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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Spiked Skullguard
138Head Leader of the Deranged Leather
Spirit Hunter Headdress
37Head Leather
Spiritcaller's Mask
108Head There Can Be Only One Response Leather
Spiritfury Bands
146Wrists The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Leather
Splattered Zombie Wristguards
162Wrists An Issue of Trust Leather
Splinterproof Bracers
312Wrists Just the Tip Leather
Spoils of the Courtyard
30Wrists Re-Take the Courtyard Leather
Spongy Vest
17Chest Full of Hot Water Leather
Spore-Covered Tunic
15Chest Root Samples Leather
Spore-Soaked Leggings
305Legs Gone Soft Leather
Spothide Leggings
14Legs Jango Spothide Leather
Springrain Belt
48390Waist Leather
Springrain Bindings
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Boots
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Bracers
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Britches
48390Legs Leather
Springrain Cord
48390Waist Leather
Springrain Cuffs
48390Wrists Leather
Springrain Footpads
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Gloves
48390Hands Leather
Springrain Grips
48390Hands Leather
Springrain Handguards
48390Hands Leather
Springrain Headpiece
48390Head Leather
Springrain Helm
48390Head Leather
Springrain Hood
48390Head Leather
Springrain Jerkin
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Leggings
48390Legs Leather
Springrain Legguards
48390Legs Leather
Springrain Pauldrons
48390Shoulders Leather
Springrain Shoulders
48390Shoulders Leather
Springrain Spaulders
48390Shoulders Leather
Springrain Treads
48390Feet Leather
Springrain Tunic
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Vest
48390Chest Leather
Springrain Waistband
48390Waist Leather
Spry Boots
57Feet Leather
Stable Boots
1813FeetVendor Leather
Stagalbog Bindings
27277WristsLooted Leather
Stagalbog Boots
27277FeetLooted Leather
Stagalbog Britches
27277LegsLooted Leather
Stagalbog Gloves
27277HandsLooted Leather
Stagalbog Hood
27277HeadLooted Leather
Stagalbog Jerkin
27277ChestLooted Leather
Stagalbog Shoulders
27277ShouldersLooted Leather
Stagalbog Waistband
27277WaistLooted Leather
Stalking Pants
2621LegsVendor Leather
Starvation Vest
16Chest Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Starwhisper Monnions
21Shoulders Agents of Destruction Leather
Static-Dispersing Shoulderpads
162Shoulders Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice Leather
Steadfast Cinch
22Waist Leather
Steelgut Vest
28Chest Drowned Sorrows Leather
Steppebeast Armwraps
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Leather
Steppebeast Belt
429Waist Jung Duk Leather
Steppebeast Boots
429Feet The Field Armorer Leather
Steppebeast Gloves
429Hands The Endless Swarm Leather
Steppebeast Legguards
429Legs Seeing Red Leather
Steppebeast Pantaloons
429Legs Improvised Ammunition Leather
Steppebeast Pauldrons
429Shoulders First Assault Leather
Steppebeast Spaulders
429Shoulders Mists' Opportunity Leather
Steppebeast Waistband
429Waist Up In Flames Leather
Stinger-Proof Chestguard
162Chest The Sapphire Queen Leather
Stolen Talrendis Boots
10Feet The Eyes of Ashenvale Leather
Stomachache Belt
31Waist Gammerita, Mon! Leather
Stomping Boots
24Feet Leather
Stonegouge Headgear
32Head Mystery Solved Leather
Stonehallow's Arm Bands
10Wrists The Public Servant Leather
Stonemaul Gloves
40Hands Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern Leather
Stoneshatter Hauberk
289Chest The Earth Claims All Leather
Stormfeather Boots
32Feet Gan'dranda Leather
Stormfire Gauntlets
40Hands Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. Leather
Stormsnout Hide Boots
32Feet Marching On Our Stomachs Leather
Storm-Weathered Cuffs
174Wrists Krolmir, Hammer of Storms Leather
Stoutfist Breastplate
21Chest Assault on Menethil Keep Leather
Strap of the Ancient Horn
20Waist The Offering to Azshara Leather
Stretched Leather Trousers
15Legs Leather
Stromgarde Leggings
28Legs For Southshore Leather
Subduer's Gloves
24Hands Vortex Leather
Subduer's Gloves
24Hands Vortex Leather
Substitute Gunner's Leggings
312Legs Battlezone Leather
Subtle Boots of the Infiltrator
158Feet So Far, So Bad Leather
Sunroc Armguards
9662WristsLooted Leather
Sunroc Boots
9662FeetLooted Leather
Sunroc Chestpiece
9662ChestLooted Leather
Sunroc Gloves
9662HandsLooted Leather
Sunroc Mask
9662HeadLooted Leather
Sunroc Pants
9662LegsLooted Leather
Sunroc Shoulderguards
9662ShouldersLooted Leather
Sunroc Waistband
9662WaistLooted, Gathered Leather
Sunset Hide Helm
437Head Kor'thik Aggression Leather
Sunset Hide Robes
437Chest Falling to Pieces Leather
Sunset Leather Helm
437Head Kor'thik Aggression Leather
Sunset Leather Tunic
437Chest Falling to Pieces Leather
Sunsoaked Belt
399Waist The Quest for Better Barley Leather
Sunsoaked Bindings
399Wrists Snap Judgment Leather
Sunsoaked Cap
399Head The Meat They'll Eat Leather
Sunsoaked Footguards
399Feet Muddy Water Leather
Sunsoaked Gloves
399Hands Taking a Crop Leather
Sunsoaked Legguards
399Legs A Seemingly Endless Nuisance Leather
Sunsoaked Pauldron
399Shoulders Evacuation Orders Leather
Sunsoaked Spaulder
399Shoulders Seeing Orange Leather