leather Chestpiece
2621ChestLooted Leather
Forest Leather Gloves
2520HandsLooted Leather
Forest Leather Mantle
2520ShouldersLooted Leather
Forest Leather Pants
2621LegsLooted Leather
Forsaken Belt
14Waist The Looting of Althalaxx Leather
Frenzy Call Vest
53Chest The Darkest Depths Leather
Frog Boots
36Feet Marsh Frog Legs Leather
Frontier Bracer
10Wrists Protect the Frontier Leather
Frontier Britches
17Legs Leather
Frost Hardened Bracers
174Wrists The Drakkensryd Leather
Frostilicus's Hide
54Legs Damn You, Frostilicus Leather
Frostsaber Boots
5550FeetCrafted Leather
Frostsaber Gloves
5954HandsCrafted Leather
Frostsaber Leggings
5752LegsCrafted Leather
Frostsaber Tunic
6257ChestCrafted Leather
Frost-Trimmed Gauntlets
138HandsQuest Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Armwraps
512Wrists The Warlord's Guard Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Belt
512Waist Last Steps Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Boots
512Feet Gormaul Tower Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Gloves
510Hands The Butcher of Bladespire Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Leggings
514Legs Vul'gath's End Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Tunic
513Chest Leather
Fungal Resistant Workboots
583Feet The Right Parts for the Job Leather
Furbolg Fur Bracers
50Wrists High Chief Winterfall Leather
Fur-Lined Helm
174Head Seeds of Chaos Leather
Fur-Lined Mittens
174Hands They Took Our Men! Leather
Fuzzy Gloves
14Hands In Fungus We Trust Leather
Fuzzy Headcover
47Head Out of Place Leather
Gahrron's Shoulderguard
38Shoulders Memories from a Lost Past Leather
Gale-Wind Guard
174Shoulders A Delicate Touch Leather
Gatekeeper Treads
272Feet The Gatekeeper Leather
Gazlowe's Gloves
16Hands WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Leather
Geist Belt
18280WaistLooted Leather
Geist Boots
18280FeetLooted Leather
Geist Gloves
18280HandsLooted Leather
Geist Hood
18280HeadLooted Leather
Geist Legguards
18280LegsLooted Leather
Geist Shoulders
18280ShouldersLooted Leather
Geist Tunic
18280ChestLooted Leather
Geist Wristguards
18280WristsLooted Leather
Ghost Fox Armwraps
437Wrists The Dissector Wakens Leather
Ghost Fox Gloves
437Hands Nope Leather
Ghost Fox Handwraps
437Hands Rending Daggers Leather
Ghost Fox Helm
437Head Reunited Leather
Ghost Fox Legguards
437Legs Walking Dog Leather
Ghost Fox Shoes
437Feet Amber Arms Leather
Ghost Fox Tunic
437Chest Fresh Pots Leather
Ghost Fox Wristwraps
437Wrists Extracting Answers Leather
Ghost Walker Treads
35Feet Chipping In Leather
Ghostclaw Leggings
20Legs Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Leather
Ghostwalker Belt
3429WaistLooted Leather
Ghostwalker Bindings
3328WristsLooted Leather
Ghostwalker Boots
3530FeetLooted Leather
Ghostwalker Crown
3934HeadLooted Leather