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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bloodfang Vest
12Chest Steel Thunder Leather
Bloodied Leather Gloves
174Hands Valduran the Stormborn Leather
Bloodletter's Boots
158Feet Precious Elemental Fluids Leather
Bloodletter's Pants
158Legs But First My Offspring Leather
Bloodletter's Skullcap
158Head Hell Hath a Fury Leather
Bloodstained Twilight Belt
45Waist Something to Wear Leather
Bloodthorn Belt
59590Waist Leather
Bloodthorn Boots
57590Feet Leather
Bloodthorn Bracers
58590Wrists Leather
Bloodthorn Chestguard
52590Chest Leather
Bloodthorn Gauntlets
54590Hands Leather
Bloodthorn Hood
56590Head Leather
Bloodthorn Legguards
51590Legs Leather
Bloodthorn Spaulders
53590Shoulders Leather
Bloodtusk Shoulderpads
42990ShouldersLooted Leather
Blue-Bloodied Boots
12Feet Betrayal at Tempest's Reach Leather
Bluegill Breeches
2318Legs Big Crate of Salvage Leather
Boar Hunter's Boots
12Feet The Tortusk Takedown Leather
Boarhide Leggings
148LegsLooted Leather
Boarpocalypse Boots
32Feet Speaking Their Language Leather
Boarpocalypse Boots
32Feet Diplomacy By Another Means Leather
Bog Walker's Bands
90Wrists Jyoba's Report Leather
Bogpaddle Leggings
52Legs Mostly Harmless Leather
Bogwalker Boots
1510FeetVendor Leather
Bogwalker Boots
1510Feet Leather
Boiled Boots
12Feet Westfall Stew Leather
Bonechewer Bands
8157WristsLooted Leather
Bonechewer Chestpiece
8157ChestLooted Leather
Bonechewer Pelt-Girdle
8157WaistLooted Leather
Bonechewer Ripleggings
8157LegsLooted Leather
Bonechewer Shoulderguards
8157ShouldersLooted Leather
Bonechewer Shredboots
8157FeetLooted Leather
Bonechewer Skincloak
8157HeadLooted Leather
Bonechewer Spikegloves
8157HandsLooted Leather
Bone-Inlaid Bracers
138WristsQuest Leather
Boneshredder Belt
11167WaistLooted Leather
Boneshredder Boots
11167FeetLooted Leather
Boneshredder Britches
11167LegsLooted Leather
Boneshredder Gloves
11167HandsLooted Leather
Boneshredder Jerkin
11167ChestLooted Leather
Boneshredder Shoulderguards
11167ShouldersLooted Leather
Boneshredder Skullcap
11167HeadLooted Leather
Boneshredder Wristguards
11167WristsLooted Leather
Bonesnapper Bracers
12Wrists Bigger and Uglier Leather
Bone-Studded Leather
25Chest Leather
Bone-Threaded Harness
138ChestQuest Leather
Bookbinding Wraps
680Hands Leather
Boorguard Tunic
27Chest King of the Foulweald Leather
Boots of Demonic Resurrection
56Feet The Altar of Storms Leather
Boots of Demonic Resurrection
55Feet The Altar of Storms Leather
Boots of Internal Strife
154FeetQuest Leather
Boots of Safe Travel
154Feet Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Leather
Boots of the Broken
680Feet Leather
Boots of the Fallen Thane
174Feet Revenge for the Vargul Leather
Boots of the Flowering Earth
37Feet A New Era for the Plaguelands Leather
Boots of the Prolific Sire
15Feet Still Assessing the Threat Leather
Boots of the Skirmisher
36Feet The End of the Deserters Leather
Boran's Shoulderguards
22Shoulders Return the Statuette Leather
Borelgore's Skin
43Legs The Corpulent One Leather
Botanist's Britches
20Legs Lawn of the Dead Leather
Bottom Waders
28Feet Sunken Treasure Leather
Bottom-Wader Boots
12Feet Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Leather
Boulder Pads
3732ShouldersLooted Leather
Bounty Hunter's Bracers
22Wrists Leather
Braced Handguards
36Hands Leather
Bracer of Portals
35Wrists Portals of the Legion Leather
Bracer of Portals
35Wrists Portals of the Legion Leather
Bracer of Tarbash
174Wrists The Earthen Oath Leather
Bracers of Forlorn Spirits
23Wrists Mistmantle's Revenge Leather
Bracers of Friendly Favors
50Wrists Golem Training Leather
Bracers of Humility
23Wrists Breathing Room Leather
Bracers of Rapid Death
162Wrists The Great Hunter's Challenge Leather
Bracers of Reluctant Violence
42Wrists Darkcloud Grimtotem Leather
Bracers of Sensations
27Wrists Alina's Reward Leather
Bracers of the Captured Heart
35WristsQuest Leather
Bracers of the Forlorn Wolf
272Wrists Sweeping the Shelf Leather
Bracers of the Million Gold Man
19Wrists From the Belly of the Beast Leather
Bracers of the Rejuvenated Forest
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Leather
Bracers of the Verdant Cradle
312Wrists The Curse of the Tombs Leather
Bracers of Vigil
51Wrists Placing the Pawns Leather
Braidfur Gloves
38Hands Leather
Brainrot Grips
312Hands A Disarming Distraction Leather
Brambleweed Leggings
2015LegsLooted Leather
Bravo Company Monnions
Bravo Company Shoulderguards
Brawnhide Armor
29Chest Leather
Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe
29Chest Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe
29Chest Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Breezestrider Bindings
57198WristsLooted Leather
Breezestrider Boots
57198FeetLooted Leather
Breezestrider Britches
57198LegsLooted Leather
Breezestrider Gloves
57198HandsLooted Leather
Breezestrider Hood
57198HeadLooted Leather
Breezestrider Jerkin
57198ChestLooted Leather
Breezestrider Shoulders
57198ShouldersLooted Leather
Breezestrider Waistband
57198WaistLooted Leather
Brightdawn Bracers
108Wrists Information Gathering Leather
Brinewashed Leather Belt
810101Waist Leather
Brinewashed Leather Boots
810101Feet Leather
Brinewashed Leather Bracers
810101Wrists Leather